3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

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Post  Dr. Weird on Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:57 am

Dr. Weirds Lab South Dakota Badlands
5:00:00 P.M. MT



“I wonder what my good friend Frost Bite is doing.” Dr. Weird pulls the rag out from his pocket.

(Dr. Weird attempt to Scry Akvo 1-8 FAIL, 9-10 SUCCESS)
Random number (1,10) : 6

Random number (1,10) : 5

Random number (1,10) : 2




“It is progressing slowly; there have been four failed attempts with the structural combination.” Steve feared that his cpu was about to be ripped out with the bad news he delivered.


“That is processing along steadily, we are 47% along. Completion should be accomplished with in a few days.”




Dr. Weird was in his bio-lab working on another corpse.

“Doctor the lab reports are finished.”


“The base DNA has been isolated and the root strain has been found. We are now proceeding with phse two of the project.”

“EXCELENT, EXCELENT, I LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING.” Picking up the brain he slices it in half to find the cause of death.

“MY MIND.” He shouts, then while holding it in his hands he licks it the organ. “I’ve tasted better.”



Pulling the blood sample out from his pocket that Dr. Weird acquired from the afternoons fight he tries to Srcy him.

“Let’s see if I can find his flea bitten ass.”

(Dr. Weird attempt to Scry the target 1-8 FAIL, 9-10 SUCCESS)
Random number (1,10) : 10

Random number (1,10) : 4

Random number (1,10) : 6



“Sir you’re the Orbital Observation Platform Station is finished. The Sensor Pods have been successfully integrated into it.” Steve gave Dr. Weird the good news.

“EXCELENT, have it ready for immediate departure. The way things are going I have a feeling that I will be needing it.” An elated Dr. Weird standing amongst his monitors paying close attention for the news for anything about the recent events. Just then he say that the president has made an appearance on the news. “This might be some BAD NEWS.”



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? [Novice] – 0/10
? [Novice] – 0/10
Dr. Weird
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Post  Akvo on Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:00 am

11:11:00 AM GMT
Rapid City

Akvo arrives in Rapid City. He drives until he finds a secluded spot to ditch his bike.

No telling if I'll want that later

He tightens his backpack and begins walking around town.


11:45:00 AM GMT
Rapid City
805 5th Street
Security First Bank

This looks like the perfect place.

Akvo walks into the bank. The security guard smiles and him. Akvo smiles back. The guard looks away.

Akvo shoots a Freeze Beam at the guard.

"Everybody down!" Akvo yelled to the room. Someone screams. "Silence!"Akvo replies as he shoots another Freeze beam covering the door.

Akvo grabs a nearby child pushing the mother down.

"Here's how this is going to work ladies and gentlemen: I'm going to kill this child if you don't do exactly as I tell you. Now then, as you can tell, I do not have any bags, accomplices or guns. That doesn't mean I don't mean business." He shoots a Sharp Icicle at a camera "You see. I can kill each and every one of you if you fail to cooperate." He takes out another camera. "If any you have any ideas you might want to eighty-six them now." Boom! Another camera explodes. "First order of business! Clerk number four! Stand your ass up and move forward towards me and the child!" A thin, balding man approaches Akvo and the child apprehensively.

"Now then! What is your name sir?!" Akvo asked, still shouting for all to hear.

"C-Calvin." the clerk said.

"C-Calvin what?!" Akvo shouted.

"Calvin Papadakis…" Said the clerk.

"Well then Mr. Papadakis, may I call you C-Calvin?" not waiting for a response. "Now then I need you stand from this island countertop thing with all the lovely pens." Akvo said jerking the child around slightly.

Calvin Papadakis cautiously stands next to the pamphlet island.

"Good! Now then! Chill out!" Akvo shoots a Freeze Beam at him freezing him to the island, only his head exposed. "Okay then! Hostage number one has saved the life of this child!" Akvo takes his imitation sunglasses off and puts them on the five year old child before pushing him in the direction of his mother. "Shall we give Mr. Papadakis a round of applause?"


Akvo raises his hand towards Calvin's head.

"I said clap goddammit!" He uses the other hand to take out a different camera.

Applause breaks out across the room. Akvo keeps his hand firmly planted on Calvin's head. He then Freeze Beams all of the windows. "Everyone into THAT corner of the room! NOW!"

The various people move towards the other side of the room. Around twenty-five of them find their way there aside from the Guard and Calvin.

"Wonderful! Bunch together!" Akvo raised both hands towards the patrons and staff and freezes them to the wall, leaving only their heads showing.

"First order of business Calvin, my Greek friend, tell me where the various exits are on this floor." Akvo says to him holding his hand to his head and firing another Sharp Icicle at another once in tact camera.

"T-t-two in the back, and one in the office. There should only be one person there." Calvin said stuttering slightly, for fear or from cold is hard to tell.

Akvo made his way to the back pulling out an old female out of the back room. He froze all the exits and the stairwells and elevators to the higher floors.

"And what is your name miss," he asked allowing her to walk on her own, though keeping a threatening palm directed at Calvin's temple.

