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Nimo Jin

Post  Nimo on Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:59 pm

Name: Nimo Jin (birth name undisclosed)

Born May 25th, 1997

Power: Velocity manipulation
  • Direction manipulation (Alpha): The user can change the direction, but the target retains its velocity. This skill can work on the user. At Novice it can affect one target, at Alpha two targets, at Superior four targets, and at Master eight targets.

    Super Speed (Novice): The user can move at a great speed. At Novice the user moves at twice normal human speed, at Alpha the user moves four times, at Superior eight times and at Master 16.

    Stop Velocity (Passive): This skill only works on the user. The user can negate his or her own velocity.

    Borrowed Velocity (Undiscovered): The user can take a velocity from any target and transfer it to him or herself, or any other target. (take one thing’s velocity and make it your own/another’s)

    Object Speed Manipulation (Undiscovered): The user can add or subtract speed from any given target. At Novice Class the user can increase or reduce the target’s speed by 1.5, At Alpha the speed can be doubled or halved, at Superior the speed is quadrupled or quartered, at Master the speed is multiplied by eight or reduced to one eighth.

Limitations: Powers tire the user out quickly at first; this effect is reduced with sufficient practice.

Aligned: Hero

Bio: Nimo has a somewhat dysfunctional family, but not to the extent of many of the families people see nowadays. His mother is the dominant figure in the family. Maiden name Martha Grant, she is a very no-nonsense woman in both her profession and in her family life. Wielding a doctorate of theology and her hard-won connections as her tools, she has forged an image for herself in the world with her recent and popular Christian novels, both of which were New York Times bestsellers. Nimo feels alienated by such a powerful, businesslike woman, but compounding the problem is his passive, weak-willed father Guillermo. Possibly frustrated by his wife eclipsing him in several ways, the man (a banker) buries himself in his work, though with less of a calculating efficiency than his wife takes with her business. Nimo’s older brother, Mathias, ignores him and the rest of the family as much as possible, simply trying to live a normal teenage life as a Senior in high school. When gathered at the dinner table on the rare occasions when Guillermo is home from work before 10, you would have trouble cutting through the tension with a knife. In all honesty, this family is a time bomb just waiting to happen.

Now throw a quiet, but spirited boy like Nimo into this equation. He has no trouble keeping himself entertained with some of the nice things his family can afford thanks to their choice financial status; however, he spends a lot of time going on day-long sojourns on the mountainous terrain outside of town. He is also very fond of drawing, and his grades in school are decent (besides English class). Occasionally though, bullies and their ilk mercilessly harasses Nimo for his quietness and lack of friends…

As things currently stand, Nimo has been wandering the country for a few months, picking up the occasional odd job but mostly supporting himself with his well-funded savings account his parents had made for him. He never stays in an area for more than a couple weeks, and he isn’t really sure what objective he has besides to see the country and, maybe, find someone to tell him what is going on with his powers.

(Affinity: Good)

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Re: Nimo Jin

Post  Rixil on Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:04 pm

Merry Christmas, Nimo!

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