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Sol: Son of Ra

Post  Sol on Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:29 am

Name: Sol
Power: Solar Manipulation
Gender: Male
Age: Not Applicable

Alpha Class Skills -
Solar Beam - Generate beam of solar energy, generates heat, but does not generate fire until Superior Class. Cannot be immediately fatal until Superior Class. Can maim, or sever limbs by Alpha Class.

Novice Class Skills -
Solar Flare - Generate a blinding flash of light to stun opponents. Can be avoiding by covering eyes with hands and turning away from user, which is useful for friends. Duration increases as such Novice: 5 seconds, Alpha 10 seconds, Superior: 20 seconds, Master: 30 seconds.

1. Solar Form - User becomes a being of solar energy, taking this form allows flight, also making the user impervious to fire.

2. Solar Output - Passive Skill: Generate solar energy to power solar powered devices or solar panels.

3. Protostar - Create a small star or sun. This sun may take a moment or two to create, depending on the size. The size variation is: Novice: 2 feet Diameter; Alpha: 5 feet in diameter, or generates two Novice sized stars; Superior: 15 feet in diameter, or generates three Novice sized or two Alpha sized stars; Master: 50 feet in diameter, or generates four Novice sized or three Alpha sized or two Superior sized stars. All stars cause a destructive diameter twice the diameter of the star. Can kill at Superior class, enemy must roll a 6-10 to survive at Superior or 8-10 at Master.

4. Solar Storm - Generate solar energy in a gust of wind that surrounds the user in a 15 foot radius. This skill becomes a 30 foot radius at Superior. Cannot kill human life until Master, but kills all life surrounding the user. Player opponents must roll a 6-10 to survive the storm if they do not flee it at Master.

5. Magnetic Disruption - Generate solar energy that disables electronics. This skill begins as a 15 foot radius around the user, becomes 30 foot at Superior and 50 foot at Master. At Novice level, the devices are disabled for 5 minutes, Alpha for ten minutes, Superior and beyond, the effect is permanent until repaired.

My name... My name isn't important, but if you must call me something please call me Sol.

Many heroes, and villains, have interesting origins. Experimentation, training, hell, even complete accidents. Mine was far less interesting... predetermined even.

You see, my family has a heritage that can be traced thousands of years back. Back to the time of Pyramids and pharaohs. Each generation, an individual would be chosen to receive the power of Ra, a tremendous power given only to those truly worthy. My line has long been the pool from which the sun god has selected their champion.

At my birth my parents beheld a sign, Ra in true form came to them. He said, "This child, will become my champion, he will use my light to diffuse the darkness that encroaches upon this earth. Keep him safe, until he is called." And with that the room erupted in a flash of light and Ra had disappeared.

Years passed as I grew up a normal earth child's life, for the most part. I wasn't permitted to go on trips alone, or even attend public school. Instead I was taught by an ever changing selection of teachers, that seemed to come as fast as they had gone.

On my 16th birthday, the mark of Ra appeared on my shoulder. Not long until Ra came to announce his champion. My parent's knew they did not have much longer with me. The bestowal would change me, make me more than human. I would never be the same again. My father tried to hide my mother's face in his chest, but I saw tears that day. Tears of sadness.

On my 18th birthday, everything changed. My parents took me to the sacred grounds, and as the clock wound down an energy gathered in the air. The sun neared its peak, and the air erupted and in a flash, stood the sun god. Heat pouring from his every breath.

"It is time." each syllable spewing fire, a massive hand outreached.
I bowed my head, and turned to Ra, grasping his palm, my hand like a twig in the Sun Gods.

"It is done." flame bursting forth. A surge of heat overwhelmed my body, my mind. I collapsed to the ground, a great fire taking hold deep within.

I looked to my parent's, clenching tightly to each other, tears streaming down their faces. I knew I would never feel their love again, not like before. And upon that mountain, I shed tears for the last time.

A single tear ran down my cheek before being engulfed in flame.

The was so intense. An inferno began swirling about me.


I stood as my bones cracked in and out of place, searing orbs replacing once human eyes, lava coursing through my veins. Every fiber of my being burning away, cleansing me of my human limitations, my body.

And suddenly it stopped. Everything stopped.

Ra stood inspecting his champion, "You are my finest yet. You require one thing, and the process will be complete... What do you wish to be called?"

I quickly kneeled before my master, bowing my head. "Call me... Sol."

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