Wyvern: The Dragon Blooded

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Wyvern: The Dragon Blooded

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Born and raised in a rural town in Wisconsin, Tyler Flux was just a normal 16 year old boy. He played almost every sport there was with great ease. He had many friends, a loving family, and even a plan to be a doctor in the future. All this, however, ended on his 17th birthday. He started having growths that resembled spikes sprouting out of his right hand. He would wake up to find his bed sheets blackened and even totally burned, and his back would feel like it was tearing itself apart from the inside out.

Not wanting to alert his family he kept most of this hidden. He went through many pairs of gloves just to hide the ever growing spikes on his hand. He bought a new set of sheets at least once a week. And he attributed his back pain to a pulled muscle from basketball. All this kept him pretty well hidden. But even he knew it couldn’t last…

Affinity: Hero


1. Enhanced Strength – Not super strength, however the user has the strength of three men combined. The user can lift boulders and perform feats that would usually be undoable for a normal individual. It also works in combat. – Passive

2. Retractable Claws – The user can retract or extract a set of dragon-like claws, which replace segments of the user’s fingers. These claws can rip through steel and make butter of flesh. – Alpha Class

3. Fire Breathing – The user emits a belch of fire from his or her mouth, it burns. – Novice Class

4. Dragon Wings – Dragon wings are exactly that, wings that protrude from the user’s back. Through Novice and Alpha Classes, this skill provides enhanced acrobatics. At Superior and above this skill provides sustainable flight. – Undiscovered

5. Dermal Armor – The user creates scale armor over his or her body that is perfectly resistant to fire and intense heat. This armor becomes a defense for the user and can be stacked three times. In first stage it is simple scales, at second stage the user’s scales grow larger and thicker with spines that protect the user from most physical attacks but halves the users speed, at third stage the user’s wings surround him or her and create an egg-like structure that protects the user from nearly all damage, however he or she is immobilized. - Undiscovered


1. Takes time to control if the user is a beginner
2. Size could be an issue

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