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Marah Fae Daisha

Post  Marah Fae Daisha on Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:53 am

Full Name: Marah Fae Daisha

Born: February 17, 1993

Description: '4"6, long blonde hair past her back, 85 lb, Small top hat, green eyes, short and thin, dark red thigh high leggings, dark red and white cotton dress that goes down a little past her thighs, but not quite to her knees.

Background: Marah grew up having a normal life. She was short for someone of her age, but that didn't stop her from expressing her mind. She is little ball of anger, with a not so calm side. She learn at a young age that she had some sort of abilities but nothing major. She only knew that she could tell where an object was, no matter where its movement was, if she concentrated hard enough. Eventually this was nothing to her concern because it seemed so minor at the time. Before being locked up into a jail for having any powers, she learned she could teleport objects she wanted, by concentrating.

Teleport Object [Novice]: The user can teleport any inanimate object from anywhere to anywhere. If the object is not within sight, the user must know the exact object he or she wishes to affect. This skill must be used in conjuncture with Spatial Awareness if moving objects a great distance.

Spatial Awareness [Alpha]: The user can sense the location around an object. If used with Teleport Object, the user can make sense of the space he or she is wishing to teleport something to or from. If it fails, but the object is teleported, the object is lost.

(Affinity: Good)

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