3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:07 am

NSS First Aid Helicopter
Over Oklahoma
Thursday, 4:45pm

"You two took quite the beating down there," Started a young, female, emergency nurse, "I'm glad my gift is minor and I can stay on the sidelines like this instead of getting into messes like you guys," she finished as she cut a bandage and adhered it to Epoch stomach. Epoch and Changeling had both been strapped into medical stretchers and had been diligently worked on since the helicopter had picked them up only moments ago.

Epoch scoffed, "It's nice serving and being able to help the world first hand sometimes, but it does hurt." He grunted as the adhesive touched a sore spot.

"You need to keep quite, we need to get liquids in you and you need rest, a few days at least." The nurse snapped.

Great a few days without training, I don't think I can put up with that, Epoch thought.

"You don't have to tell me what happened, I'm the one feeling it. Especially since my masks can dull pain, but once they are off... not so much." Changeling tried to laugh but ended up wincing instead.

Changeling gazes out the window watching clouds go by.

Man... This is totally not how I pictured this mission going. I have to train, I have to be ready for the next, which there surely will be. And I have figure out who those two men from the plane are.

A combination of Changeling's exhaustion and the medicine he'd be pumped full of had Changeling unconscious before long.

Stolen Helicopter
Over Kansas
Thursday, 4:55pm

“I need assembly lines A crew and much more time. The money's all mine And my funds are getting thin. Probably have to rob a bank again. 'Cause I'm spending every dime and I'm spending all my time to Build the robots.” Sings Dr. Weird on his return flight back to his lab in the Badlands, groans were coming from the back. “SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOUR MESSING UP THE CHORUS......WHERE THE HELL IS A MAP THESE INSTRUMENTS SEEM TO BE FUCKED UP AND I CAN’T MAKE OUT WHAT THEY MEAN!!”
NSS First Aid Helicopter
Over Oklahoma
Thursday, 4:47pm

Great, Changeling's out, Epoch thought as his eyelids started to gain weight, I wish we could have at least brought that guy in.

"I'm going to suggest again that you get your rest," The nurse said hovering over Epoch as she thrust and IV into his arm, "This will keep you hydrated, and when we get back we'll try to clear you guys for a fully restorative heal."

Epoch couldn't even squeak out a response, the blood loss had gotten the best of him. He tried to keep his eyes focused on the nurses face, but the struggle could not be won. As his lids fell shut, her face transformed into that mad grinning man, her eyes became those bulbous goggles. What a horror, how could I have seen that face before, his mind raced as the imagery became a dream.

It was that white room, round, like being stuffed in an egg. There was one window, it had a sanitary looking curtain, every day it was opened for a few hours and strange men and women would look in on him, many with clipboards and pens. Others with glasses and small electronic devices. One... One with those Goggles, and a much less
twisted face.

Stolen Helicopter
Somewhere over Kansas
Thursday, 5:01:01 PM

Staring once more at the damaged control panel, “That was not one of my better ideas.” Sparks and wires were flying out of the area where shortly after departing he had damaged from Lawton. It had occurred to him that since it was a military vehicle, there was a high chance it was Low Jacked. After finding the GPS unit on the consol Dr. Weird rammed his fist into it, ripping out several wires microchips. “I guess it can’t be help the damaged is done. I just use the GPS in the Mark – 7 O.O.P.” Reaching into his pocket and pulling out the controller for the pod and after hitting a few buttons he brought up a digital display on the controller. “There we go, FULL SPEED THAT WAY.”


NSS First Aid Helicopter
Oklahoma City
Thursday, 5:20 pm

The helicopter jostled as it put down on the helipad of the NSS building. The blades whining as they slowed.

Changeling was startled and awoke, seeing two men pulling him off the chopper onto a gurney.

Easy guys, eas- Owwww...

He could hear Epoch being taken off the chopper behind him. And he heard a cool female voice, "We'll get you a healer as soon as we can."

Shit if I woulda known that nurse was gonna be here, maybe I woulda taken a few more hits.

The men pushed Changeling down a hall filled with operating rooms, "We have two injured heroes, this one has hand and chest lacerations, probably a few broken bones. The second is more severe, he was hit by a projectile in the side. He will need a healer."

Two nurses headed towards Changeling and pushed him into a large white room filled with machines.

Wait, what. I don't need any of this stuff?

