Epoch: The Time Traveler

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Epoch: The Time Traveler

Post  Epoch on Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:39 pm

My character is Epoch. I generated Time Travel as my power. Here are my given restraints:

  • Time Travel: The user can travel through time. Luckily the user can interact with past and future circumstances, meet oneself, and remain within the primary timeline. The user always remains in the same spatial position. - Alpha Class
  • Teleportation: The user can Teleport to a given location. At Novice Class the user must be able to see the location, at Alpha Class the user must have visited the location, at Superior the user must have a good understanding of the location, at Master the user must know the location exists. - Superior Class

Evolution 1: Energy Blasts
  • Energy Blast: Cause a blast of energy to burst from the users hand, used for combat and destruction. At Novice Class, the blast is about two feet in diameter, at Alpha the user can use greater concentration (cutting down on the amount of attempts possible by 1) to create a 5 foot diameter blast (basic blast is still 2 feet in diameter), at Superior the user can use greater concentration (attempt reduction of 1) to create a blast 10 feet in diameter (basic blast remains), at Master Class the user can use even greater concentration (reduction of 2 attempts) to create a blast 20 feet in diameter (basic blast remains). Cannot be used to kill until Superior Class. - Master Class
  • Energy Propulsion: Use non deadly energy to propel oneself in any direction. At Novice Class the user can propel oneself for three seconds, at Aplha the user can propel oneself for ten seconds, at Superior the user can sustain flight for any duration. - Alpha Class
  • Super Nova: Super Nova causes a blast of a thirty foot radius that destroys everything it touches, players touched must roll a 1-2 to survive the blast, the user must roll a 9-10 to survive as well. Only used in extreme emergencies - Passive

Evolution 2: Chronokinesis
  • Chrono Condition: The user obtains a new form, changing physically. Coursing with chronokinetic energy, he or she has gained an additional sense. Through visual reception, the user can see the fabric of chronotons in the universe around him or her. This may interfere with the mental condition of the user. - Passive
  • Stop Target: Stopping a target in time. At Novice class this skill stops a target for ten seconds, at Alpha for thirty seconds, at Superior for a minute at Master 5 minutes. The user can decide to deactivate this skill anytime during its use. - Novice
  • Stop Area: This skill allows a user to stop an area. The user MUST have Stop Target at Alpha Class before learning this skill. At Novice the user can stop at ten foot diameter sphere for ten seconds, at Alpha the user can stop a twenty foot diameter sphere for thirty seconds, at Superior the user can stop a forty foot diameter sphere for a minute, At master this sphere can reach 100 feet in diameter for five minutes. The user can decide to deactivate this skill anytime during its use. - Undiscovered
  • Fast-Forward: Fast-Forward is the ability to increase the rate at which time moves through an object or person. The users level determines the speed at which the target is Fast-Forwarded. At Novice it increases the speed of the target by 1.5 times the normal speed, at Alpha it increases the target's speed 2 times, at Superior it increases the speed 3 times, At Master it quadruples the speed of the target. This skill is governed by the users ability to focus. If the focus is broken the affect wears off. - Undiscovered
  • Rewind: Rewind is the ability to rewind time affecting a given target. The duration of the skill is determined by the users level. At Novice it rewinds up to ten seconds, at Alpha it rewinds up to thirty seconds, at Superior it rewinds up to one minute, At Master it rewinds for up to three minutes. - Undiscovered
  • Slow: Slow is the inherent ability to slow a target over time. The speed in which the target decreases over time is determined by the users level. At Novice it reduces the target's speed by a quarter for up to ten seconds, at Alpha it halves the target's speed for up to thirty seconds, at Superior it reduces the target's speed two times for up to a minute, at Master it reduces speed three times for up to three minutes. - Undiscovered

I am a Hero.

Character Bio

My name is Darren (Brandon fan-service) Taylor. I am 22 years old, yet I have seen times far beyond and before my own. As a child of eight years old, I began experiencing jumping. I would randomly jump through time, into another time, completely at random. These "jumps", as my father called them, were at first, just short bursts, and I would return within seconds to my original time. After a few weeks, I was spending nearly an hour in each jump, each time, to return within a few moments of my departure time. My parents discovered this power when I would disappear for a brief time and return confused. They had decided to keep it quiet until one day when I was ten, and my mother found me playing with another me, of similar age from a few days ago.

My mother then called our family doctor, who was completely dumbfounded and foolishly reported my anomaly to a government science and genetics research facility. Within days there were a handful of military officials with two men in lab coats at my front door. They broke my fathers will, and despite my mothers tears, tore me away from my family. I went with kicking and screaming, trying to tell them that I would never jump again, that I would be a good boy. I even tried to get them to listen when I said that I had learned to control it, that it only took me about a year to master the jumping and I would never do it on purpose any longer. I was told that I could see my parents if I made that promise, so I kept myself from jumping while they hauled me away. The worse decision I ever made.

I was closed into a small white, metal room. I had a bed, a few toys and a small bathroom, with a tub and a shower. They said that the room was developed to keep me from jumping, that the metal could contain me. They were definitely correct about that, no matter how I tried, I just couldn't jump. The room was labeled "Epoch", as well as my name.

They kept me cooped up in there for ten years. Every day they ran weird tests on me, and they kept me alive with tasteless supplements. However, ten years was long enough for me. I tried to jump and I forced my mind so hard I did something I had no idea that I could do. I teleported. I found myself baffled, however, I was free.

Hastily I made my way to the headquarters of the Nation Superhero Society and applied straight away, with my intention of duplicating and mastering my new discovery. It's been two good years with my group of heroes and I haven't seen any sign of those military lunatics who kept me in that white box. But, I must thank them for encouraging me into discovering my ability to teleport. I call myself Epoch.

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