"Prudy Gorski." She said firmly.

"Now then Ms. Gorski," Akvo said gently, "I would like you to do me the favor of alerting the authorities about my presence. Tell them everything you have seen and tell them I require as many news crews as possible. Also inform them, if they do exactly as I tell them no one needs to get hurt."

She nodded and walked away.

"Oh and turn the thermostat down as low as it will go."

Akvo turns to Papadakis while Prudy makes the call.

"How do you feel about Mutant rights Mr. Papadakis?" Akvo sakes


1:38:22 PM GMT
Rapid City
805 5th Street
Security First Bank

The authorities arrive.

"Ice Man! Please relinquish the hostages so that we may comply with your demands!" A megaphone blares.

Akvo unfreezes the group enough to allow the little boy to come out, then he refreezes the group.

"Hey little freedom fighter, go out there and tell them they may refer to me as The Frost Raptor. Tell them I'm not releasing anymore hostages and that can reach me at the banks phone number if they want to negotiate." Akvo says to the child.

Akvo parts the ice of the front doors enough to allow him out. Ten minutes later the phone rings and Akvo picks it up.

"Hello?" Akvo responds.

"Ice Man?" Says a voice on the other end.

"Did the child not tell you my name? Do you want me to kill a hostage?" Akvo says.

"I'm sorry, Frost Raptor, my name is Terrance Wellington. I'm here to get you everything you want." Says Terrance the negotiator.

"Fuck off Terry, I know better, and you should now know that I know better." Akvo replies, "Here's the skinny, you said in a camera and a cameraman, no anchors. You get one hostage for each camera and Cameraman, up to six hostages. Understood?"

"That seems reasonable. They don't usually start reasonable, you usually have to work them down." Says Terrance.

"Seriously Terry, fuck off, I don't give a shit. Send in brave guys. I'll send out two hostages first as a show of good faith." Akvo replies.

Akvo releases two hostages and a cameraman enters the scene. Akvo releases four more hostages. Two more cameramen enter. They set up.

"So gentlemen, are we doing a live broadcast because that's what I want." Akvo asked

They all nod.

"Are you lying to me? Calvin's gray matter will be all over your cargo pants if you're lying to me."

They all shake their heads.

"Hello people of the wherever the fuck this is being broadcasted. My name is Frost Raptor and I've taken over this bank here in good old Rapid City. You fucks at the station, get some information about the situation scrolling across the bottom of the screen. Hey thanks Jim. I assume your names Jim. Anyhow, my friend here, Calvin Papadakis should be awarded the God damn key to this city." Akvo said patting him on the balding head.

"Now then. I will kill this man. And the twenty some odd other hostages. I don't want money. I don't want a plane out of here. I want this broadcasting as long as I keep talking. Or for you to re-air the necessary footage."

"You're probably wondering what I'm capable of. As you can tell people are frozen to walls and other ice related bull shit. Furthermore I can do other cool stuff. You, cameraman number two, toss me your ball cap."

Akvo takes the cap and throws it into the air and fires a sharp icicle at it.

"I hope that wasn't a family heirloom. So, I can send one of those bad boys right into each and every head in this room. But you could make this a lot easier on me and the rest of you if you just keep airing this footage."

"Onto the important stuff. What else do I want? I want to give a shout out to the good doctor. Dr. Weird my close friend and ally! I require your presence. Make your way to this location. But you are not the only one I'm looking for. I also want to see the Blue Streak from Lake Helen. You know who you are. If you are not both here by nine o clock tonight at the latest I will begin slaughtering these people. That is all. Reroll the footage Jim.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Twisted Fate on Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:10 am

Rapid City

Takeshi pulled into a small parking lot of a men’s apparel outlet.

Takeshi browsed through the for a good ten minutes until coming across a wool, light brown old fashioned trench coat, similar in appearance to the you would see in old fashioned detective movies.

Takeshi pulled three of the same coat from the shelve, hulling them to the check-out counter…
“That will be $567.65 sir, will this be cash or credit?” A husky, middle aged blonde women inquired to Takeshi, a warm smile across her face.

Takeshi pulled a hefty wad of cash from his billfold, handing it to the friendly clerk.

“Thank you sir… your change will be $32.35.” The women stated, handing Takeshi his change.

Takeshi glares intently into the women’s eyes.

Takeshi Attempts Alpha Skill Hypnotism(1-5 fail, 6-10 succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 7

If fail’s Takeshi continues to attempts Alpha Skill Hypnotism(1-5 fail, 6-10 succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 5

If fail’s Takeshi continues to attempts Alpha Skill Hypnotism(1-5 fail, 6-10 succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 4

If any Succeed...

“No, I do believe my change is $600……exact.” Takeshi spoke, in an austere tone, grinning.
“Oh my, I am very sorry for this mix up!” The women exclaimed, handing Takeshi all of his money back..

Takeshi strode out of the store towards his truck, slipping on one of his brand new trench coats.

“ It’s almost tooo easy…” Takeshi muttered with a snicker.

