Dark Coyote: Mystery of the wild

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Dark Coyote: Mystery of the wild

Post  Dark Coyote on Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:08 am

Name: Dark Coyote
Age: 21
Sex: Male

Does not possess super natural strength or speed. Entire physiology based off nature.
Claws can cut through soft rocks, and metals (Such as limestone, and aluminum) but is not able to cut stronger material.

Power: Animal mimicry - Can use the spirit of any of the following animals if a successful roll is performed. Can be in any state after the successful roll for as long as the user likes, but only gets the skills from that spirit. One spirit at a time.

Animal Claws
-Coyote spirit (Acute Smelling: Can smell almost everything, Improved Hearing: can hear better than humans)
-Mountain Lion spirit (Monstrous Roar: creates a loud roar, can be used for alerting and scaring; Prowl: Improved stealth, +2 to saving rolls on stealth)
-Viper Spirit (Venom: Venom: produces a venom from claws and mouth that causes a gradual paralysis, victim has 15 minutes before full paralysis)
-Raptor Spirit (Bird of Prey: Hollow Bones: makes for increased jumping and speed, and; Eagle Eye: can see greater distances and with better clarity)
-Aligator Spirit (Can hold breath for long periods of time. Can swim faster than an average human.)
-Turtle Spirit (Rest; Halves the users speed but allows the user to recover 1/4 quicker, Motionless: The user receives a +2 on evasion saving rolls)
-Ape Spirit (Climbing Expertise: Can climb twice as fast as a normal human +1 evasion rolls while climbing)

Name? I have no name, nor do I desire one. If you must call me something then you can refer to me as Dark Coyote, or simply Dark. I have no idea where I was born or the exact date, only that it was about 21 years ago. My first memories are that of being forced to do test by some scientist types. I don’t know if they made me like this or found me. They made sure I was strong, fast, and stealthy; little consideration was given to me. I was starved if I failed the task; I was abused if I refused to do something. The first ten years of my life where spent in that torturous place. They beat and broke me, then unwillingly made me a monster. I spent many years studying and planning before I escaped. After a particularly hard test they gave me piece of a dear leg to eat. They didn’t expect me to leap through the door and attack them. The men where either to shocked or just too weak to defend themselves. The alarms where raised but there was nothing they could do to prevent their slaughter. Twisted, broken men and women, they where dead in all but reality. I fixed that. All the trials made me deadly and their security teams were easily dispatched. I escaped after killing each and every one of them, then made my way to the nearby forest.

I quickly adapted to my surroundings, and was soon hunting, and exploring. After several years of this I ended up near a city. This intrigued me greatly, and I entered stealthily. Through my first encounters of regular humans I quickly learned to walk upright, though when outside of cities I always crawl on all fours. I quickly stole clothes, which allowed me to hide in plain sight (Also stole gloves to hide my claws). The people left me alone, so I left them alone. I didn’t look at them as a food source, nor with any hatred over the past humans who had tortured me. These humans where nice to me. Many smiled at me when I walked by. It took several years of walking amongst them but I learned how to speak. Soon after I managed to befriend some people who taught me how to read and write.

After another 2 years of this life style, scientist who had known of me hunted me down. They too where dealt a quick death. As a result of this though I left the city back to the wilderness. I knew that I couldn’t stay in the city and hope to keep my friends safe, so returning to the wilderness was my only option. Nowadays I keep to a low profile. Only venturing to the city to replace my clothing.

(Affinity: Bad)
Dark Coyote
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