Player VS NPC: Arc 2

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Player VS NPC: Arc 2

Post  Epoch on Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:32 am

Usually, in this game, heroes fight villains, it's pretty straight forward. All of you should have at least COMPLETELY read and UNDERSTAND the rules by now. If not, please ask and admin. Akvo, Dr. Weird and I are the current administrators who can set you on the right path.

In the second arc, you'll be facing lots of National Guard soldiers and some pretty neat robots.

The common ratio of soldier to robot is 1:5. 1 soldier for every 5 robots. This was done to ensure that even lawful heroes get to destroy a few things.

Here's the skinny:

  • The soldiers carry two things, energy cuffs (render superpowers useless) and assault rifles. The soldiers main goal is to capture all mutants.
  • The soldiers command the robots, a disabled soldier means passive non-attacking bots, unless the bots are active before disabling or killing a soldier.
  • The robots are kind of built like floating ice cream cones. They come equipped with human speed and basic intelligence. Their goal is to attack you with specialized taser-like devices that after five successive hits render the users superpowers useless. Each robot can fire up to three times.
  • The group effort here is for the robots to tase you and the soldier to cuff you. If you resist and all robots are unable to fire, or are all destroyed, the soldiers open fire.
  • The soldiers and robots utilize no other tactics aside from these functions.

When you are about to encounter a group, one of you in your group of companions will roll to see what type of group you encounter. Below is the set up on what groups you can encounter and what number from a roll adheres to which group.

  • Group A - Rolling a 1-2: A group of three bots and one soldier.
  • Group B - Rolling a 3-5: A group of five bots and one soldier.
  • Group C - Rolling a 6-9: A group of five bots and two soldiers.
  • Group D - Rolling a 10: A group of two bots and three soldiers.

All attacks done by bots and soldiers have a 1-5 miss and 6-10 hit ratio. Remember you can block or dodge the tasers, but you will need to have something like a shield to block bullets.

You will have to roll for this before a battle to begin, to define what you are fighting. Remember: Encounters are common, this is a state of emergency!

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