If all Fail...

“Uhh… is there a problem sir?” The women inquired, a disgusted look across her face, in response to Takeshi’s prolonged glare.

“Err.. uhhhh, no!…I was uhh, just admiring your beautiful blue eyes.” Takeshi embarrassingly rebutted, grabbing his change and striding out of the store with haste.

“I’m just not on my game today am I?” Takeshi questioned to himself, letting out a long sigh of disappointment.

Oriental Market

Takeshi strode into the Oriental market , there was a familiar tune…. Cherry Blossom, playing over the speakers.

Takeshi walked up and down the aisles, placing various Asian ingredients into a cart, lastly coming to the rice…

Takeshi halted an employee for assistance.

“Shōnen wa, watashi no koto o Nishiki Chū-tsubu no yon jū pondo-bukuro no tsu o shutoku! Watashi no karada wa watashi no hone tsukarete, furuidesu.”

(Translation- Boy, fetch me five of the forty pound bags of that Nishiki Medium grain! My body is old, my bones tired. PS:Hopefully the Japanese isn’t too bad XD)

The young Japanese man bowed to his elder, and promptly hauled the bags into Takeshi’s cart.
“Arigato” Takeshi spoke, bowing his head at the respectful young man.

“Your total be $146.34, cash only!” Barked a wrinkly old Asian women, obviously impatient.
Takeshi handed over the payment… momentarily pondering whether to use his abilities to get out of paying or not.

Takeshi decided...

Takeshi uses Alpha Skill Hypnotism on the old woman(1-5 Fail, 6-10 Succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 3

If fail’s Takeshi continues to attempts Alpha Skill Hypnotism(1-5 fail, 6-10 succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 7

If fail’s Takeshi continues to attempts Alpha Skill Hypnotism(1-5 fail, 6-10 succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 10

If Succeeds…

“ How about you give me half….off.” Takeshi slyly spoke to the old woman, raising an eyebrow.

“ Oh yes!! only for you though…..handsome.” Shouted the women, a sudden glowing expression across her wrinkly, melanoma stricken face.

As Takeshi pulled out of the parking lot of the market, his goods loaded in the flat bed.
Strange, I didn’t demand attraction as well……hmm, oh well…

Takeshi pondered, quickly dismissing the thought.

If fails…

Takeshi fails to hypnotize the bitter old women, pays the full price and leaves in disappointment..


Takeshi pulls up to the check-out counter, a cart full of various toiletries.

“Your total is $54.73 sir.” Spoke a scruffy looking man, in an unenthusiastic tone.

“We’ll see about that….” Takeshi scoffed under his breath, making direct eye contact with the man…

Takeshi uses Alpha Skill Hypnotism on the man(1-5 Fail, 6-10 Succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 2

If fail’s Takeshi continues to attempts Alpha Skill Hypnotism(1-5 fail, 6-10 succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 3

If fail’s Takeshi continues to attempts Alpha Skill Hypnotism(1-5 fail, 6-10 succeed)

Random number (1,10) : 7

If Succeeds…..

“You’re going to give me this shit for free… thank you very much…” Takeshi spoke, a grin across his face.

“Of course sir, the goods are on the house, thank you for shopping Wal-Mart.” The man spoke, a tranced look plastered across his face.

Takeshi loaded his items into the back seat of the truck, then making an attempt to exit the congested Wal-Mart parking lot.

“Looks like I have what I need… for now, I suppose I’ll make my way back to the lab now….perhaps get my research lab worked out with Hiram.”

Takeshi daydreamt about furthering his research, waiting among a long line of cars exiting Wal-Mart.

If Fails…

Takeshi fails to hypnotize the bitter old women, pays the full price and leaves in disappointment..

Takeshi loaded his items into the back seat of the truck, then making an attempt to exit the congested Wal-Mart parking lot.

“Looks like I have what I need… for now, I suppose I’ll make my way back to the lab now….perhaps get my research lab worked out with Hiram.”

Takeshi daydreamt about furthering his research, waiting among a long line of cars exiting Wal-Mart.

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Garage A

Takeshi stepped down from the seat of the truck…

“Steve! There any chance you can send some drones to help me with my stuff.”

“Of course Dr. Takeshi, I will send in assist drones immediately.”

“Thank you Steve.” Takeshi spoke…

“Now to find Weird…..” Takeshi spoke, yet again daydreaming of his research lab.

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Sol on Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:03 am

(I'm sorry this just kept getting longer and longer and I didn't want to cut things. x.x)

NSS Private Jet 617
Near Oklahoma City
11:37 AM

Sol stops typing for a moment, bringing one hand up to rub his eyes. Ah... well. Two hours and all I've got on "Beatrice" is her first name, Brooke. Her file has been wiped clean otherwise... perhaps she is deeper in with the NSS than I thought.

"I'm tired of this..." pressing a small button the displays return to the wall and power off.

Sitting motionless in his seat Sol pondered his next move. He flicked the window shudders open. Blitz's gaze meeting his own. Her hazel eyes drawing him ever closer, and making him lose focus.

