Dr. Weird: Panoramic Vision

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Dr. Weird: Panoramic Vision

Post  Dr. Weird on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:36 pm

My power is call Panoramic Vision.

The power to see all around one's surroundings with one's eyes.

The user's eyes are not mutated on the side of the head, but dynamically absorb abundant amounts of light to see panoramically.

With this ability, light is refracted through the eyes, but the vision range is (usually) also refracted psychically to allow sight all around oneself. One with this ability can see who is coming at him from any side, and usually with extreme accuracy, so as to dodge attacks easily and to keep from being ambushed or sneak-attacked.

Panoramic Vision - Passive

Evolution 1: Clairvoyance
Scrying -Superior
[to use objects to view distant events or persons]

Sight sharing - Alpha
[to view what a target person or animal sees]

Evolution 2: Cyber Mind
Cyber Steve - Passive
[User can store information in folders and never forget it, can take pictures or videos of whatever the user is looking at and store them in their memory for later use, can learn new languages by downloading them directly to their brain, the user has a HUD (heads up display) in their vision (it works like a Scouter as well, the user can read HUDs), the user has constant access to the internet, the user can survive "death" by transferring one's mind into machinery and the user may hack anything freely, though a roll is required. When hacking: 1-2 five, 3-4 four minutes, 5-6 three minutes, 7-8, two minutes, 9 one minute, 10 instant.]

Digital Weird - Novice
[The user can enter a computer and the internet and manipulate things digitally. The user is immune to physical attacks in this form, but is still weak to short circuit and EMP. Also the user is threatened if they are saved onto a disk or hard drive. The user can escape being saved if the item on which they are saved is destroyed. The user is still weak to Technopaths. This is a great way to travel, just use the internet! When not in the computer the user cannot attack, but is incorporeal and impervious to all attacks but EMP.]

Mechanical Control - [unknown]
[The user rolls to see if he or she can control any wireless machine, including computers and robots. At Novice Class the user can affect 1 machine, at Alpha the user can affect 3, at Superior the user can affect 6 and at Master 12.]

And I am the EVIL GENIUS bent on universal conquest or destruction.

My name, Professor Hiram Boggs a bio-chemist with interests in bio-robotics and enginering. At 35 years of age I was fired form a government funded bio-enginer and disease research center. It was an out rage for the termination of my employment on the front that my research borders on extreme, outragous and mostly ilegal. The main reason fired though was due to my own attempts at trying to create super powers. I tried to contest explution to my former employers saying that my reseach will benifit all, but they would not hear it. I vowed my vengance on them as they threw me out in the street.

That night something inside my mind snaped or awakened, they were afraid of what I could do so they kicked me out. Deprived of the tools and the lab I went insane and started my preparations for revenge. With the few items I smuggled out of the lab I began biuld my devices to aid me in my endevor. By the way I am criminal insane. With what I had availble I had to use my self as my first subject and gained the abiltity to see everything around me, my Panorama View. Within a month everything was set. I desended upon the lab with an insidious grin they tried their best to stop me but all was for not. I liquidated half the stafe the and saved the rest to use for my future experiments as test subjects.

(Affinity: Evil)

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Re: Dr. Weird: Panoramic Vision

Post  Sol on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:24 am

I liquidated half the stafe the and saved the rest to use for my future experiments as test subjects.

You evil criminally insane bastard!

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