Level Up, Total Evolution and Multiple Techniques

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Level Up, Total Evolution and Multiple Techniques

Post  Epoch on Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:30 pm

Everyone has been talking about Evolution. Do you want to? Should you? Maybe it's not entirely what you're looking for. Currently, we are allowing each character to harness three superpowers, with up to ten skills in each (Maximum of 30 skills). The way that Evolution woks is simple:

A player starts with a Superpower that he or she was given by the randomizer link. Once the player has gotten all of his or her chosen skills to Alpha Class he or she has become a candidate for Evolution.

As a candidate, the player can choose any power they wish from the site listing the powers. There are two strings however. String 1: The player must come up with a logical, or reasonable explanation as to how the character evolved such power. String 2: The player must have the power passed by administration before Evolving.

This process is called the First Evolution. After all of the player's chosen skills from his or her First Evolution have reached Alpha the process repeats one more time causing a Second Evolution. This is where our new complimentary system comes in. This system is named Total Evolution.

Many players have spoken to me that they are not entirely interested in Evolving and I can appreciate that. To the players with that in mind, Evolution is not mandatory, however, it is mandatory if you do seek to have a Perfect Skill. Perfect Skills are a reward, and it is my apology that if you choose to remain unevolved you will not have the privilege of growing Perfect Skills.

Another suggestion has grown and it has become the basis of the new system being called Level Up. Level up diverts from the usual Total Evolution tree after the First Evolution. A player who has chosen the path of Level Up will still gain a First Evolution, however their option that replaces Second Evolution is Level 2.

A player who is following this path get's something a little interesting. When they have become a candidate for Level 2, he or she will communicate with an administrator and work out a list of up to ten new skills that are Combination Skills. these skills combine attributes from both of the player's superpowers, allowing them to focus more on personal growth and not the growth of a third pool.

There are pros and cons for both decisions. When a player chooses Total Evolution, he or she is open to three pools of up to thirty skills that give him or her an array of diverse powers. On the other hand, when Level Up is chosen the player gets two diverse powers with a pool of up to twenty skills, but he or she can be more creative by helping create up to ten new skills combined from their original twenty. Something good to remember is that both paths can earn Perfect Skills when the character is ready.

I realize that some players may find this restricting, but it is necessary if we want to keep a strong balance. Also I feel that restrictions do not inhibit creativity, rather they embrace it. A creative player will be able to work dynamically within any restriction.

When the opportunity arises we will work out how Level 3 works. Currently Second Evolution and Level 2 are the end of both trees.

To brighten this thought, there is another new aspect called Multiple Techniques. A Multiple Technique requires two or more players. Properly dubbed, a Double Tech requires two players, a Tripple Tech requires three and so on. Mutiple Techniques are not permanent skills, however they can be performed more than once.

When two or more characters work together they can take one of each of player's skills and combine them. All Multiple Techniques have the success rate of an Alpha skill and when successful the players a rewarded one Skill Point toward the skill used to create the Multiple Technique.

I hope these prospects can be exciting news for all of you. Finally, each player, after First Evolution is requires to announce on their Bio Page which path he or she will choose. Thank you all for playing and participating.

Dylan and the Administration Staff.

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