"Wh..where are we?" Once again stammering. Those damn eyes.

"We'll be landing shortly. Unfortunately, you'll have to claim your luggage in the airport. Standard procedure." smirking once again, and staring back at Sol, mouth beaming widely.

"I'm not even going to ask why... I just can't wait to be off this plane."


11:58 AM

The plane makes a routine landing and pulls to a stop near the gates.

Gathering himself, Sol kindly taps on the glass. Brooke stood up, and a few short moments later the door creaks open. A blast of heat emanating from the bay.

"I hope you enjoyed your flight Sol. Good luck in Oklahoma." hands outreached holding his suit.

"Oh, you can count on that. And I will have that coffee with you..." taking the suit and beginning down the steps before turning his head slightly, "...Brooke."


Will Rogers World Airport
Oklahoma City
2:29 PM

The camera focuses in on a lone figure sitting on a secluded bench, chin resting in his hands, elbows placed on either knee. Small amounts of permanent ink tainting his fingers from the nearly one hundred signatures given. Absolutely silent.

The fuss had long since died down however, and the presence of a hero of the NSS, more of a god in truth, had become but another novelty. Someone more than a man, capable of bending one of the most powerful sources of energy, the Sun, to his will. Now nothing more than another grumpy man awaiting his long overdue luggage.

His fiery orbs fixated on the black flaps of the luggage return. Slowly being dragged open before falling back into the place, only to be dragged apart again.

A large sigh escapes his chest. A feeling of uncertainty heavy on his shoulders.

He lets his head fall down, now facing the shiny air port floor. He spots a coin a few inches behind his left heel.

He reaches down and picks up a penny, why not let chance decide?

He flicks the coin upward, spinning wildly through the air... and he calls it.

"Heads I walk out of here right now... tails I wait for my luggage."

The coin lands in his palm, he slaps it down on his wrist and lifts his hand.

1 is heads, 2 is tails.
Random number (1,2) : 1


Will Rogers World Airport
Oklahoma City
4:32 PM

Heads... looks like I'm outta here. Throwing the penny to the ground to decide someone elses fate, or to take up space in a jar long forgotten.

The sound of his feet padding softly through the nearly empty halls, and quickly fading as he exits the airport. Calling for the NSS escort and being taken to the facility.

Yet another familiar thought crosses his mind...Why can't i just fly..



Will Rogers World Airport
Oklahoma City
4:32 PM

SHIT! Fucking penny, no one even likes pennies. Go rot somewhere. Throwing the penny across the hall, hearing a slight tink as it lands.

His shoulders droop further forward and head hangs loosely.

Time drifts away, many thought cross his mind. Brooke, his new assignment to the Strike Force, and.... he blanks and lands back on Brooke. Losing himself in her eyes once again. He begins to doze off slightly, elbows beginning to drift a little wide.

The light reflecting off her eyes, his light. His burning orbs seen clearly within her peaceful hazel spheres.

His elbow slips and he jolts awake, smacking himself in the face. Looking up towards the luggage return he notices a new bag entering the roundabout. Wait.. could.. could it be? THAT'S MY BAG!

He stands up, legs almost entirely asleep, and nearly falls down. stumbling over to the return he claws for the handle, lifting it like a trophy above his head. A small folded piece of paper falls to the floor.

What's this...

Unfolding the paper, it read in large black letters.

"Wow, you actually waited? I told the bag handlers to check this bag for any "paraphernalia."" A small smiley face placed after the sentence. Towards the bottom was a P.S

"P.S. as your reward for your patience, I will give you three of the 7 digits to my cell number. If you're as smart as you think you are, you'll figure out the rest."

Below was a small X7X-XX28, followed by XOXO. Hmmm...

Clever girl...

Sol wheeled his luggage outside, folding the note and placing it back into his luggage before calling for the NSS escort to be taken to the facility.


NSS Station 7
Room 428

Having arrived in his room, one recently vacated by the very hero he was replacing, room 428. Sol decided it would be a good to get a feel for the new station, and especially the heroes. Perhaps he'd even find his team member, digging deep to remember the heroes name.

E... E something....And I recall a "p" in there... Ep...Episode...Epilogue... ep...EPOCH!

Walking the halls of his new home, looking for his partner, Sol entered the large elevator and hit "1".

Gotta start somewhere...

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Illumin Intro!

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:24 pm

NSS Station 7
Oklahoma City
4:35 PM

"This will be your new room Mr. Illumin," the attendant said as she stopped next to a medium sized door.
"Thank you very much, miss," Illumin replied as he opened the door and entered a relatively small room. He like it that way, and the large floor to ceiling windows are a nice touch. Ahh, the light that was pouring in was beautiful. He set his things up in his new home and sat down to think.
'I should probably wander about a bit and meet some people..." Illumin thought to himself. " This reminds me of my old days, getting moved around all the time, constantly having to meet new people...But now I am a member of a society...I feel wanted..."

