3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

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Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:41 am

Rapid City, Wells Fargo Bank
12:43:00pm MT

Ike pulls up behind Wells Fargo Bank next to an "Employees Only" door.
Sits back and decides to try his other power which was devastating the first time he tried it.

He had flashbacks of several bodies lying on the ground, having actually dropped dead.

Ike leans back closes his eyes and focuses his will............

Five employees and the manager will walk out the door. The employees drop the suitcases of money in truck, while the manager hands over all recordings of security footage.

Ike drives away smiling happily as his power rises greatly

Rapid City, RV Dealership
3:33:33pm MT

Ike pulls into the dealership, parks near the building, gets out and is immediately almost confronted by a vehicle dealer.

Ike immediately raises a hand, and says one word. "Name."

The dealer is caught almost off guard but recovers and answer, "Howard Mitchel. And...."

Ike raises a hand again and focuses almost angrily at Howard.

Howard brings out a 2005 Magna 630, hands over the keys and leaves in Ike's truck to commit suicide.

Ike walks into his new RV to look over the luxury. "Ah. This is nice."
Ike heads to the Rushmore Mall and steals several articles of clothing, he walks out pleased with his choices.

He then begins to head back to the Weird Lab.

Badlands, Dr. Weirds Garage
4:50:00pm MT

Ike pulls in the garage with his shining red RV. " Oi Steve! Get me some champagne and rum. I need to drink to the great day I had mwahahaha. Before you ask, yes I expect at least to party in here once! That is all!"

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 2 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:42 am

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
President Jackson's Office
4:59 PM CT

Epoch, Teaghan and Quantum enter the office as quickly as their bodies would allow.

"Shut the door please," Jackson stated coldly.

Quantum let the door close behind him. The three took to the three chairs in the room, opposite President Jackson. President Jackson addressed them as calmly as possible, "Since you," he looked directly at Epoch, "are responsible for this Nation Address, I wanted you, and those that are involved with you," he acknowledges Teaghan and Quantum, "to view this with me."

A television monitor slowly drifted down from the ceiling behind Mr. Jackson.

"Whatever is said here, is on your head, Darren," Jackson said, turning around in his chair to face the monitor.

Epoch's stomach sank as he felt the cold negativity hit him hard. The television flickered on and before the group of four stood the towering bust of the President of the United States of America. Even though the tension in the room was fierce, Epoch knew that this was being viewed in every auditorium in every NSS station, that every hero registered was watching it; not to mention living rooms around the nation.

President Obama stood before a great set of microphones, preparing to start his five o-clock speech. The nation stood still, knowing that the subject would be a new policy on those known as superheroes.

"Good people of America," the president began, "We have known, for many years, a country that takes care of its citizens," his odd pauses took hold, "I have extended our hand forward with new health policies, yet, even then, some of you disagreed with where, congress, and I....have taken you. I stand before you now, on the edge of yet, another crisis.

"For ages, mankind, has struggled to live....side by side....with what many of you call, "Supers". Individuals, who....display extraordinary powers. From most viewpoints, this is a fantastic and wonderful thing....however, not always, do these individuals, use their powers for good. The human race has faced countless threats, and each country....has assumed its own policies on how to coexist....peacefully.

"This afternoon....around one-thirty, central time....one of our government treatment and research facilities....had been disrupted. A dangerous mutant had been led out. Some of you may be wondering....who would have done such a thing."

Two images of Epoch were then displayed on screens near the president. Epoch's face started to redden with terrible nerves.

"This young man....is named Epoch. He broke national code....and in doing so has caused a great disruption....in national security. You may be wondering, exactly how, we know his name....he lied to facility managers, government officials, using a false name and claiming to be from the NSS. He was....however, a real registered NSS agent named Epoch.... Yes, it saddens me to tell you that even, the good guys....are not working for you.

"Also, earlier today....in South Dakota....a hostage situation has broken out. It is being led, by a man known as the Frost Raptor."

Epoch's eyes widened watching news clips from a bank heist in Rapid City, realizing that this man was most likely the ice manipulator from the day before at Lake Helen.

"This man....has been wanted by police....from Texas, Oklahoma, and now South Dakota. He has killed dozens of officers and innocent people. But what does he want? He asked for a "Doctor Weird" and a "Blue Streak"....This "Blue Streak"....according to the NSS....is Epoch. Epoch you have changed the course of fate for the mutants, in America.

"To ensure national security and human rights....Congress and I have decided to declare....a nationwide state of emergency. The NSS...however....will still be a mutant sanctuary, although, the NSS is now frozen. All those registered to the NSS must return to their stations....immediately. The NSS is no longer allowed to act as a police force.

"Anyone else displaying mutant abilities must turn themselves into the government....The National Guard....has been dispatched throughout each state....taking with them specialized robotic units....designed to disable mutants. Any mutant that refuses to turn themselves over will be taken by force....or killed if necessary.

Epoch's heart sank. Teaghan grabbed his left hand and clutched it tightly, looking at him with a sorrow filled stare.

"Epoch. You have until ten o-clock...central time, to respond to this threat in Rapid City. After dealing with this, "Frost Raptor"....you are to give yourself up immediately....A warning to the NSS: any hero....who goes rogue....will be captured and detained by the National Guard.

"I insist that all of you....fellow, human, Americans return to your homes. Congress and I expect this state of emergency to end within forty-eight hours....Thank you, and goodnight."

President Jackson whirled back around in his chair to face the group. Each of the three had terribly melancholy expressions on their faces. "Darren," President Jackson started, "you got us into this mutha fucka, you gotta get us out of it."

Epoch shook his head.

"I expect you to meet me in the briefing room in fifteen minutes where I have assembled your new Strike Force." Jackson said sternly.

"A new strike force? But the government wants me alone." Epoch grunted.

"Sometimes, to do the right thing, you've got to take measures into your own hands," President Jackson dictated with sly in his voice.
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Noah the Arc Bearer

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