Just then Epoch was pushed into the room, Changeling could see blood was permeating the gauze on his side. An older woman walked in and went straight to Epoch, she inspected his wounds.

Ahh, Dr. Hadley, he was in good hands. Guess they put injured team members in the same rooms.

A nurse walked over and inserted a iv drip into his wrist, and held a needle in her hand, "Goodnight Changeling, we'll have ya all fixed up when you wake."

Changeling watched as everything dissolved and darkness engulfed him.


Stolen Helicopter
Somewhere over Kansas
Thursday, 5:42:07 PM

Groans continued to ring out from the back of the chopper, “SHUT UP, DO I LOOK LIKE SOME KIND OF DOCTOR, oh wait I am.” Shouted Dr. Weird looking out of the back of his head at the two would be corpses. “I suppose I should be giving you two crash test dummies some sort of medical treatment, but we won’t be back at my lab for a few more hours. So until then I guess this will have to do or until I can find something better for you.” Stepping into the cabin Dr. Weird began to treat the wounds of the fallen. Cleaning the gashes in their skin and wrapping them in gauze and stitching the major ones. “And this should help take the edge off things, Dr. Weird’s medical cocktail.” Pulling two syringes out from his lab coat and plunging the needles into the Frosty and Asian Man’s necks.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:08 am

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Medical Recovery Ward
Thursday, 7:03 PM

Professor Quantum lingered over Epoch's unconscious body. The room was dimly lit, and the sun outside was nearly gone. Epoch lay in the same room as his partner Changeling, both had been beaten quite dramatically, luckily the ward was run by one of the greatest known healers in the world. That healer was the retired hero, Jenna Gray. Like Quantum, she was one of the fist, and her specialty was healing and defense. Now, in her older years, she runs the ward with a strict code: No accelerated healing unless proposed by NSS officials.

Quantum had made that proposal this evening. Perhaps it was just because he had a fondness for his student, however he had asked that both of the young men be healed. He had gotten clearance from his superiors on the grounds that the two were the only people who could possible ID any of the three men that had been in Lawton that afternoon. These three men could quite possibly be great threats to national security and needed to be located immediately. Also, Quantum had requested back up for the Strike Force and the president of the NSS had agreed openly.

"Is he ready yet, Mrs. Gray?" Quantum had asked hesitating over Epoch.

"Yes, the one in the spandex should be ready to wake," She began, sighing over her work order on a clipboard, "However I still don't understand the order here. Why do you only want to wake that one, and not both, or the other?"

Quantum made nervous eye contact with his colleague, "Changeling, there, is a strong man who works hard, too hard. He needs the rest, and I don't think he'd take it if he had the choice, so let's not give him a choice. On the other hand, "He cleared his throat, "Darren, here, has news he needs to hear and make himself ready for."

Jenna shifted he weight a bit and walked over to Epoch and Quantum, "I'll make him ready then." A soft glow connected her hands, that were now over his forehead, to his brow. It glowed softly for a moment and then it ended. She settled herself and muttered, "He's ready, go ahead and wake him."

"Thank you so much," Quantum said with a smile. He leaded down toward Epoch and shook his shoulder slightly, "Darren, Darren, get up."

Epoch's eyes fluttered and he suddenly felt motion sick and out of place. His vision blurred and tried to refocus as he say Quantum's old face glaring at his own. He shifted his head on his shoulders and scanned around the room, his head spun a little. "What's going on?" Epoch asked.

"Something astounding," Quantum started, "You've been healed from your mission today and I have some big news for you."

"News?" Epoch asked, sitting up.

"Yes, about the holding cell you had been in, and the facility that your cell was housed in."
Somewhere over Kansas
Thursday, 7:12:16 PM

“SHIT, THIS GAME FUCKING CHEATS, I HATE TETRIS. SHOULD PUT SOMETHING ON THIS DAM THING.” Shouts Dr. Weird as he turns the game off. “Now where the hell am I? AHA, about an hour from... Vermilion South Dakota, what the... eh whatever I should stop there for a bit and get something to eat. You guys hungry?”

Nothing but groans and the rattle of IV packets came in response. “No, well I need to something to eat and snow cones and Asian food isn’t very filling, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Dr. Weird

Walmart Parking Lot
Vermillion, SD
Thursday 7:20pm

Getting out of his stolen vehicle, Ike strides proudly toward the entrance of a Walmart, hiding his stolen trophies: two Glock 21’s and a Glock 22 from controlled officers that had pulled over.

