Legion: The Power of Many

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Legion: The Power of Many

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Description: Mayn "Legion" Gadaneres

Description: 21 year old 5'10" man from Oklahoma City.


  • Goodness Consumption: -Alpha
    The user gains strength from the goodness of those around him or her. This does not harm those he or she draws from. The goodness is accumulated as Good Points (GP). The downside is that these points can be reduced by Amoral Points (AP). The amount of points absorbed each use is determined by the target's goodness. Pure characters give two GP, Good characters give one GP, Neutral characters grant nothing, Bad characters grant 1 AP, Evil characters grant 2 AP. At Novice Class the user can hold five points and must touch characters to absorb, at Alpha the user can hold ten points and absorbs from up to a ten foot radius, at Superior the user can hold twenty points and absorbs from up to a twenty foot radius, at Master the user can hold thirty points and absorb from up to a thirty foot radius.

  • Super Strength: -Novice
    The user gains enhanced strength. To use this skill the user must sacrifice GP to use. At Novice the character gains the strength of five men for one minute, sacrificing two points; at Alpha the user can gain the strength of ten men, sacrificing five points, regardless the user remains strong for two minutes; at Superior the user can be as strong as twenty men, sacrificing ten points, regardless the user remains strong for five minutes, at Master the user can be as strong as thirty men, sacrificing twenty points, regardless the user remains strong for ten minutes. The user can cancel the power whenever.

  • Super Speed:
    The user can turn GP into speed. At Novice the user sacrifices three points to double his or her speed (about 20m/hr), at Alpha the user can sacrifice six points to quadruple speed (about 40 m/hr), at Superior the user can sacrifice twelve points to move eight times quicker (80 m/hr), at Master the user can sacrifice twenty-four points to move sixteen times quicker (160 m/hr). Regardless this skill lasts for three minutes.

  • Regeneration:
    The user can sacrifice GP to heal. At Novice the user can sacrifice five points to recover minor injuries, at Alpha the user can sacrifice ten points to recover all not maiming wounds, at Superior the user can sacrifice fifteen points to heal all maiming wounds that do not sever limbs, at Master the user can sacrifice twenty points to regrow limbs. This only works on oneself.

  • Multiplied Power: -Passive(Not Unlocked)
    This skill is unlocked once all previous skills. The user now doubled points absorbed when using Goodness Consumption.


Meanwhile in Oklahoma City, October 13th 1990. . .

A woman looks down at her new born baby boy, a smile sown across her face, “Mayn, I want to name him Mayn”. The father, standing aside her, replies with a grin. To their surprise Mayn grabbed his mother’s finger and squeezed, Helen could already tell that her child had the strength of both his parents. You see, unknowingly Mayn had been born into a word of extraordinary circumstance, for he was and still is the son of 2 Super Heroes.

* * *

20 years in the future and Mayn is asleep in his bed, Helen (his mother) was making breakfast down stairs. The aroma of toast and butter danced into the room and Mayn’s nose twitched. Helen insisted on toast in the morning; Mayn, however, sided with his father on this front and preferred straight coffee and bacon. “He’s got his father’s tongue”, Helen would always say, whether it was said about his vulgar outbursts or his bizarre eating habits we can never be sure.

In the middle of chewing, a knock was bestowed on the lovely door of the Gadaneres’ home. “NSS open up!”. The shock of that name chills the very air in the house. The door swings open, “Hush yourself! You are a past life! One I don’t plan to bring our son into!” Helen was outraged. “Ma’am with all due respect that isn’t your decision.”

“So long as he is my son and I have the power, it is!”

“I digress; I have come here to inform you that you have to be moved. The government is planning to imprison all super people.”

“That is outrageous! After all we did, why!?”

“From the governments mouth, ‘Super people, good and bad, have too much over the rest of the nation to handle, if you are allowed to stay as is, you could start a rebellion, take over, and we cannot allow that!’ . I am sorry to be the one to inform you of the grave news Helen, I really am.”