Before Illumin leaves to wander about the facility he notices a letter on his desk. He opened it and read...
" Dear Mr. Illumin,
Mr. Jackson wishes to meet with you soon. He does not have a preference, but please see him at your soonest available time.
Thank you very much.

Well, that gives me something to do at least.....

Invisibility (Alpha) 0/20
Explosive Light Orbs (Novice) 0/10
? (Not Known) 0/10
? (Not Known) 0/10

(short post to intro myself quick before end of bridge =) glad to be here!!)

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Night Terror on Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:07 pm

Vermillion, South Dakota
USD (University of South Dakota)
Mara's Dorm Room
9:51 of the AM – CT

The phone rings once. Twice. Three times. Mara’s lungs burn as she continues to hold her breath.

A familiar tone starts to speak and the girl grows wide-eyed with anticipation. After a few words though, she recognizes it as a voicemail system. The cell phone closes, falling to the carpeted floor as she curls into a ball, for fear of exploding.

“Calm down, Mara. You can get through this.” She whimpers to herself and the empty room. Her fingers cling to her shoulders in a tight self-embrace as she tries to regain her usual composure.

“I think the death of that woman the other night is bugging me most…” Mara thought to herself. The last time she had taken someone’s life, it had been the girl who had rejected her… and she had felt little to no remorse. Her reasoning was that it had been deserved, but perhaps she had suppressed her emotions a little too much that night. “On that note, maybe this recent victim opened up a Pandora’s box,” was her analysis. “Do I really care that much about some stranger? Maybe it’s just stressing me out because I haven’t dreamt in a while too,” ponders the girl, gripping herself even tighter. Her icy irises constrict the pupils of her eyes.

“She most likely deserved it.”

Mara’s brow furrows as she looks around the dorm with ears open. Was there a voice a moment ago, or had she thought that last comment to herself? Self-conversations were something she did often, but the last phrase had seemed strange, quiet, foreign.

After a few seconds of silence, she sighs, blowing her bangs out of her face and dismissing the phrase as nothing. “I need to escape reality for a bit.” She mumbles inward, almost sarcastically.

“If you want, I can help you.”

“There it is again!” hisses the girl, scanning about frantically now. The room gives no answers.

“I cannot be seen, nor will your ears hear me.”

The girl fell still, quietly focusing on the voice in her head. “Is this telepathy we’re using?” she thinks to herself, seeing if conversation can be carried via thoughts. Excitement starts to trickle into her consciousness, replacing worries momentarily.

“It is not entirely so.” Was its response, ‘it’ being whatever was doing the communicating.

At first, Mara considers mutants, others like herself, who might be trying to reach her.
“Are you with the men I met at Subway the other day?” she mentally inquires.

“No.” replies the unknown entity. “It is hard to explain fully, but I suppose one could say that I am part of you. I have been since your birth.”

“Since birth? Why haven’t you spoken to me before?” scrutinizes Mara, not sure what to think.

“Because; I have been sleeping.” It whispers.

“Who are you.” Demanded the still thoroughly confused girl. She was no longer in a ball, but rather sat in an open position, looking up as if some god were talking to her.

“I’m what you might call an alien.”

She almost lost it. Lost it being the act of laughing out loud.

Although the existence of extra-terrestrial life had been something she had fantasized about, she had never really considered it a permeable possibility. Who was this voice to tell her what to believe in?

“What I am does not matter though. What matters is that we can be of assistance to each other.”

“Oh?” Mara questions, interest piqued. “How can you help me?”

“You wish to escape reality?” guesses the ‘alien’, its words manipulative.

She might have noticed it had the offer not seemed so good. Her eyes were slits again, the need refreshed in her mind and body.

“Kind of,” admits the girl, not sure how much emotion she should convey to this creature. Then again, if it could sense her thoughts, then the cause was already lost.

“I can give you relief. All of your fears and worries can be taken away.”

Each word was met with more interest than the last.
“I could use a little less stress in my life. What do you need me to do for you?” wonders Mara, though as long as the task wasn’t too hazardous to her health, she was bound to comply at this point.

“All I need is your mind. While in control, I can grant you access to the dream realm. I am the reason and the drive behind your powers.” The alien explains calmly.

“Are you also the reason why I’ve never had a dream of my own?” asks the dark-haired girl, standing up to add force to her mental demand. There was a short pause, and then a response.

“Yes. I did not choose you, nor did you choose me. Nonetheless, there is no escaping our bond. So, why not let me help you escape reality instead?”

Mara pretends to ponder.

“After all, who am I to deny you happiness?” purrs the voice in her head.

The girl walks over to the bottom bunk of the bed to her right, sliding onto it, back against the mattress. Plaid sheets adjust themselves to her form.

“Alright.” She says, closing her eyes and clearing her mind. In moments, she drifts into oblivion.


Vermillion, South Dakota
USD (University of South Dakota)
Mara's Dorm Room
4:52 of the PM – CT

Mara opens her eyes as well as her body. She acquaints the experience to her idea of what it would feel like to wake from a medicated sleep. Eyelids and limbs feel heavy at first, but it slowly begins to wear off, being replaced by the most wonderful feeling she has ever experienced.

