New Rules, Revamp

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New Rules, Revamp

Post  Epoch on Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:27 am

Greetings players,

Welcome back to Real Heroes. We have had a long summer off and now we are preparing for a full school year of playing. But, before we can start there are some new rules accompanying this revamp. ALL PLAYERS MUST READ THE FOLLOWING RULES BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO PLAY.
  • All players who DO NOT announce that they will be playing within seven days (Monday, September 4) will be subject to elimination.
  • To begin, all players MUST read all of the previously listed rules, as well as this set of new rules.
    • If the old rules clash with this new set, assume that all statements within this post overwrite the old rules.

  • All players are subject to deletion of posts or rewriting posts if within violation of the rules.
  • Board locking WILL BE mandatory if game rules have been violated.
  • All players MUST read all arc postings before posting.
  • Posts will only be required every 48 hours.
    • There will be no tolerance with pushy players forcing others to post before their 48th hour.
    • Players who have failed to post within 48 hours are subject to modding.
    • Unless circumstances require, we ask that each player post no more than three times in a row, be courteous.

  • Significantly modding the playing world MUST be validated by game administrators first.
    • Changing the world around the players or adding items and characters that significantly alter the plot.

In regards to characters, there will be some regulations that will help balance the game. The following MUST be regarded before players can return to the arc.
All players can create a new character to replace their current character, or reboot their current character within seven days (Monday, September 4).
[list][*]Character Bio’s MUST be revised, please review your character sheets and revise them accordingly.
  • Use Epoch as a template.
    • Name your primary power.
    • List all of the skills that you have, and can have.
      • Even undiscovered skills must be listed in your bio.

    • Mark each skill with its level.
    • If you have evolved, separate it from your primary with a line break and list powers exactly as you did with your primary.
    • When skills level, players must edit their bio to reflect the change.
      • Do not be afraid of listing these skills, this pertains only to player knowledge, not character knowledge.

    • An administrator must review all powers and abilities before players may list and/or use them.

  • List your current alignment.
    • Hero or villain.

  • We are removing concentration or focus skills.
    • Passive abilities that buff your power usage.
    • It causes cheap leveling and takes time from character interaction.


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