Smirking while walking into the unsuspecting superstore, he made his way to the back of the store looking for their security.


"WHO......wh..wh who are YOU?!" yelled a supposed security figure in the room. Ike smiling pointing his Glock 21 pistol at the man answered, " A man of action, a man who rejects many others' reality to substitute his own." "You're a terrorist?!" Raising an eyebrow, Ike chuckles, "A terrorist? in a Wal-Mart? No...no...no.........I'm a revolutionizer if anything. Certain people in this world have controlled it for long enough and aren't doing a great job of it. So I'm here to stir things up."
The guard exclaimed exasperated with disbelief, "You?! YOU WON'T HAVE A CHANCE! THE HEROS AND SUPERHEROS WILL STOP YOU FOR SU.......GAHHMMMMMM!" Shoving the barrel into his mouth and pulling another pistol out, Ike's face scrunched into a disgust. "Heroes are part of the problem. Protecting people but mainly the people are rich to keep them into their place of being rich while causing just as much or more damage to what’s around them than the average criminal! A super iron clad man walking and damaging a sidewalk costs the city and its average taxpayer more than a thief stealing some valuables from a bank. Where's the justice in that? I am one who is going to shake the foundation of those who sleazily built a stronghold and called it justice. Do you think you are going to make it anywhere in this place with minimum wage? Your just a cog in the system to make the rich richer and others to fall deeper until most of the populous is low life criminals with the only option of crime. Big businesses such as this very building make me sick yet no one does anything........until now that is. I plan to even the odds for everyone and let nature take its course."

Pulling the gun from the guards mouth, catches a glimpse of his name tag and attempts to control him.

Focusing very hard Ike commands the guard, "Franklin announce over the intercom for all leave the premise calmly and quickly, a disruption has put all people in danger and they are to remove themselves immediately. The authorities have been informed already so no need to panic. Please leave the store. Then Franklin you will wait for further instructions from me."

Alright, I haven't ever tried this much or in this way before but here it goes....

Ike focuses again this time without directly speaking to the targets but can’t seem to gather their attention.

Ike sighs with disappointment. "Oh well, Franklin gather fertilizer, lighter fluid and hairspray and meet me in the center of the store, once you are done head home, go to sleep and you will remember that you found out that there was a bomb and help everyone escape but were knocked out and didn't remember who did it or what they looked like." Walks over the intercom, turns on a radio and plays it over the speakers. "Oh yea, perfect song!" It was Metallica’s Fuel.


"Alrighty then," Ike smiling gleefully, "time to light this puppy." Taking a jug of gas and leaving a trail out through the wedged doors into the parking lot. Ike breathes in deeply, takes a metal lighter he took from the store and lights the gasoline path.


An explosion of mass proportions erupts with flames bellowing out the doors and shaking the ground. "Now that’s fireworks," Ike chuckled to himself, "ok Wal-Mart lets see you "rollback" now, Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah." Looking up into the sky as the darkness overcame making the burning building seem to appear even brighter, Ike was satisfied with his scheme and works. "*sigh*...............hmmmmmm.................those red lights are sure moving fast...."

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Medical Recovery Ward
Thursday, 8:10 PM

Changeling rolls around in his sleep as a nurse walks into the room, "Oh I'm sorry, I hope I didn't wake you."

"Nah, I've been restless for a while. Wondering where Quantum took Epoch."

The nurse places a tray on the table, "I'm sure he's fine, Dr. Gray took care of him earlier."

Figures, always was Quantum's little pet. Bet he thought I'd need the rest more. The hell with it... I'll play along, for now.

"Ok I need you to hold your palms out, and touch each finger to your thumb."

Whatever lady... Changeling held his hands out and did as he was told.

He was instructed to do another half dozen tests, but his mind was busy with something else.

If Quantum wanted Epoch healed so badly, he musta had something to tell him... I'm tired of this place, as soon as she leaves I'm outta here.

"Alright Changeling, I think we are done here. I'll be back tomorrow and we can continue the exercises"

My ass we will. As soon as the nurse left the room changeling sat up, a sharp pain shot through his chest. Aggh, fuck. That's still tender... He reached for the monitors stuck all over his body, and pulled the IV out of his wrist. A machine began beeping loudly, "Shit, I gotta get outta here..." He looked around the room for his masks, they were against the wall, with the rest of his clothes. No time to dress.

