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Re: Modeling Clay

Post  Mire on Tue May 01, 2012 10:49 pm

Dr. Weird’s Lab
Sub Level 3 Section 2
Mire’s Training Room

Mire walked up one of the last two pendulums left. He reached up and grabbed it, stopping its swinging. A moment later with a mighty tug he ripped it out of the ceiling. But before he could drop it something happened. The pendulum became one with his right arm. It was amazing it had really become his left arm.

“This is perfect, with this father will be even more pleased.” He then took a swing at the remaining pendulum’s base shattering it bringing it down. After that he just swung at the remaining obstacles in the room clearing it.

When he was done the pendulum that grafted to his arm dropped to the ground and his arm went back to normal.

“Well done Mire, Dr. Weird will be pleased with your improvements.” Said Steve from the ceiling.

“Steve, can we go another round?”


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