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Keiran - The Replicator

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Character Information
Name: Kieran Vierce
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6'2"
Body Type: Tall, Slender
Eye Color: Grayish brown
Hair Color: Black


Introductions aren’t my specialty, but I suppose I will indulge you; however, I really must be brief. My name is Kieran Vierce, and I am a man of many faces and specific abilities. For the past 13 years, I have resided in France, working with the UMC, or Unified Mercenary Corps to be more precise. Over the years I have clawed my way to the top, becoming one of their most decorated operatives.  My skills in reconnaissance and precise assassination are what you could consider ‘top notch’ and matched by few.

My time with the UMC has also given me insight on a very special ability I hold, the ability of power replication. I have worked with a multitude of unique individuals. In doing so, I have discovered that I can inherit their uniqueness for myself. Using said ability, I am able to flawlessly replicate and retain another’s special powers simply through contact with that specific individual. I also hold the gift, or arguably the curse, of eidetic memory, allowing me to recall event’s within my life in perfect detail. My mind can picture perfectly the missions and assassinations of the past; scents, sounds, the look in someone’s eye as they face their concluding destiny.

As for the rest of my life, well, that truly is unimportant. I could banter on and on about my childhood and how tough it was, and the plight I had to go through, but I will spare you the detail.  


Power Replication: User can take on a skill of another superpowered individual. At Novice the user can hold 2 powers, at Alpha the user can hold 3, at Superior the user can hold 5 and at Master the user can hold 7. These skills come at Novice level and can be leveled up normally. At any time the user may discard a skill, however the user will have to attempt to re-obtain the skill if he or she chooses. When re-obtaining a skill, regardless of the level it was when discarded (unless discarded at Novice) the skill will come back at Alpha. The user must touch the target to gain the power.

Power Identification(Passive): The user can identify another with superpowers simply by coming in contact with the individual. The user will know all of the target's current abilities.

The user is more durable. He can withstand most attacks, however still remains weak to incineration, freezing, and strategic scattering of dismembered parts. This relies solely on the putty-like makeup of the character. He may take time to heal certain wounds.

Earthquake: The user uses hands or feet to create an earthquake, used to topple enemies. At Superior Class this earthquake deals damage to surrounding buildings. At Novice the radius is 5 feet, Alpha: 10, Superior: 15, Master 20

Colt Anaconda 44. Magnum
*45000 Volts Initial Contact
*1400 Volts per second on sustained contact
(Note: These weapons will be restricted and not used in player versus player combat unless permitted.)

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