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Post  Epoch on Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:57 pm

Secondary Characters

We are now allowing Secondary Characters. The Secondary can be one of the three alignments: Heroes, Villains or Mercenaries (see Mercenaries for more). Here are the restrictions:

  1. The player must exhibit regular play. If you do not play regularly, please do not make a Secondary.

  2. The Secondary must be created as a new account. This helps the Admins. I apologize for needing another email address.

  3. You CANNOT play both characters simultaneously in the same arc.

  4. You can play each of them in different arcs.

  5. If you want your Secondary Character to step into the main arcs for a while, you will need to write out your Primary Character temporarily. Try sending your Primary on a side arc. The nice thing is that you can incorporate other Secondaries in side arcs, this will help you accomplish personal goals and missions.

  6. Secondary Characters do require you to roll for a new power, however we are more lenient on these characters. If there is a power you are interested in, work with the Admins and we will find a way.


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