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Ike: Killer Unknown

Post  Ike on Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:12 pm

Name: Ike or at least the name he has chosen for himself. My generated power is Yclespis.

  • The user must know the name of the subject that he wishes to affect; otherwise the effect of Yclepsis does not work (rarely is the user given the ability to psychically perceive the name of the subject they wish to affect).

  • Perspicuity can resist this ability.

  • Command Single Biotic Subject - This skill works only on a living target with which the user knows the name. The target can be commanded to perform physical tasks, feel things physically, and psychologically. If the skill is Alpha or higher the user can connect on a cellular level and heal the affected, simply by command. This cause the cells to speed their work. When using this skill against other players, the opponent must roll to break its hold. These rolls are performed every other post starting after the afflicted has posted once while under control. When at Novice the target must roll a 1-8 to break free, at Alpha the user must roll a 1-5 to break free, at Superior the user must roll a 1-4, at Master 1-2.

  • Command Group - The user can command any group, as long as it has a name or identification. This does work on non living things, as long as they are made of moving parts. (i.e.: robots or vehicles) The command is limited to physical and psychological states.

  • Altering Inanimate Object - The user can change the actual physical state of a given inanimate object. To affect multiple objects simultaneously, the objects must be the same. (i.e.: altering sand, or stones) The user can change what it is as well, completely distorting the item at a molecular level. However the average size cannot change.

  • Lock Master - The user can alter the state of any lock. Locking or unlocking locks simply by command.

  • Boot Up - Does it run? The user can turn on or off any mechanical device.

  • Disease Control - This skill must be learned last. In an amazing control of cellular creatures the user can command diseases, as long as the disease has a name. The user can infect targets or heal targets by removing diseases.

Status: I am a Villain


Govt. Log Case 1
Date: Nov. 5, 2000

Young boy found among dead family in house. Boy taken into custody and questioning.
Boy, "Who are you people?!...........my name?.................I don't know....."
Boy named Jack, moved to Psychological Asylum for testing and therapy.

5 years later
Govt. Log Case 2
Date: February 11, 2006

Mass death count due to various and strange causes. Only one survivor. Many records of patients and employees missing.
Young teen, "I don't know what happen.......*looks from one official to the next glaring*.....everyone just seem to suddenly...........*looks in officials' eyes* die. My name?.......Ike."

Ike taken into custody in nearby prison for further questioning.

6 Hours later.

"Umm....gahh some kid...........got away, what the hell was his name?!" Guards dead, prisoners terrified, and one unknown prisoner escaped with lost personal records.

(Affinity: Evil)


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