Prosper Meniere backstory: Prison

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Prosper Meniere backstory: Prison

Post  Meniere on Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:12 am

*clang* The bars shut behind Meniere. Life...the big one... Prosper though as he sat on his cot for the first time.
"Yo buddy, watcha in for?" His cellmate asked, not even bothering to introduce himself.
"Murder" Prosper answered solemnly
"Shit, got a heads up on me, i'm just in for dealing pot. The names Andy."
"I'm Prosper, Prosper Meniere"
"Jeez, parents couldn't give you something better?"
"Guess not" Prosper snipped as he lay down on the cot
"well man, first things first, don't be to scared of the big house, none of the fellas round here are like the ones in the movies."

well that's a relief i guess.

meniere allowed himself to take a nap

Turns out Andy wasn't kidding, pretty much everyone in this joint was friendly and sociable. Most of them were here for nonviolent crimes. Prosper was one of the few though. The other inmates picked up on this right away, and tended to leave Meniere be.
No skin off my teeth if they don't wanna bother me. I just wanna serve and get out Prosper thought as he played with the unpalatable breakfast in front of him. I guess I better get used to the slop, going to have to eat it for over a decade. He start shoveling down the food bemusing what a dreary existence this will be.

After breakfast, prosper had to go to the Recreation Yard. The yard was setup up into a few sections, there was a basketball court with bleachers lining up against the building wall, an area with workout equipment, some picnic tables setup in one of the corners, and as a lot of open space in the middle.

Prosper started to make his way to the workout equipment never had time to workout in the real world, might as well do it here knowing he had to do go to work after the yardtime prosper took it easy. He only did reps with weights lighter than he knew he could do.

When it came time for his work shift he filed into the laundry room. The room was split up washers on one side and dryers on the other. A long row of tables was in the middle for transferring from washers to dryers and for dry clothes to be placed to be folded and sorted.
man this is going to get real old real fast prosper pondered as he was shown the dryers he'd be working with. Apparently the new people in the laundry room get dryers because the heat gets to you after awhile. Prosper didn't really care as long as he got left alone.

5 years later

Prosper was finishing up his breakfast like he had day after day before, as he was walking his tray back one of the newer inmates bumped into him.

"Why don't you watch where you're going buddy?" the inmate sneered

"sorry"prosper apologized

"No sorry ain't good enough" the inmate chided as he started to get into prosper's face," Yo Jimmy! think we should teach this guy some manners?"

"Yeah Donny! Let's mess him up good" his burly compatriot boomed, as he shot up from his seat

"chill out guys it's not worth getting into something over" prosper reasoned

"yeah you tell 'im Donny!"

Donny took a swing at Prosper.

donny punches proosper(1-5 miss 1-10 success)
Random number (1,10) : 4


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Re: Prosper Meniere backstory: Prison

Post  Meniere on Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:28 pm

Prosper nimbly dodged to the side and threw a punch to Donny's temple. Donny hit the ground like bricks. guess lifting all those weights wasn't just for passing time

Donny's burly friend grabbed prosper in a bear hug.

"I'm going to squeeze the life out of you, friggin punk!"

Prosper gasped as the air left his body
Suddenly the grip slackened.
"That's enough of that"the guard chimed. "Put these 2 in solitary for a week, and the one that started it for 2"

Prosper was too busy gasping for air to complain.
Now a lot of the guys said that solitary was the worst thing ever. but for prosper it wasn't that bad, he didn't really care for the inmates anyways, so not having to deal with them is fine with him. The 2 weeks went by slowly, not being able to do anything can have that effect. but he sweated out the time.


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