“I feel so…. Well rested. Like I’ve been asleep for days,” states the girl, sitting up with a stretch. At first, she wonders if the whole alien conversation had all been a fantasy of her slumbering mind.

“I was watching your dreams, they seemed relaxing,” said a voice, dispersing that notion.

Despite the fact that there was still an unknown supposedly extra-terrestrial being having tea and conversation with her brain, Mara was at complete peace with herself and everything around her. The murder of the woman, the meeting of the men at subway, and the business card and phone on the floor all seemed so far away, as if it had happened to someone else. And yet, there was no denying that she had definitely experienced all three. None of it seemed to matter anymore, a feeling of indifference hovering over her consciousness.

A smile crept up onto her face, astounding even Mara herself. The sensation of surprise made her smile grow even larger. It eased up a little as her gaze met the clock on the other side of the room.

“I’ve been asleep for how long…?” she says in disbelief. The digital screen read 4:53 PM in red.

“You haven’t dreamt a single night of your life. I didn’t want to disturb you while you resided in such paradise and ecstasy,” cooed the alien in response.

“I see,” sighs the girl serenely, finally letting her arms drop into her lap. It is then that she looks down at her hands, which are covered in crimson. Her vision turns towards the door; ajar.

Dreamvision - Alpha Class (1/20 points)
Night Terrors - Novice Class (0/10 points)
Post Stress Daymares - Alpha Class (0/20 points)
Night Terror
Night Terror

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Tang Le on Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:26 pm

Oklahoma City
11:41 AM CT

"I shall peruse the town. Call me when you have the hotel information and if I need a ride later I shall let you know."

"Of course, Miss."

4:47 PM CT

After spending most of her day at the mall, she decided no one there could help her. Shortly after leaving sight of the mall, she pulled a jar labeled "Arak" out of her pocket as she walked. She uncorked it and sniffed. A smile spread across her face as a tendril of hair wrapped its way down her arm and dipped its tip into the liquid. She put the jar away but the hair stayed wrapped around her arm. She hadn’t been walking for more than a minute before:

"Hey baby, how you doin," a voice called out from in front of her.

"Perfect timing," she whispered, turning to the speaker. "Can I help you with something?" she asked him sweetly.

"Yeah join me for a night on the town," he replied, grinning widely.

"No, that would not be in the available agenda for tonight. Unless of course you can help me locate the whereabouts of a one Dr. Takeshi."

"Doc who? Sure I know where that guy is. Right here!" He laughing jabbing a thumb at his own chest.

"I thought as much," she sighed walking away.

"Wait there a sec, baby," he laughed again and reached out grabbing her arm. Bad move, she thought, with her own grin.

She attempts to form Hair Hammer 1-8 fails, 9-10 succeeds
Random number (1,10) : 4

If first attempt fails she tries again 1-8 fails, 9-10 succeeds
Random number (1,10) : 2

If second attempt fails she tries again 1-8 fails, 9-10 succeeds
Random number (1,10) : 9

If one of the attempts succeeds where she will hit 1-4 in the stomach 5-7 in the head 8-10 the arm that is holding her
Random number (1,10) : 6

This is to determine the strength of the blow if contact is made 1-4 grazes 5-7 he steps back in pain 8-10 he is knocked out (or in case of the arm bone is shattered)

If all three attempts failed to form, then she will elbow him in the gut 1-4 he keeps his hold 5-7 he staggers backwards 8-10 he falls to the ground in pain.
Random number (1,10) : 5

If she succeeds in making him let go of her:

“Next time, think twice before bothering women,” she scoffs at him then continues to her hotel.

If he still has a grip on her:
“Haha good try baby!” he mocks her pulling her closer to whisper in her ear. “Looks like I’ll be havin your company afterall.”

She smiles as the tendril of hair wrapped around her arm slithers forward. “That’s what you think. Oh is that a spider?” Then the hair jabs the top of his hand quickly then recoils up her sleeve.

“Ow! Son of a bitch! What the fuck was that?!?” He screams jumping back from her.

“I think it was a spider,” she coyly replies as she feigns looking for it on the ground. “Oh well, hope it wasn’t poisonous. Bye!” She waved sweetly and turned and walked to her hotel.

Hair Growth: Passive
Hair Arms: Alpha 0/20
Hair Hammer: Novice 0/10
Tang Le
Tang Le

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Umbral on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:33 pm

Time: Before 5 PM

After multiple weeks of strenuious training Umbral was finally getting where he wanted to with his skills. It was almost scary, the look in Umbral's eyes, it looked like he was on a mission in which he would never give up.

Along with the long weeks of training, one would think Umbral would have made some friends, but for the most part he keeps to himself focusing on his training. Many of the students question Umbrals sanity, and one student got the balls to actually speak to Umbral.

-During a training session-

A younger looking boy with blonde hair and white eyes entered the small room that Umbral was training in. It was very dark in the room and when the boy flipped the light switch the lights failed to turn on. Umbral instantly noticed this and instinctivley sunk into the shadows.

