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Tolpki: Comically Aware

Post  Tolpki on Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:41 am

Tolpki has spent the last five and a half hours in Ashworth Hospital, one of the few remaining high security psychiatric hospitals remaining in the world. "That's in Merseyside, England, folks." announces Tolpki to the audience.
He was interned at 6:30pm 12, Jan. 2012 due to sudden and violent schizophrenia.

"I'm not really crazy. I've just got powers I said, wiggling my bloodstained fingers at the the orderly restraining me." He said aloud to the audience, at this time the white wall in front of him.

Tolpki's powers are listed as such:
Comic Awareness

1. Comic Awareness - The user can never disable this skill. The user can sense that he or she is apart of a forum-based roleplaying game. The user knows what is going on throughout the forum, all boards. This comes into the character's mind and may be shared however he or she wishes. This does, however, causes the user to be considered odd by others and will gradually cause madness in the user. - Passive

Cartoon Physics

1. Primary Physics - The user is subject to all of the following: Extreme Inertia; The user may fall at a higher speed than terminal velocity, Antagonal Impairment; features get temporarily and violently rearranged, Death Escape; though damaging, attacks do not kill the character, Opening Fanfare; the user may cause music upon appearance, Cliff Suspension; the user may be suspended in air until he or she notices they stepped off a cliff, Pow!; the user may make a crater in the ground when smashed, Flattened; the user may get flattened when attacked, Umbrella; the character may have an umbrella to fall slowly, Pocket Dimension; the character may have pocket that can hold anything. All of these skills are passive, but the skill levels, for each level gained the user adds two more to his or her list of passives.

4. Animation - The user can animate certain things. At Novice the user can make escape portals, at Alpha traps are added, at Superior the user can create weapons, at Master the user can create weak automatons.

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