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Akvo: The Frigid Nomad

Post  Akvo on Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:00 pm

My character is Akvo. I generated Ice Manipulation as my power. Here are my usages and limitations:

  • Shoot Sharp Icicles [Superior]
    Generate icicles that can pierce through a variety of objects, including flesh.
  • Make Shields of Ice [Alpha]
    Fabricate shields out of ice to use as protection
  • Create Amor Out of Ice [Novice]
    Fashion armor plating over one’s body to use as protection
  • Shoot Freeze Beams [Alpha]
    Shoot beams of energy that cause objects to freeze and or be covered with ice
  • Snow Manipulation and Creation [Undiscovered]
    The ability to create snowfalls of various levels and manipulate it

[Evolution skills]
1. Cryokinesis: The ability for the user to control the temperature of a target. The user can only decrease the target's temperature or return it to normal. Raising the temperature is NOT possible. The duration lasts until the state is returned through natural heat rising or otherwise. At Novice the user can freeze one target, at Alpha two targets, at Superior four, at Master 8.
2. Thermal Resistance: The user is adept to all temperatures, extreme cold and heat. Even sudden changes do not affect the user, such as fire and instant freezing. Clothing is not as durable as the body. The user may still fear an extreme psychologically, until the extreme is experienced. - Passive
3. Infrared Vision: The user activated this skill to view the heat of objects around him or her. After Alpha Class cases the user will be able to see heat sources through most walls (excluding walls with thermal resistance) and containers.
4. Ice Bending: The user can psychically command ice. The ice can perform any task the user wants, as long as it is within the means of the ice. It can change shape, but never mass, unless ice is added. Because this skill is psychically charged, psychic inhibitors may stop this skill.

May accompany Freezing, Liquefaction, Atmokinesis, and or Cold/Heat Resistance.

  • May be unable to control or manipulate water.
  • Users with abilities to control fire or water may be resistant to this ability.
  • If dependant on water, may be unable to use power due to dehydration, or low levels of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere.

I am a Villain.

Character Biography
"I'm just a guy. Nobody beat me. I got hugged all the time. I just don't feel like operating on the grid. A job... taxes... mowing the lawn that shit's not for me. I'm not getting healthcare, I'm not going to collect social security, and it's not like I asked anyone to care about me."

Akvo currently "resides" in Arlington, Texas. He has a few petty offenses on his criminal record. None of these offenses have reported the use of ice in any form.

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