Umbral lie in wait to see what this boy wanted from him. The boy looked very awkward and was holding his hands in front of himself as he swayed back and fourth, he seemed to tremble slightly but spoke out quietly and asked, "hey I uhh...know you have been training for quite a long t-time..I was just wondering if you wanted to join some of us at..dinner today."

Moments later Umbral moved through the shadows flawlessly towards the boy, after arriving he slowly rose from the shadow in front of the young boy with his hood covering his face, when reaching the boys face he rose his head slightly and uttered the word "boo!"

The boy seemed slightly confused by Umbral, and just stood there. Umbral spoke out, "heh" patting the boys shoulder, "no thanks little dude I have some food, I have to keep training if I wanna make it into the big leagues and protect everyone." Umbral gave the boy a really big and awkward smirk and a thumbs up.

The boy looked up in admiration towards Umbral and began to leave the room skipping, as he was leaving the room he said, "good luck Umbral im rooting for you!"

Umbral felt a bit lighter with the little bit of encouragement that he needed. Umbral thought to himself, "I need to test myself...time to visit the...danger room..". As Umbral slowly left the room he took one last look at the training dummy he was using earlier and launched a shadow at it knocking it across the room.

-Outside the danger room-

Umbral approached the danger room with utmost confidence, as he approached he noticed a lever on the side of the room labled difficulty. His first thought, "lets fucking do this". Umbral walked up to the door flipped the lever down to expert and entered the door without a second thought.

Entering the door everything was in darkness just how he liked it, and his confident attitude faded into a hopeful attitude. Umbral's voice wavering then said, "heh...yeahhh this will be easy..right?" the lights turned on and Umbral looked at what seemed to be about 20 robots.

Reacting quickly before the robots activated, Umbral located the closest shadow on the wall and merged into it.

Looking around Umbral noticed his opening, if he was going to attack, now was the time.

Umbral attempts to use Shadow Transportation [1-5 fail 6-10 Success]
Random number (1,10) : 2

If Umbral fails Shadow Transportation he tries again [1-5 fail 6-10 Success]
Random number (1,10) : 3

If failed again, he tries one last time [1-5 fail 6-10 Success]
Random number (1,10) : 4

If Successfull Umbral moves towards the center of the room at blinding speeds through the shadows that encompass the robots.

If Umbral fails to Shadow Transport he jumps from the space he was at to the center of the room anyway.

After reaching the center of the room Umbral appears out of the shadow legs first ending up in a hand stand, and attempts to whip the robots that surround him using Shadow Emission.

Umbral attempts to use Shadow Emission [1-8 fail 9-10 success]
Random number (1,10) : 1

Umbral attempts to kick out his shadow again [1-8 fail 9-10 success]
Random number (1,10) : 4

Umbral tries one last kick before falling over [1-8 fail 9-10 success]
Random number (1,10) : 7

If succesfull with one attack, Umbral destroys 4 robots, If succesfull with two attacks Umbral destroys 8 robots, if succesfull with all attacks, Umbral destroys 15 robots.

No matter how many robots are destroyed Umbral becomes fatigued and is crowded by the remaining robots and knocked unconcious.
If Umbral does not succeed with any of the Shadow Emission's, he falls onto the ground and the robots jump on Umbral knocking him unconscious.

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Ike on Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:52 pm

Rapid City, Wells Fargo Bank
12:43:00pm MT

Ike pulls up behind Wells Fargo Bank next to an "Employees Only" door.
Sits back and decides to try his other power which was devastating the first time he tried it.
*Flashbacks of several bodies lying as if they dropped dead, which they actually did.*
Ike leans back closes his eyes and focuses his will............

(Command Group with Command
Targets: Wells Fargo company employees
Targets will bring out all the money in the bank along with security camera footage, also they will have no memory of it happening
1-8 it fails, 9 or 10 it succeeds)
Random number (1,10) : 1

(same chances)
Random number (1,10) : 2

(same chances)
Random number (1,10) : 9

If it succeeds:

5 employees and the manager will walk out the door. The employees drop the suitcases of money in truck, while the manager hands over all recordings of security footage.

Ike drives away smiling happily as his power rises greatly

If fails:

Ike waits intently for a little while, sighs, then drives away hoping to have better luck later.

Rapid City, RV Dealership
3:33:33pm MT

Ike pulls into the dealership, parks near the building, gets out and is immediately almost confronted by a vehicle dealer.

Ike immediately raises a hand, and says one word. "Name."

The dealer is caught almost off guard but recovers and answer, "Howard Mitchel. And...."

Ike raises a hand again and focuses almost angrily at Howard.

(Control a single biotic being
Howard will bring out their best RV, hand him the keys, put the suitcases and bag in the and take my truck and run into traffic causing mass mayhem. Fail 1-5, Success 6-10)
Random number (1,10) : 5

(Same chances)
Random number (1,10) : 6

(Same chances)
Random number (1,10) : 9

If succeeds:
Howard will bring out a 2005 Magna 630, hand over the keys and leave with Ike's truck in attempt to commit suicide.