He placed the Minotaur mask on and opened the window, the cool night air blowing in.

He could hear people rushing behind him, "Don't you DARE jump out that window." Great, Quantum is gonna hear about this now.

He turned and grabbed his clothes, "Sorry Doc, but I got things to do." He leaped through the window. The nurses rushed over to see Changeling hit the ground and roll and run down the street in naught but a hospital gown.

He ducked into an alley and put on clothes, lifting his hood to cover his face. He placed the Minotaur mask in his bag.

"Okay... what to do what to do..." Changeling says before deciding to search out Epoch.

"I'll see what Quantum's got Epoch up to."

Changeling picked up the pace and hightailed it towards the entrance, "Dammit, forgot about the patrol... Hmmmm."

He turned and looked up the sheer wall that was the NSS dormitories. "I can do this... he placed the panther mask on. Ok, how does this work..." he focused on his hands. He felt as though his fingernails were growing... Shnnnk. Claws shot out, "There we go."

He placed a hand (or was it more of a paw now?) on the wall and clamped down, the claws split the concrete like butter, Puuuurrrrrrrfect.

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch, Crunch. Changleing put one hand in front of the other as he climbed the wall, he turned to look out over the city... He was quite high now, but he wasn't too worried, he figured his room was only two more floors above.

He reached out his hand again, just as a gust of wind picked up, his body flew out wildly in the wind but managed to keep his holding.

He speedily climbed to his window, Get inside, get inside, get inside, get inside.

The window squeaked as he opened it, he threw his bag to the floor and collapsed to his bed.

Epoch can wait... I think it's time for.... a...

Vermillion, SD
Thursday 8:19:03 P.M.

“My my, what an interesting fire someone has set, and to the local Walmart too, HA.” Dr. Weird said, looking out from the helicopter to the blaze that was still engulfing the store for an estimated time of 20 minutes.

Surveying the surroundings Dr. Weird finds the hospital and heads towards the landing pad there. “Here I should be able to pick up some supplies, for you guys of course.” Upon landing Dr. Weird dons a black trench coat, black fedora, and somehow switched from wearing goggles to a set of thick mirrored glasses that still hid his face. “I be back, and I’ll leave the radio on for you two so you don’t get all lonely.”


Dr. Weird has car jacked an unsuspecting individual in the parking lot stuffed them in the truck, and has now come up across the USD campus. “AH college an institution of higher learning, I FUCKING HATED IT, THOSE SMUG BASTERDS WERE ALWAYS LOOKING DOWN ON ME BECAUSE I WAS SMARTER THAN THEM. I do suppose I should pop in the science lab and see what they have, after I find something to eat I FUCKING STARVING.” After turning a corner Dr. Weird finds himself a Subway. “Alright, FOOD.”
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:09 am

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Academy Classroom - History
8:15 PM

"These are troubling times," Quantum stated, leaning his back against the front of his desk, Epoch sitting in a students desk before Quantum. "and even more troubling that, whatever dictates control over the fates of the universe, lead you to someone who may have ties to not only your past, but the news I am about to give you."

Epoch looked at him intently, his head still spinning slightly, "Yeah, you had news for me and I just wasted an hour recapping my day."

"Oh don't bother yourself," Quantum said with a slightly comical grin, "it was a good way to start what I have to tell you. I was in a meeting during the alarm today, one that was important, that I had to wrap up later. In this meeting, we had discussed some of the devices and ideals that oppose genetic differences."

While Quantum cleared his throat Epoch interjected, "You mean, the government's viewpoint of whether or not there should be people with abilities that allow them to be classified as "superhero" or "super-villain."

"Well yes," Quantum continued, "For years now, the NSS has been on a opposing level to the government as to what we should do with people with such mutations. And as you are aware, the government is in charge of the entire set up we have, so we don't entirely have the say that we wish we had."

"I know all of this," Epoch grumbled, rubbing his eyes, "What are you getting at."

Quantum seemed a bit shocked at the slight outburst, "All right, all right. The federal government has decided to consolidate the number of containment facilities that they have for children and adults with sudden mutations. Most of the known facilities are being closed and funds cut overall to move all of the so called "patients" into only a handful of larger facilities, due to budget cuts in our current economic situation.

