Umbral: The Shadow Stalker

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Umbral: The Shadow Stalker

Post  Umbral on Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:30 pm

Name: Zach Ryder ( Also Known As Umbral )
Age: 20
Occupation: College Student

Umbral's Biography
My name is Zach Ryder, I'm just an ordinary college student, well...not really.

Ever since I was a little kid I've found my safe haven to be in the shadows. I grew up with a family but...that is no longer the case. I had a drunken father and drugged up mother that would always fight and were never there for me. I was forced to do things on my own, and I emancipated myself at 15 years old. It would seem that because I have had a bad upbringing that it would effect my morality in a negative way yet It has not.

As I took to hiding in the shadows it became evident that it is where I belonged, It had seemed that whenever I took to them, they took to me as well and we became as one.

Growing up I developed my abilities in melding with the shadows and moving through them. Very recently I've been able to manipulate shadows to do as I wish but It is still a little difficult to control due to just discovering this ability. Though there is a downside to living my life in the darkness...I've learned to hate the light and anything associated with it. When traveling during the day I try to cover myself as much as possible to fully cloak myself in darkness.

Late one night.. I decided I would take myself to the library to study for an exam in biology I had the next day being the dedicated college student that I am I knew I wanted to get a good grade. After a long night of studying I decided that It was time that I take myself back to the dorms to get some sleep. I decided to take the back alley's because it was a straight shot back and I was beyond tired.

Traveling through shadows is much faster than walking or running for me so I decided I would use them as my transportation back for the night. This night was different then my usual nights through the alleys, I heard a womans muffled voice passing by an intersection of another alley and decided to find out what the commotion was. I was surprised when I saw one of the students in my Biology class assaulting a female and attempting to rape her against one of the walls of the alley. I knew what I had to do, I had to help her.

My instincts moved me through the shadows at a unrivaled speed as I released myself from the shadows behind the man and delivered a quick but painful blow to the back of his head, being quick to return back into the shadows after. The man let go of the woman and looked back in surprise and pain ready to fight whoever was behind him. The woman then quickly ran out of the alleyway and to safety.

As the man in a fit of rage was trying to look for me I decided I would enlighten him with my presence once again. I spoke out quietly "are you looking for me?", the man whipped toward my direction as I slowly came out of the shadows. He looked in surprise and fear and said, "who...who are you?", I replied "Umbral the Shadow Stalker".

Shadow Merge - Allows user to merge with a shadow - Passive
Shadow Transportation - Allows user to move through shadows - Alpha
Shadow Emission - Allows user to manipulate shadows - Novice

Unknown Abilities
Shadow Emulation - Allows user to mimic anothers shadow
Shadow Teleportation - Allows user to move from one shadow to another


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