Steve: The Lab

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Steve: The Lab

Post  Dr. Weird on Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:09 pm

Steve is Dr. Weird's computer AI and the Lab it self. Shortly after Dr. Weird took over the facility, he created Steve. The worlds most powerful AI and Dr. Weird's greatest achievement. In complete control of the entire facility, nothing happens that Steve does not know about. Completely loyal to Dr. Weird through his programming and a small sense of being self aware, Steve listen's to every command and request of his creator.

He has been ordered to supply the "New" residents of the lab with only the base needs. Steve does not need permission to speak and can refuse request of the residents. He can give food, first aid, maintenance, Kyle for Ike, and the location of Dr. Weird. As demonstrated he can relay messages but would rather not be the middle man. He can do nothing more than what has been stated.

Also on Dr. Weird's order Green Level access. This gives them the ability to roam around the the first floor of the compound with out Dr. Weird in company. With that they have access to the hanger, conference room, medical bay, kitchen, training rooms, resident quarters (not Dr. Weird's room, he sleeps on a different level) and the first floor armory. The armory holds a series of pistols and hand guns, assault rifles, ammo for all of the guns and basic body armor. For other weapon request Dr. Weird's permission must be obtained before Steve can bring them form the other armories.

(OOC - Any changes or descriptions of the lab must first be cleared by admin Dr. Weird.)
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