Mire: Living Mud

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Mire: Living Mud

Post  Mire on Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:46 pm

Name: Mire

Aliases: Terran Coal

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Age: Cannot be determined

Birthday: Cannot be determined

Powers: Clay Mimicry

Status: Golem

Alignment: Villain

Subject is a mass of living mud, estimated to be over 4 billion years old. His body comes from the Earth. The day he was created by Dr. Weird is unknown but it is believed to be a Thursday. Since his creation he has not been outside the lab.

“I may not know not much of the world, but I don’t want to. All I need to know is what father tells me. He gave me life and a name so I will follow his every word.”

“Father has told me that one day I will get to go outside the lab, as his harbinger. So with the aid of my brother, Steve, I have constructed an alternative face and name so as not to draw attention to myself. Thus Terran Cole was born. I look forward to the day I can be of use to Father.”


Clay Mimicry

Clay Body: The user is made of living clay. This is a special clay that never permanently dries out. The user can be dried or frozen, but it never lasts. One with Clay Body can also regenerate his or her own clay. This clay can change colors as well as shape. The character is weak to being separated, however the parts can reconstitute. Also Clay Body provides electricity resistance. - Passive

Shapeshifting: The clay character can take any form he or she desires. - Novice Class

Molding: The user can create an array of weapons from his or her body. At Novice the user can create hammers, battering rams and catchers mitts; at Alpha the user can add protruding spikes, claws, tentacles/whips and maces; at Superior the user can add axes and swords. - Alpha Class

Molded Projectiles: The user can create projectiles to attack enemies. The user's hands become projectile launchers. At Novice the user can launch mud bombs that injure and slow enemies. At Superior the user can add mud spikes that can pierce most metals. - Alpha

Matter Melding

Matter Melding

Melding: The user can graft his or herself onto any working machine. He or she takes full control and generates some upgrades. (Upgrades must be Admin approved) This can work on allies or enemies with a metal, or mechanical physiological make-up. If it is a player, or Admin, controlled character, the two must roll for control (50/50 odds) unless both agree for one party, or both parties, to control. The user can also assimilate metal into his or her body, temporarily. The assimilation can be used to upgrade oneself.

At Novice the user can assimilate Tin, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Steel, Iron and Nickel

Alpha the user can add Lead, Cadmium and Platinum

Superior the user can add Onyx, Titanium, Tungsten and Cobalt

Master the user can add Mercury and Adamantium.

The metal that has been assimilated will be digested by the body and cannot be reused when the user is finished with the metal.

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