Ike will walk into his new RV to look over the luxury. "Ah. This is nice."
Ike heads to the Rushmore Mall and steals a few clothes walking out pleased with his choices.
He then begins to head back to the Weird Lab.

If fail: Same thing happens for sake of story.

Badlands, Dr. Weirds Garage
4:50:00pm MT


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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Ike on Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:56 pm

Ike's power status

Command single biotic object (Alpha): 3/20
Command large group by single name: 1/10

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun - Page 12 Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Epoch on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:58 am

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
President Jackson's Office
4:59 PM CT

Epoch, Teaghan and Quantum enter the office as quickly as their bodies would allow.

"Shut the door please," Jackson stated coldly.

Quantum let the door close behind him. The three took to the three chairs in the room, opposite President Jackson. President Jackson addressed them as calmly as possible, "Since you," he looked directly at Epoch, "are responsible for this Nation Address, I wanted you, and those that are involved with you," he acknowledges Teaghan and Quantum, "to view this with me."

A television monitor slowly drifted down from the ceiling behind Mr. Jackson.

"Whatever is said here, is on your head, Darren," Jackson said, turning around in his chair to face the monitor.

Epoch's stomach sank as he felt the cold negativity hit him hard. The television flickered on and before the group of four stood the towering bust of the President of the United States of America. Even though the tension in the room was fierce, Epoch knew that this was being viewed in every auditorium in every NSS station, that every hero registered was watching it; not to mention living rooms around the nation.

President Obama stood before a great set of microphones, preparing to start his five o-clock speech. The nation stood still, knowing that the subject would be a new policy on those known as superheroes.

"Good people of America," the president began, "We have known, for many years, a country that takes care of its citizens," his odd pauses took hold, "I have extended our hand forward with new health policies, yet, even then, some of you disagreed with where, congress, and I....have taken you. I stand before you now, on the edge of yet, another crisis.

"For ages, mankind, has struggled to live....side by side....with what many of you call, "Supers". Individuals, who....display extraordinary powers. From most viewpoints, this is a fantastic and wonderful thing....however, not always, do these individuals, use their powers for good. The human race has faced countless threats, and each country....has assumed its own policies on how to coexist....peacefully.

"This afternoon....around one-thirty, central time....one of our government treatment and research facilities....had been disrupted. A dangerous mutant had been led out. Some of you may be wondering....who would have done such a thing."

Two images of Epoch were then displayed on screens near the president. Epoch's face started to redden with terrible nerves.

"This young man....is named Epoch. He broke national code....and in doing so has caused a great disruption....in national security. You may be wondering, exactly how, we know his name....he lied to facility managers, government officials, using a false name and claiming to be from the NSS. He was....however, a real registered NSS agent named Epoch.... Yes, it saddens me to tell you that even, the good guys....are not working for you.

"Also, earlier today....in South Dakota....a hostage situation has broken out. It is being led, by a man known as the Frost Raptor."

Epoch's eyes widened watching news clips from a bank heist in Rapid City, realizing that this man was most likely the ice manipulator from the day before at Lake Helen.

"This man....has been wanted by police....from Texas, Oklahoma, and now South Dakota. He has killed dozens of officers and innocent people. But what does he want? He asked for a "Doctor Weird" and a "Blue Streak"....This "Blue Streak"....according to the NSS....is Epoch. Epoch you have changed the course of fate for the mutants, in America.

"To ensure national security and human rights....Congress and I have decided to declare....a nationwide state of emergency. The NSS...however....will still be a mutant sanctuary, although, the NSS is now frozen. All those registered to the NSS must return to their stations....immediately. The NSS is no longer allowed to act as a police force.

"Anyone else displaying mutant abilities must turn themselves into the government....The National Guard....has been dispatched throughout each state....taking with them specialized robotic units....designed to disable mutants. Any mutant that refuses to turn themselves over will be taken by force....or killed if necessary.

Epoch's heart sank. Teaghan grabbed his left hand and clutched it tightly, looking at him with a sorrow filled stare.

"Epoch. You have until ten o-clock...central time, to respond to this threat in Rapid City. After dealing with this, "Frost Raptor"....you are to give yourself up immediately....A warning to the NSS: any hero....who goes rogue....will be captured and detained by the National Guard.

"I insist that all of you....fellow, human, Americans return to your homes. Congress and I expect this state of emergency to end within forty-eight hours....Thank you, and goodnight."

President Jackson whirled back around in his chair to face the group. Each of the three had terribly melancholy expressions on their faces. "Darren," President Jackson started, "you got us into this mutha fucka, you gotta get us out of it."

Epoch shook his head.

"I expect you to meet me in the briefing room in fifteen minutes where I have assembled your new Strike Force." Jackson said sternly.

"A new strike force? But the government wants me alone." Epoch grunted.

"Sometimes, to do the right thing, you've got to take measures into your own hands," President Jackson dictated with sly in his voice.

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