“We can’t. . . I ca….HE CAN’T!”

“Who, Helen?”

“Mayn, I won’t move him, his life is here, and it is here to stay”

“HELEN! You have to choose, either take on the US military, or come with us, this offer is final, you have 3 days.” With that the man was gone with nary a trace left of him. Helen’s face fell flat as she closed the door.

* * *

Over dinner that same night, Doug (Mayn’s father, and Helen’s Husband) leans over his pork and potatoes with his usual life and energy extinguished. “Son, I…we have some bad news.” Mayn looked up, heart held still. “We have to move. . .we have to be out on Sunday”. Shock and horror bubble to fruition within Mayn. “What!? No, why!?”

“It’s a long story but it has to do with our ‘alternative lives”

“What do you mean ‘alternative’ that just sounds nasty.” Taken aback, Doug swallows everything that kept him from speaking the truth to his son in the past. “We, your mother and I that is, are super heroes.” Shock and disbelief are the only truths that Mayn can cling to now.

* * *

Mayn shuffles through his old belongings, things he hadn’t seen in years. “Only the most important things.” The words of his mother echoed in the blank walls of his mind. “I don’t get it, how do am I ‘super’. Why would they keep this from me. . .” Mayn’s hand lands on a framed picture of his girlfriend hold him . . . “Leia, I haven’t even seen here today, how am I going to break this. . .” He took the picture out of its frame and tucked into his back pocket. “Son,” a knock came from the door way. “I think I should go over what your powers ‘could’ be, they very well could be totally different from your mother’s and I, but I’ll go over ours just so you know.” Doug took the chair from the desk and sat down. “When your mo ther and I were in our 20’s we were on the police force, he were on call about a break in at a nuclear factory, after nuclear power was a big thing in the US hippies would break into plants that had shut down and wreck up the place so it wasn’t anything new, however this time as you might expect was a lot different.” He took a breath as he tried to recall that night clearly.

“Dispatch radioed out to our car, we drove up, fence gate wide open. We both saw a light through the front door so we booked it. Don’t ask me what that light was coming from, we never found out. Neither your mother nor I remember what happened after we ran past those doors. A week later we both woke up in a hospital being treated for radiation poisoning.”

“What?! You can’t be serious; you got powers from a nuclear explosion? How cheesy is that, every comic in the world already used that!”

“DAMN IT!” Doug’s fist goes through the desk. “I am serious; after we woke up we began to experience a lot of different things, pain, flashes, and unexplainable happenings. Your mother is able to run faster than cars on the highway, and I am able to flip those same cars off the highway. So you might have a mix of our two powers. Be wary, I don’t know how super children work, I haven’t heard of any others.”

“I. . .I had noticed I was getting stronger, but it was only around you or mom, I thought it was some sappy after school special crap.”

“Well I’ll leave you to mull this all over, sleep tight champ.” And with that Doug slipped out of the room.

* * *

In bed Mayn knew we couldn’t hide, couldn’t run he had his friends, his girlfriend and his life to think about. He loved his parents but right now, he needed time to think, by himself. He took a bag and jumped out his window and ran off down the street.

* * *

Later that night shots rang out in the night and Mayn heard them clear as day. They were coming from his neighborhood. His front door was wide open, splintered off its hinges. “MOM, DAD!?!” Mayn slams through the door, to find 3 men in black outfits, they all turn and see a boy running at them. I am a super hero, I am a super hero, I AM A SUPER HERO! Mayn chants in his head as he bull rushes the 3 and slams them into a wall. “WHERE ARE MY PARENTS?!” The 3 lay lifeless on the floor. With fleet of foot Mayn runs into his parent’s room, everything ransacked, clothes, broken furniture, and garbage clutter the floor. Mayn drops to his knees and starts to weep.

Thwap! Mayn was out.



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