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Perfect Skills

Post  Epoch on Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:09 pm

After about a year of deliberation I have finally decided to introduce something new. I would like to call this something: Perfect Skills.

Perfect Skills

A "Perfect" skill is defined as a skill that the user has become so good at using that he or she can use it without thought. This means no rolling for the player. Each character is granted one perfect skill per superpower. To be precise, each player will choose one skill from each set of skills that he or she would like to advance beyond the Master Class. There are, however, a few requirements first.


  • The user MUST have achieved all available evolutions.
  • The user MUST have unlocked all skills from all of their superpowers.
  • The user MUST have all of their skills at least in the Alpha Class.

Once the player has obtained these requirements, they can begin building a perfect skill.

Building a Perfect Skill

  • Choose one skill in each superpower.
  • Level the skill to Master Class.
  • Declare the skill on your character sheet with a comment saying "I am choosing [blank] as my next Perfect skill. (Exchange the name of your skill with the word "[blank]")
  • Roll a 10 ten times to achieve Perfect Class with that skill.

After applying one skill point toward Perfect Class, you CANNOT change which skill from the previously declared skills superpower skill pool becomes "Perfect".

Because each player has three sets of superpowers this means that each play can currently have up to three perfect skills.

Finally, a Perfect Skill ranking does not guarantee that the skill will hit a target or cause maximum damage.

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