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Post  Bumelia on Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:54 pm

Grew up in Northern Michigan, been moving around looking for her place since 18, discovered by NSS in the outskirts of New Orleans and has been studying there for 2 years.
Discovered powers slowly around the age of 16 when she would sneak off into the woods to find quiet away from unsettling feeling she gets when cooped up in the city for too long.
Found in an abandoned home and brought to the NSS for training of Wood Manipulation, Archery and Marksmanship as well as Hero Basics and she picked up wood sculpting.

Power: Wood Manipulation

1. Splintered Projectiles: The user can mentally break wood into splinters, hurtling them at opponents and targets. At Novice, the user creates many that splinters do minimal, non-armor piercing damage; at Alpha the user refines them into fewer splinters (10 can) that can cause gouges and heavy bleeding, however still unable to pierce armor; at Superior the user refines them further (5 splinters), creating strong tearing, and armor piercing; at Master the user can choose to launch 5 superior splinters or one Master splinter that works as if a sniper round. -Alpha

2. Wooden Armor: The user coats his or her body in wooden armor. At Novice it breaks easily, lasting few techniques and is very susceptible to fire, cutting, and blasts; at Alpha the armor can survive hand-to-hand techniques and will smolder for 30 seconds before being burnt; at Superior the armor provides immunity to electricity and weak blasts, it smolders for 45 seconds; at Master the user is impervious to fire and moderate sized blasts, high powered rounds still penetrate. - Undiscovered

3. Wooden Constructs: The user can create anything he or she can imagine, as long as the proper amount of wood is present. This is great for weaponry and tools. At Novice it is rather weak, and breaks after three uses or attacks; at Alpha it lasts ten uses or attacks; at Superior the user can create blades and sharp edges that last fifteen uses or attacks; at Master the items cannot be broken unless burned or dispatched by the user. - Novice

4. Wooden Affinity: The user is attuned to wood. He or she has no limitation on lifting, or molding wood with his or her hands... aside from time that is. The user has an extensive knowledge of wood. - Passive

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