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My name is Sumara Ali. I’m told my father is of Middle East decent, but I’ve never met the man, nor actually heard his real name. My mother tells me she met him in travels, and they married, but he left shortly after I was born on account of family problems. She didn’t go with him because she wasn’t Muslim. That was the cause of the family problems. So I grew up in her laboratory. She’s not the most ethical person; she often tried experiments out on me when deemed “unsafe” for test subjects. So I have to defend her often. Not that I actually love her, but she is my only family. Her name is Carol Lily and I’m pretty sure she’s an ABC, but she won’t tell me about her past before my father, so I can’t really be sure.

It may seem inhumane to use your only child for science experiments, but early on my mother noticed something special about me. I’m more extraordinary than most children. I have this power when I get hurt. So, when things proved unethical to use on normal test subjects, my mother would test things on me and not only get information for her research, but also for my powers. I may not agree with her methods, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

Pain Empowerment
Pain Threshold: The user has a measured pain threshold. This pain is channeled to create superhuman skills. This is Passive, however, it does have a level. At each level the pain threshold becomes greater. At Level 1 the threshold is 10, at Level 2 the threshold is 20, at level 3 the threshold is 30, at four it is 40. Each time the user is injured, he or she adds a pain counter. It takes healing, use, or, ten minutes for each counter to expire. To gain a level the user must consume a certain amount of Threshold Points. To get to Level 2 the user must consume 20, for Level 3 the user must consume 30, for Level 4 the user must consume 40. If the user reaches the threshold, he or she passes out for ten minutes. There are three variances for wounds inflicted by others, scratch/surface wound equal 1 point, non-mortal wounds are 3, and mortal are 5. Fatalities affect this character normally. - Passive

Enhanced Strength: The user transforms pain counters into immense strength. To use, the user must declare that he or she is using the skill, and how many counters he or she intends on using. When using one counter the user doubles his or her strength, when using two the user quadruples his or her strength (easily breaking bones and concrete), when using three counters the user becomes eight times stronger (obliterating bone, lifting most vehicles), when using four the user becomes 16 times stronger (lifting all vehicles, smashing most things), when using five or more the user becomes immensely powerful (massive destruction, stopping trains, etc.). This is, however, limited to one minute of strength, regardless of points used. – Passive

Enhanced Speed: The user transforms pain counters into immense speed. To use, the user must declare that he or she is using the skill, and how many counters he or she intends on using. When using one skill point the user's running speed doubles (about 20m/hr), using two it quadruples (40m/hr), using three the user moves eight times quicker (80m/hr), using four the user becomes 16 times quicker (160m/hr), when using 5 the user becomes immensely fast (about 300 m/hr). This is, however, limited to two minutes of speed, regardless of points used. – Passive

Psychokinesis: The user concentrates Threshold Points to telepathically move objects. The user can push or pull target objects. The size of the object is determined by the level of the skill. At Novice the user can move small objects no bigger than two feet diameter, at Alpha the user can move things no larger than four feet diameter, at Superior the user can move objects 8 feet in diameter (even people), at Master the user can move objects 16 feet in diameter. This skill uses up different amounts for different objects. Novice class objects require three points, Alpha class objects require six points, Superior class objects require 12 points, Master class requires 24 points. The ability to move these objects lasts one minute.--Alpha

Combustion: The user spends Threshold Points to cause combustion. This can be used to start engines, as well as igniting targets. At Novice the user can ignite one target, at Alpha two targets, at Superior four targets, at Master eight targets. To ignite one target it costs 5 Threshold Points, to ignite 2 costs 10 TP, to ignite 4 costs 20 TP, to ignite 8 costs 30 TP. --Unknown

Levitation: The user can spend Threshold Points to fly. The duration of the flight is determined by how many TP the user spends. The level of the skill also affects the cost of the skill. At Novice it costs two TP/minute of flight, at Alpha it costs 1 TP/minute, at Superior 1 TP/2 minutes, at Master 1 TP/4 minutes.--Novice

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