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Breezy - Goddess of Memories

Post  Breezy on Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:10 pm

Name: Breezy Kent / Breezy Carson (Formerly)
Age: 20
D.O.B: November 22nd
Sex: F
Height: 5'5
Weight: Find out big boy Wink but its less than 140 for sure. I’m petite and cute 
Civilian Job: Works at a Retirement Home

Power: Memory Manipulation.

What I currently have Access to are the following, all powers are activated through skin to skin contact currently:
+Memory Modification – Fabrication (Known Power)
+Memory Modification – Restoration (Discovering)
+Memory Modification – Erasure (Showed one sign, not seen again)

Physical Appearance:

Bio: Breezy came from an average middle-class family who hit it big back in 2004 with the lottery. They moved to a nicer home, in a nicer community, with nice school and blah blah blah. This all bored Breezy, and she began to experiment with her look. Within a year and a half she had gone from the ditzy blonde cheerleader look to something a little more alternative. She started to stand out in school, and even though she had begun to look a little more like a standard high school whore, but Breezy was definitely as far away from ‘whore’ as she could be.

That’s not to mean that she didn’t flirt and use her appearance to gain what she had wanted (gifts, presents from boys). But eventually all this became a bore to her. One night when Breezy was 17 she was with her boyfriend of 3 years when her parents walked in, disturbing her moment with Dylan. She immediately shouted at them to knock, which prompted the whole standard teen-parent argument of “I want my privacy vs It’s our house”. The argument escalated, and after Dylan had redressed, he was excusing himself and apologizing when Breezy grabbed his hand, holding it firmly.

“You two barely even talk to me, I just wish you’d forget about me! We barely talk and see each other now that we are rich and all high society.” She didn’t see it, but Dylan’s eyes glossed over. She went to slap her father who had begun to immediately call her out on her recent behavior and style change. Her father had caught her hand, and held it firmly in his grasp. Her mother watched as Breezy continued her verbal assault. “YOU ALWAYS LEAVE ME ALONE. WHY DON’T YOU JUST FORGET ABOUT ME!”

Breezy felt her body tingle a bit as she was shouting, and her mother looked between her and her father. She noticed that his eyes had glossed over and looked to Dylan. She immediately grabbed Breezy by her shirt and pulled her away, causing her to drop her hold on the two males. She was about to push back against her mother when Breezy noticed that she started to look worried.

“Honey! Honey you have to leave. You just wiped their memories honey. I didn’t think you would inherit it..but you have it. You have to be careful..You come from a long line of memory modifiers..”

Breezy was immediately confused and was going to tell her mother to shut up, when her father began to speak. “Samantha darling…who are these teens and why are they in our home?”

Dylan spoke as well, “I’m sorry sir..I..I don’t know what I’m doing here or how I got here. Have a good night though..” Breezy looked back at her mother, still confused.

Her mother told her to wait in the room while she went and talked with her father. A half hour later she returned with suitcases. Breezy’s mother explained the entire situation, and went in depth with what her powers were and what they could do. After two hours of packing and conversing, Breezy understood. She didn’t like it, but she understood. Her mother gave her the address to somewhere, and told her to head there immediately and that they would set her up with a new identity and everything necessary since she couldn’t be the daughter of Michael and Samantha Carson anymore. Before she left, Breezy’s mother told her that she’d call the people she was setting her up with, as well as get a bank account set up so that she would have a comfortable living.

It was three years ago that Breezy had joined the NSS, she had come to understand that it was a home for heroes and others with special abilities that did good. She wasn’t aware that there was a place for ‘bad’ people as well. She hadn’t really thought of herself as a hero strictly, but figured it’d suit her just well. Aside from living off of the funds her mother had supplied her new identity with, Breezy worked at a retirement home. It was there that she began to realize that she could restore memories. She couldn’t command it as well as her fabrication ability, but it was something she was working on when she was helping the elderly with Alzheimer’s.


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