"This being said, the facility that you were once contained in is being closed in a few days and we, the NSS, pleaded for a tour and a chance to state our opinion and opposition to such holding tanks. The president then agreed to allow one, and only one, full-time, NSS student in, and then the student would decide an opinion, and we would discuss the future of these places with Congress and the Pentagon and come to a compromise."

Epoch's eyes grew wide, "You want me to go back in there?"

Quantum began his retort, "You, Darren, are the best option. The government held you in a tank for quite a while, and they lost track of you. If we send you in without revealing your actual name and abilities, we can have someone go through who is already opposed to the facilities. Someone who cannot be swayed to see them as something good, and then we can fight them even stronger."

Epoch got up, "Well, professor, I did not choose to be your pawn, and I don't know if I like the idea of being recruited for such a task," Quantum's face shifted to hopless, "however, I agree that those damned places must be closed, and I will gladly take this as my next mission."
Vermillion, SD

Ike pulls into the Subway parking lot, walking calmly and enters the joint. He spots his target and walks up beside the man in black trench coat, fedora and shades. "I'm sure you're wondering who I am, but I know who you are or at least what you've done. You knew I was following you the way you were making random turns through that campus, yet I couldn't be sure. You never did look at your mirrors. How do I know you? Your all over the radio and your "escape vehicle" wasn't hard to figure out, you were flying quite fast. I saw where you landed and followed you. Now then as for whom I am, I'll just say for now...........I'm an ally."

Ike holds out a hand with a smirk towards the mysterious man in black with a wicked grin.
Vermillion, SD

"WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, I didn't say I wanted tomatos on that." Dr. Weird said to the part time college student making his sandwich. "Excuse me for a minute, and it’s for here."

Turning to the strange man who just walked up to him. "What the hell did you just say to me Speedy Gonzales, right now that was to much for me to take in. I have had a long day and hadn't eaten anything since this morning. Now of you don't mind I would like to enjoy this." Turning back to the student to finish the order. "If you want I will get you one too, you look hungry we can talk over the cold cuts."

"Sure, sorry for the information overload, I'm sure you're tired from your travels." Ike replied looking up at the menu. "Oh and allow me to handle the food to apologize for my pursuit. Why don't you take your seat and I'll bring the food over."

Ike steps forward and places his order along with the black clothed stranger's order. "Yes I'll have a foot-long Spicy Italian on Herbs and cheese. Toasted."

"Thank you, may I ask for you name?" "Cheyenne." "Nice to meet you." Ike bows his head focusing and murmurs a command.

"Here you are, it’s on the house." said the cashier very cheerily. "Thank you," Ike replies smiling, and then brings the food over to the stranger in black. "Here you are." Ike takes a seat across from him and begins to enjoy his sandwich. "Forgot how hungry I was until I smelled the food."

Vermillion, SD
A Tree in the Park to Subway
3:55 to NOW of the PM

There is a slight tug back as Mara tries to pull her thoughts from the dream… but it is to no avail, hands that are not hers tucking the corners of the bed sheet around a mattress unfamiliar to her.

“Oh, not again..!” she seethes silently, attempting to leap back into the real world with a little more effort this time. Her actual body lay propped in the nook she sat in, lifeless save for the soft breathing that was almost unnoticeable.
“I knew I should have taken a nap.” Sighs the girl mentally. She recalls the last time this sort of thing had happened; falling asleep while using dream vision.
Most nights, she often occupied other people’s sleep, stalking the halls till a dream piqued her interest. Interestingly enough, the majority of students slept during those times. With so many to choose from, Mara was hardly ever bored. She learned to be careful to not stay up too late though, for it led to the problem she found herself in now. If her own body were to fall asleep while she was using her powers, then she would be stuck in whatever dream she was residing in during the time. Despite her efforts to prevent this effect, she had often enough found herself sitting lifeless outside of someone’s door until someone or something on the real side woke her.

Still she struggles, willing her brick-laden eyelids to lift, even just slightly. After what seemed like a small eternity, the efforts are dropped though, and she turns to the dream world again, as if looking back towards a movie that had been in her peripherals.

