Sol, an Ending of Valor

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Sol, an Ending of Valor

Post  Sol on Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:31 pm

The Hill
Saturday Morning

He never really meant to leave his new comrades, however, Sol had heard Ra calling him. Sometimes it seemed that Ra only came to him telepathically. Never before had the call seemed so dramatic or urgent.

Ra was the sun god, and it was true that he not only guided the world with light and warmth, but he inhabited the sun itself. Sol had inherited his power from a chain of power that he never truly understood and he always knew that someday he would not reside with the NSS any longer. It was a fleeting gig that Ra had told him to follow. The god was convinced that Sol would be given the opportunity to grow if surrounded by the good of the NSS.

The world was in a troubled time and Sol could not foresee the events about to unfold before him. He stood now on a grassy hill, in the dark, staring at the moon. Why now, why this moment, this place, he thought. It was odd to receive the call in the evening, and even more odd that he was so far south, he was in Central America. The flight had been astonishing, it was as if he had become a shooting star himself.

It was named Sol, the sun of our marvelous solar system, and most people knew that, but very few knew that Ra was the correct name. The sun was still hidden in this wee hour, and Sol, the man, pondered when he would see his patron.

A voice whispered softly, "You stand on sacred land, my son."

Sol knew this voice to be Ra's and he took up his breath, "I understand this to be ancient land, once cultivated by ancient people."

"Long before my name was uttered by the Egyptians, long before the Mayans and the Aztecs, this place was grounds to meet the brothers from above. The first two were myself and my infant son, Thoth. Many know Thoth as the moon. We delivered order and good fortune to the ancient people here, but I warned them. This Earth has been ravaged by destruction and destructive beings countless times before them. I may not have been the most kind, but I was the least dreadful of this world." Ra said at length.

"I know many tales of your lore, my masterful mentor, what should I learn this morning?" Sol asked.

Before Sol appeared a ghastly apparition, it was the embodiment of Ra. Usually Ra shone with a brilliant light that could not be overcome, yet now he seemed a ghost.

"What is the matter?" Sol asked rather abruptly.

"Simply, my son," I am dying, Ra said completely. He shifted to look up to his son Thoth, the moon, "If you stood at the vantage point upon my son's shoulders you would see that one of the most belligerent and malignant races in this universe has returned to the world that I have shone over for eternities."

Sol was overcome with concern and he removed his mask, showing a grimace upon his glowing face, "Should I stand upon the shoulders of Thoth?"

"Go now," Ra nodded, "Present yourself, pure and nude to the surface of my son and you will be greeted by the void with no harm done to you."

Sol agreed and removed his protective suit. It existed mostly to protect others from Sol's heat and radiation. He took to the air and sped toward Thoth, Ra closely followed him.

"I have seen this terrible race bring death and tyranny to the people of the planet that I have watched over many times. Each time it ached me and my family wept." Sol listened intently as he flew and Ra continued, "That is why I chose this generation of man to have you, a surrogate son and brother of Thoth. You were sent to fight back these demons and protect mankind."

"I know my place in this endeavor called mankind," replied Sol, "but where is my place in saving you?"

"That I will answer when you reach my son." Ra said fading into the void of space. Sol knew he was still with him, but this portion of the trip would have to be made solo. He was surprised, however, that the void did not destroy him as it would a normal living creature, instead it embraced him as it would Ra.

It took a nearly thirty minutes, but Sol landed on the shoulders of Thoth. Ra now reappeared.

"Sol, my child, look toward my celestial body."

Sol looked to the sun where he could see a green beam sucking at the surface like a straw. At the receiving end of the straw was a small looking ship, small compared to the sun.

"Reptiles," Ra said disgusted. "Sadly, they have overcome their need for my warmth and have learned to be guided only by the stars and moonlight. They do not require the moon, however, and nor do the require me. This species has decided to destroy me and all the light that illuminates the dark of the earth in order to take it for their own. No matter what terror they brought upon the denizens of your planet the gods were always able to combat them and rescue the planet."

"Why do the gods not fight back?" Sol asked inquisitively.

"My friend, most of the gods have fled this universe for one filled more with those who believe. The gods that remain reply heavily on the mortals they empower. These are hard times and now I am dying. And if my light does not remain to illuminate my son, Thoth, he will die as well. You must stope these villains." Muttered Ra.

"How?" Sol said sharply.

"Travel now, to my core, I will welcome you, and teach you something you never knew before."

Sol nodded as the sickly looking Ra disappeared again. Sol ascended from Thoth's shoulders and took flight at a great speed toward the sun. He saw the alien ship and could not tear his eyes away from it.

"Do not make any mind of them, Sol, they are greedy and preoccupied." Ra reassured him.

Sol agreed and made haste into a small, minute, opening on the sun's surface. It was hot but then that was to be expected. The pressure was great, but the sun accepted Sol. It accelerated, however, things seemed to become more dense and harder to withstand as he rapidly reached the core.

At the center, Sol could see only the burning of Ra's power, and a green sickle like energy that was cutting away at Ra's marvelous insides. "What now?!" Sol shouted angrily.

"Sol, my child of Earth. This is where you will experience a great change. You will be able to drive this wicked race out, once and for all. Destroy them and redeem my power." Ra shouted in return. The core was alive with a cacophony of sound.

"I shall! Teach me how." Sol said with determination.

"Spread yourself open. Throw your limbs outward like a star and close your eyes. feel your energy coursing with mine. Feel the Earth, spinning below you, my son, Thoth, spinning with you. Feel the energy of all of the people that you walked among, feel everything. The stars and the void. Feel the reptiles and again, feel me. Push your energy outward, interlace it with mine. Hold it tight and never let go."

Sol Felt his being weave itself with the Ra, with the sun, it was bizarre and magnificent. "What now, Master Ra?"

"Now let go of your mortality. Feel yourself the way you were born and allow your mortal form to burn in embers," Ra said coldly.

"But I will die!" Sol shouted.

"Do it or we all die!" Ra reiterated.

"Fine!" Sol shouted. He felt his energy tear away from his mortal coils and he screamed in instantaneous agony. Before he could feel his body slip free it disintegrated into flames. The pain was nonexistent as well as immense. How could he still be alive.

"My body and my godly spark now allow you to hold together." Ra stated.

"I have your body?!" Sol shouted in wonder.

"Yes, you do," Ra started with a cold tone, "Take care of the Earth, warm its people and life. Take care of the void, let you light travel far. Take care of my domain and hold these planets together with truth. Take care of my son, as a surrogate father."

"What?!" Sol shouted practically in as much anger as wonder.

"I will expend my massive energy to drive these reptiles out of this existence. The Earthlings may now call their sun, Sol, for that is it's true name." With the final word said, Ra exploded, and all of the energy of that nearly eternal star short toward the reptiles ship, disintegrating it like Sol's mortal body. The energy then soared toward the reptiles home planet, reaching it hundreds of years from now, erasing it from history.

Oklahoma City
Sunnylane Park
Saturday Morning
7:09 AM CT

The sun shined brightly in the morning sky, illuminating a great victory for Epoch and Aquilo. Sol knew that Epoch would make it without him, he also knew that he was now the true guardian and guiding light of Earth.

The sun, Sol.

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