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Ditto: Master Morpher

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Character Bio:
Formally, I am known by Tobias James Pruett.

But unless you're my angry father or some stuck up professor, you may call me Toby! I also am known by Unix, Ditto, and sometimes Sei on the multitude of games I play. My favorite color is orange, the best Pokemon ever is Rotom, and my League of Legends character of choice is Singed. Now you know how I spend my free time.

'Free time' is defined by the limited amount of escape I get from working for the Unifed Mercenary Corps (aka the UMC). My passion for going to college was curbed when I was accepted into this organization, as using my powers is often more exciting than using my intelligence. Who would want to take a zoology class when you could change into a cheetah and tear the library bookshelves to shreds? Not that I'd advise doing anything of the sort.

With my special abilities, it was only a matter of time before I got arrested or abducted into a group with the potential to utilize all of my talents. I'm glad the latter found me first.

---Character Details---
Name: Tobias James Pruett
Species: Human
Age: 21 years
Sex: Male
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 lbs
Body Type: Average
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Pink
Description: Though flambouyant in dress and hair color, Tobias is quite normal in mannerisms and behavior. He often enjoys cracking jokes and morphing into fruit to get chuckles out of others. Fairly social, and often sarcastic, the only thing that most people complain about is the amount of time he spends playing video games. Toby is an amazing multitasker and efficient coder, as that was his field of study before he was inducted into the UMC.

--Image Reference-
Coming soon!

--Alpha Class--
Shapeshift: The user can shapeshift into various forms. At this level, the user can copy plants and animals. The user can hold a form for up to 20 minutes and requires a 5 minute cool down after use. The user must touch a target to get the required genetic data.

--Novice Class--
Symbiosis: The user can meld with another, granting biological upgrades to a companion. This skill lasts for 5 minutes at a time. This is not a permanent grafting, and the user can be removed through attacks. If the user is creating armor, it is destroyed after one hit. All other things work to the strength of whomever he or she is attached to. A small list of possibilities include wings, armor, extra limbs, disguises, etc.s, etc.

Durability: The user is more durable. He can withstand most attacks, however still remains weak to incineration, freezing, and strategic scattering of dismembered parts. This relies solely on the putty-like makeup of the character. He may take time to heal certain wounds.

(Affinity: Neutral)

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