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Character Rules

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Character rules


Each character is someone who has either been born with, or has come into, a unique superpower. By now the characters, with a few exceptions, have developed their core ability to a reasonable extent. These superpowered people have split into two factions, heroes and villains. The heroes and villains are facing off against each other, the villains to dominate the world; the heroes to save it.

As the game moves on characters can grow and evolve their powers, when moderators agree to the growth. Each growth is an evolution of the base power and not something entirely new.

Players can also have arch nemeses whom they tend to combat, or cross paths with most often. This allows for character dynamics and individual goals. As well as arcs that are contained between the two, and other involved, characters.

Heroes versus Villains
When each of you have registered, you have decided on an alignment. Both alignments have their own boards for plotting and scheming, that the other side cannot view. Also, on the bottom of the homepage, you will find a chat room that all players can chat in that will allow us to discuss anything and argue any point. DO NOT discuss secret plans in the chat, spoiling plans may encourage God-modding, which is frowned upon.

In Character
When you play, you are in character, you only know what your character knows, so please jump into your alignment forums and share info with each other about what each of you may know about one another. By doing this, it allows us to have predetermined relationships with each other, share anything that you feel your allies should know about you right off the start. It is okay to tell your allies that they know nothing of you yet. You will know little to nothing of your opponents at the beginning. If you have just started the game you are allowed to read old posts but your in game character will not have any of that knowledge.

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