Kamikaze, eternal death

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Kamikaze, eternal death

Post  Kami on Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:26 pm


Age:86(hasn't aged past 27)

Description: about 5' 9" tall Black hair, green eyes. Fair complexion with an Machiavellian style of facial hair. Usually wearing an older looking suit and a bowler hat

background:In 1924, Kamikaze (then know as Arthur Wellington) went on an expedition into the jungles of south america. While he was there he had gotten separated from the group and somehow found himself inside ancient ruins. While he was there he disturbed a shrine to an unknown ancient god. The god was angered at Kamikaze's presence and cursed him to live until he experienced every death known to man. At first, kamikaze didn't believe his fate, but before he could even find his way out of the jungle he had died well over 100 times. Each time being brought back as though some kind of sick joke. Kamikaze spent many years trying to die in every way possible, having been alienated from friends and family due to his curse he felt it was the only thing he could do. After 4 decades of trying to die he just accepted that he wouldn't be able to keep up with the evolving technology(and subsequently different ways to die) and has accepted his fate to live forever dying constantly.

Enhanced Mortality: This skill is more of a curse than anything. Supposedly it recurs throughout history if following mythology. The user is afflicted with an incredibly high death risk. Small things like paper cuts, light trauma, maybe even fright can kill the user afflicted with Enhanced Mortality. Oddly enough, upon dying, the user is somehow rewound into life again. It has never been known if the user recalls the rewind. (No one has ever asked) This process could cause madness, but no one really knows aside from the user. - Passive
1 million ways to die- as part of his immortality once kamikaze has died 1 million times he will die permanently

Infinite Supply: The user has a limitless supply of either one weapon, or one storage device. If it is a device, the items inside must be listed. - Passive

--Briefcase items
---9mm pistol loaded safety off
---Notepad and pencil
---lit hand rolled cigarette
---Fragmentation grenade
---freshly brewed cup of earl grey tea
---a brand new tailored three piece suit, brand new silk tie, and brand new bowler hat
---a billfold containing 5 $100 bills, 5 100 pound notes, and 5 100 euro notes

(Affinity: Neutral

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