Le's Men: Gregory and Daniel

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Le's Men: Gregory and Daniel

Post  Tang Le on Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:25 pm

Gregory Carrington

Gregory is/was the driver and personal guard of Le before his run into/ run from the police. While his lineage boasts of wealth, he still managed to end up working for Xiao Tian Tang (in the proper Chinese that is 唐蕭田) Origionally, he worked as the personal guard of Song Dai Tang-Cai (唐蔡宋戴), Le's mother. When she disappeared, he was switched to protecting the young Le. Recently revealed to Le, he does in fact have powers. Unbeknownst to Le, his skill is called Amorphous Physiology in which his body becomes a jelly-like substance. Because of this, he has slight shape-shifting abilities. Not to the point where he can become something else, just change the size and shape of his body (he always has the same about though, obviously). With that, if parts of his body become seperated, he can still control them as long as he can see them. Because of the shape-shifting-esque of his body, he is able to create and control tentacles. He also can't be killed conventially; bullets, stabbing, and slicing would be nullified. He is also able to suffocate his victims if he encases them within his body. He is weak to intense climate changes: heat make him lose his shape and, if hot enough, causes him to evaporate, and ice has obvious immobility side-affects. He is also succeptable to being sucked up by vacuums and if too much foreign liquid is mixed with his liquid-state body, he can lose control over motor functions.


Daniel Riggs

Daniel worked for Henry's Helicopter Hayday just outside of Oklahoma City after finishing both the private and commercial programs at Midwest Helicopter in Chesterfield, MO. He moved to Oklahoma City not only for the job offer, but to closer to his parents. His mother developed breast cancer and ended up losing the battle. His father, not able to survive without her, commited suicide a month later. Daniel's only sibling, and older brother, died in a car accident in his late teens. Aside from all the misery of lost loved ones, Daniel had always been picked on as a child, so he often kowtows to others. However, he took karate lessons with his older brother as his father's solution to all the teasings, and he also learned how to handle a gun while at Midwest Helicopter. He has a liscence to carry a handgun. He is also a skilled mechanic and can fix any vehicle put infront of him.

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