Mercenary Class

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Mercenary Class

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Mercenary Class

Mercenaries are a class of superpowered characters with no particular alignment. This being said, all Mercenaries do belong to one group. This group is known as the Unified Mercenary Corps (UMC). There is a second restriction as well. The Mercenary can only be your secondary character.

If you choose to create a Mercenary, you will immediately be apart of the UMC, you will also have basic knowledge of all other Mercenaries. When using your Mercenary you will have to declare which alignment you are working for, before the arc starts. Let me break this down:

  1. When an arc is locked, you will have until the next arc opens to decide which character you are going to use. (See Secondary Characters)

  2. Next, if you choose to use your Mercenary, you will have to announce whether your Mercenary will be working with the heroes or the villains.

  3. After deciding, when the next arc starts, your Mercenary will already be at the base of the side you chose. This makes the game easier, and cuts out filler.

  4. The Mercenaries work on money and they do not have a personal care in their involvement.

  5. When the arc is finished, you can go back to your Primary Character, or even continue playing as your Mercenary. If you choose to keep playing, you can change the side you are working for.

  6. Sometimes it may happen that the heroes or villains may request your assistance, remember that it's always your choice. You could alter the future like this.

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