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From the desk of General Cranigg Jones.

This man is to be considered armed and dangerous at all times.

Name: Azriel Darksky

Age: 20

Appearance: About 6 feet tall. Seems to be about 170 pounds. Has a fair complexion a bit on the pale side. Long black hair. Well toned muscular structure. Wears black pants that fit loose around the legs a white t-shirt with a white long coat with silver accents on it. His eyes are a deep blue that seem to stare right through ones soul if he looks you in the eyes.

Known Aliases: Kaze: by the people whom he meets on his journey. Base Jumper: by the government because he jumped out of planes without a parachute.

Azriel grew up in a family that had a lot of dealings with the Government. His father, Desmond, got them a job as security guards at a government archaeology site. Desmond and his family were set to guard 4 points at the site and when they arrived they were yelled at for bringing two children along. Desmond and Trisha, his wife, just laughed at the people who had hired them. They told the children to show them their skills. Azriel and his older sister did as they were told and fired their guns at specially placed targets. After the demonstration was complete the men did not question the children being there.

On the second day of the family's stay at the site Desmond found a package outside the trailer him and his family were staying in. He took it inside and opened it. Inside was a mysterious artifact that he could not remember seeing in the collection. He told his family not to touch it and that he would take it in that night.

That time would not come for the family early enough. They began to see strange things and soon realized that it was not fatigue causing these visions but the artifact itself. They went to the room it had been stored in but could not find it.

When their shift came they went to their posts without question. While at their posts they all began to feel strange. They began to work much faster than they thought was possible. Desmond discovered he could manipulate wind and fire and began to get angry at nothing in particular. Natasha, Azriel's sister, found out she could control fire like their father but not the wind. Azriel tried but could not do any kind of control that he could tell. Trisha was able to work with electronics or more specifically she could program scenarios and hack computers faster than she could before she also discovered she could summon a magic bow. Desmond was able to summon a large broadsword, Natasha could summon a revolver, and Azriel a desert eagle.

Once they finished their job they got employed by the military doing dangerous assignments that no one else would want. On a mission to Egypt the government betrayed them causing Desmond to finally snap and kill his family. Trisha was the first to get killed as the demon inside Desmond took control. The siblings ran for their lives while summoning their guns for protection. They were not fast enough and were caught. During the fight they moved over a bridge that was less than safe. Desmond was too much for the now teenagers and overpowered Natasha, first he broke her revolver and then he killed her by running her through. Azriel finally lost his head and did the only thing he could think of, he grabbed his sister's gun and ran for the other end of the bridge to shoot the supports and send the demon possessed Desmond to his grave. Desmond saw the boy run in fear and tried to stop him by throwing a fireball at him. Azriel saw it coming and did the only thing he could think of, he jumped. The jump however was higher than he usually could jump, he managed to jump a total of 10 feet into the air and cleared the fireball and the bridge. The fireball destroyed the bridge and sent Desmond to the bottom of the canyon.

Azriel decided to become invisible as best he could. He found a way back to America and began to travel with nothing but his backpack and his guns, one of which is his sister's and remains broken and unusable to this day, for some unknown reason it does not disappear since it was summoned 2 years ago by what Azriel assumes is magic.

Alignment: Villian

Current Powers:

Wall Crawling: The user can cling to walls and crawl like a sipper. - Passive

Atmospheric Adaptation: The user can survive in any atmosphere besides under water and space. - Passive.

Specialized Weapon Manipulation: The user can summon a .50 caliber enchanted gun. The gun can support any .50 caliber round as well as any enchanted round. - Alpha Class

Arial Jump: The user can jump to great heights with a sudden non-lethal burst of air. 10 feet at Novice, 30 feet at Alpha, 50 feet at Superior and 70 feet at Master. - Alpha Class

Demonic Aura Claws: The user can extract and retract a set of magically induced claws strong enough to rip through steel. They extend from tattoos and replace the user's hand with clawed demonic hands. - Novice Class

Arial Travel: The user can fly and levitate using non-lethal wind energy. At Novice Class the user can propel oneself for three seconds, at Alpha the user can propel oneself for ten seconds, at Superior the user can sustain flight for any duration. -Undiscovered

Air Cutter: The user creates a blade out of the air and hurls it at the enemy. This is not lethal until Superior Class. - Undiscovered

Whirlwind: The user can create a damaging whirlwind around him or herself and damage enemies and the surroundings. This is a vehicle and cannot be used in tandem with any other air attack. The user floats just above the ground while this is active and moves at a running speed while hovering. - Undiscovered

Smashing Blast: This technique allows the user to send a quick strike of energy at a opponent or object to cause knock-back as well as damage, or destroy objects. - Undiscovered

I do not own the avatar picture nor do I profit from it.


OOC This is a list of things my character has gained throughout the morning. All of the items I have listed here have been authorized by the admins. If you have a problem with them don't yell at me ask nicely to have the issue evaluated. Thank you.


Claw hammer

AR Number 5 is ready for use on single round burst with 15 rounds


The duct tape

Icy Hot

2 Road Flairs

Car Cigarette Lighter

A letter from one of the soldiers girlfriend with a photo included

1 mag light

Field Medical kit

Total bullet count per clip is 30.

Clip 1 is empty

Clip 2 has 15 rounds. In AR number 5

Clip 3 has 30 rounds.

Clip 4 has 30 rounds.

Clip 5 has 30 rounds.

A broken revolver that belonged to his sister.

Duct Tape Bandoleer:

2 Combat knives

2 frag grenades

(Affinity: Bad)

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