Solo/Side Stories/Bridge Rules

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Solo/Side Stories/Bridge Rules

Post  Epoch on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:08 am

Bridges and Solos work like the Prologue, there is no PVP here and skills can be used without rolling, however IF YOU DO NOT ROLL YOU WILL GAIN NO EXPERIENCE. Also, DO NOT alter the time more than 30 MINUTES beyond or before the previous players post. The bridge serves as downtime between Arcs for characters to regroup and recuperate. Finally, the rules of training skills still applies.


Sometimes as you play, you may be sent to do something on your own. If so, this will allow you to open your own Arc in the Real Heroes board. These are Arcs that you, one solitary player will write. They can even be as short as one very long post. However, it should be obvious that if you want to gain experience with a skill, you have to roll for it. Although, this is not required, solo arc are considered passive and it is not required to roll for anything. The only other characters that can be involved are secondary and tertiary non-player characters.

Side Stories:

Even more common, there are side stories that involve more than one of the players, but not all of them. These stories do not entirely affect the outcome of the main arcs, although they can happen at the same time. If the side story takes place simultaneously with the main story, then the characters in the side story will be acknowledged as absent in the main plot, until thy return. The same applies to Solo Arcs. The thing that sets side stories aside from solos is that players must once again roll for outcomes.

I have created a new board for these stories.

(NOTE: Side stories and Solo Arcs can take place before events of the main plot line or simultaneously, but never ahead of them, since we do not know the outcome of current events IF THEY HAPPEN BEFORE THE MAIN PLOT YOU DO NOT DEVELOP SKILLS BEYOND WHERE THEY WERE DEVELOPED WHEN THE STORY BEGAN.)

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