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Yilana ~ Assassin

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Character Alias ~ Yilana
My sole special power is Instantaneous Adaption and is the only one known.. so far..

Current Special Skills
Instantaneous Adaption.
I adapt to my environment to survive and to use it to my advantage to take care of my enemies and unwanted obstacles.

Water ~ Form gills and fins on hands, arms, legs, and feet
Fire ~ Become impervious to heat and smoke.
Poisonous Gas ~ Form a filter system in my lungs to avoid any affect
Darkness ~ Eyes would adapt to seeing in the dark


Evolution 1: Fire Manipulation

Fire Form - User's body becomes engulfed in flames, can give off residual fire, start fires by touch.

Fire Whip - Whip of fire can be used from the palm of either hand, after Alpha user can have one in each hand. This can leave small trails of fire which can become larger fires.

Thermal Barrier - User can project a heatwave-like barrier to defend against projectiles, projectiles melt or burst on contact. Does not leave fire behind.

Fire Beam - Creates a beam cone of fire, mostly used to start fires and burn enemies. Cannot engulf enemies until after Alpha class.

Fire Shield - Creates a dome shaped shield for the user, this is small and made of fire, mostly used in hand to hand combat. Not likely to cause fires.

Inferno - The user bursts with flames skill is passive and is used sparingly, it takes lots of energy out of the user. It blasts a radius of 20 feet from the user and causes everything to burn. The rolls effect is always 1-6 the user is fatigued, 7-10 the user faints.


Character Bio:
My name? Well, since you asked politely, I suppose I can extend the same manners. It is Kai Lee. I was reborn in Chung-Ha Industry of Science in Pusan, South Korea. I was initially a weak human, who had no strength, no real purpose in life. After getting into a car accident, I found myself, not in a hospital room, but in a laboratory. One of the scientists noticed my awakening and quickly put some kind of serum in me and I was out, but I do not remember what happened before I woke up again. When I was woken once again, I was made to do different test runs to see if I could actually withstand any type of deadly environment, which to the scientists' surprise, I actually could.

These stupid scientists gave me a great advantage in life and after asking them if I could be free to do my will and they denied it, I made the plan to force my way out. One night, I snuck out of my cell and stole five viles of their special made CH Acidic Gas and poured them in the main air ventilation system. The next morning, when the air conditioner was turned on again, the gas crept through every vent in the science building and made every worker's skin bubble. I was able to get out of the building with no trouble, but with a crowbar, I was able to get past the guards at the front gate and hijacked one of their trucks and made my way back home.

I walked to my apartment and found everything in shambles. Someone planned this to happen to me. I did not know who, and to this day, is still a mystery. However, there was a note on the coffee table:
"Ms. Lee, Now that you have made it back to your humble abode. I want to give you my regards to a job well done for getting out of the labs. Now that you are free to do what you please, there is still something I would like for you to do. I guess, a favor if you will, for giving you such a great advantage with the special power that you have. Since I know that you have a huge skill in the martial arts, as well as, being highly skilled in the use of daggers, I want you to be my right-hand assassin. And if you are interested, you are to arrive at Gimhae International Airport here in Pusan tomorrow morning. And if you are not interested, then let's just say your days of being "special Kai" are over, along with your wasted life. The cab will arrive at 7:00am to pick you up."

I remember standing there for the longest time, thinking about his offer. I started cracking up, knowing how weak this person may be. I started smiling and rummaged over some clothes in my bedroom, then I felt a gun click to the back of my head. "Will you take the offer?" The voice was well altered.

"So you're going to kill me on the spot if I don't?" I replied, smiling slyly.
"I don't think we agreed to have a gun filter in your head," the person responded. I smile and nod.
"Fair enough. But what's in it for me?"
"You get an alias. You get weapons. You get money. You're basically pampered, but only if you do the job and do it right."
"Any more powers?"
"No. You got what you got. Who knows how you will develop. You're the first one to ever succeed."
I stand up slowly and turn around, finding myself slam into the wall face first by this individual's surprising strength. "You will be given a ticket at the Airport. First class, to America. Dress nice and bring the suitcase I have provided in your living room. It has everything you need in there."
I push the individual off of me and turn around, only finding the room I walked into when I arrived back home. Strange.

The next morning, the cab arrives at 7:00am and drops me off at the airport about half an hour later. I feel a tug at my bag and by instinct, whirl my head around and pull back at whoever wanted to snatch it. To my finding, there was an envelope with six letters written on top: "YILANA". I open the envelope and find a new passport, a new American driver's licence, my ticket to America, directions to my new apartment in Chicago, and some cash for food on the way there. Yilana. My new alias. My new life.

I make my way through the airport with ease, however the flight to America was long and boring. Finally, I arrived in Chicago, making my way to the hotel via a taxi. The apartment was decent, I can't complain. Before I started unpacking, I found another note on the dresser in my bedroom: "Yilana, your first mission: Assassinate Frederico Bernacio. He's the Police Chief's son. If we can get him. We will get what we want from the Chief. Do it tonight. That is all. Good luck."

I unpack my bag and find a form fitting black suit, which is great camoflauge in the dark. I put it on and begin to walk around in it. I stand against the wall and notice my suit change to the pattern of the wall. "Now that's a nice touch. Fits to my adaptation skills." I smile and am completely satisfied with what I have, definitely the series of martial art equipment and different types of daggers and katare. I equip some appealing ones on my belt as well as a linked chain and rope.

Once darkness fell, my eyes began to adjust to it and I felt strong-minded and eager to kill this Frederico Bernacio. I made my way towards the Bernacio house, from the directions I found from my research on my computer, and stealthily moved towards the house, looking through windows and finally finding some bedrooms on the second floor. I climb on the side of the house quietly, and look through a couple windows, first one was of the Chief and his wife sound asleep. The second was the bathroom and the third was of a young man playing a video game on his TV.

I decided to sneak into the bathroom window and crept to his room, knocking on the door lightly. "What?!" Silence. "Mom?" I heard some noises of footsteps in his room. His door opens.

*SNATCH* I grab him quickly and choke him with the chain and rope, while dragging him into his room. I keep one hand on the rope and chain to keep him in a choke-hold and with the other hand grab a katare. I push Frederico on his bed and before he could scream, shoved the blade of the katare into his jugular vein in his neck. Before I could hear any more of his agony and death, I swiftly go out of his bedroom window and return to my apartment quietly with no witnesses and no trouble.

The next day, I received another note, this time on my fridge: "Excellent. I think you have proven yourself very well. By the way, I made a ham sandwich for you. Just make sure you get your payment out of their first. It's in an envelope. Enjoy your lunch."

I open the fridge and grab the plate with the ham sandwich on top. I pull off the slice of bread on top and remove the envelope of cash. I bite into the sandwich after reforming it and glance towards the sunrise out of my kitchen window, feeling blood rushing throughout my body. I sneer from ear to ear, thinking to myself: I think I can get used to this.

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