After making the bed, she walks with unacquainted bare feet towards a large, open kitchen. Strangely, she is wearing something different now, a bathing suit perhaps. Taking the tile floor in small steps, the length of it is covered and a small, delicate hand reaches up to open a sliding glass door which gives way to the back yard.
The sun’s rays wash over her, and Mara herself takes a little pleasure in the feeling. She watches as the woman looks back to the glass door and curls her back slightly, assessing the reflection they are both seeing through the same eyes. There is little to no fat to be seen anywhere, and the small, pink bottoms of the suit cling cutely to the barely visible muscles that are somewhat prominent in the current pose. The figure in the looking glass turns her butt towards Mara, as she does the same with hands on her hips now. A 180 puts her chest in the reflection now, and she quickly adjusts a tie string around her neck to tighten the small pink triangles holding her medium sized breasts. Mara mentally sits and watches, not only because she can do no more.

Almost suddenly, she is laying full length in a basking chair, the sunlight almost uncomfortably hot now. It contrasts to the feeling of cold, which is starting to nip at Mara’s consciousness.
“Cold…? Maybe I can use that feeling to leave.” She thinks to herself. There is part of her that hopes that the woman lying in the chair will soon find the heat too intense as well though. As if on cue, there is a slight relief to the warmth as a spritz of cool water is sprayed onto her practically bare chest. Droplets cling to her front as she sits up slightly, spraying the bottle again at the back of her neck, letting it trickle down her spine. The woman shivers and so does Mara, though the origins of the event are opposite.

“To stay or to go.” Wonders the now absorbed girl. She hovers on uncertainty, conceptually biting her lip as hands rub the liquid relief down the length of her body. The decision is almost made when the coolness of the water slowly begins to spread, deeper than just the skin. It feels as though the blood is being sucked from her toes and fingers into the core of her being. The woman, now bewildered, goes to shake off the feeling, but she finds herself unable to move her limbs at all. Mara can feel her heart beat fast, breathing quickening in pace as well.

She recognizes the sensation as something she calls the ‘end phase’ of a dream, and wants to panic a little herself.
Sometimes the dreams she watched faded off into bliss or nothingness… other times, they would take turns for the worst, and would change from fantasy to nightmare in seconds. Taking heed of her premonitions, she had always been able to avoid the very last verse.

Now, the ill-fated girl finds herself unable to. She is thrown out into third person, and watches it like a horror film. Honey colored eyes open wide, as her mouth opens to scream… but whatever icy clutch has gripped the brunette reaches her throat before she does. Sitting up, the woman is frozen, almost stone-like as the warm color already begins to leave her skin.

With a burst of now frigid air, Mara is whipped back into reality. It takes a moment before she catches her breath, looking up into the now dark sky before vigorously scanning the area. Orange fluorescence barely reaches into the window of the white house she is still outside of, and it falls on the face of a forever sleeping victim.

“It’s not my fault.” Mara convinces herself, pulling all thoughts of what happened towards the dark recesses of her memories. Slipping out of the tree, she begins to walk, to nowhere in particular… that is until her stomach lets out a hollow groan.

With a sigh, the comment “Right. Supper.” Falls casually from her now chapped lips. Mind numb, her feet move themselves; despite semi-frozen toes. The sidewalk leads to a large yellow roofed building, and a bell lets out a cheerful ‘ding!’ as she walks in, warming her hands. If she wasn’t putting so much effort into not falling apart, Mara may have noticed the strange men seated at a booth not far away from the door sooner. She orders her favorite sandwich out of habit, relaying ‘Italian BMT, Pepperjack’ and a few random veggies without once thinking. Slowly, thoughts began to trickle in nonetheless, occupying her as some chick toasted her sub.
“Maybe she didn’t die… but if she did, it’s probably not good for me to stick around.” Ponders the girl, dark hair hanging over her eyes and obscuring her vision. Dwelling on what she might do in the instance that the woman had indeed been an accidental victim to her power, she was only pulled from the thoughts by the proclamation of her dinner being done. A batman wallet is pulled from some pocket, and Mara pays for the sandwich before glancing over the available seating. It is then that she notices the males gathered with their own food; one of them oddly familiar to the sketch she had seen in the news.

Despite that fact that she might be in the same building as a murderer, she couldn’t help but smirk.


“That’s an interesting trick you did there.” Says Dr. Weird as he takes a bite of his Cold Cut he got for free. Multi-tasking he pulls out his controller and tunes it to the news. “CRAP, I am on the news and I thought I prevented that. Uh and that is such a bad picture of me you can’t even tell that it is me, it’s all blurry. Then again I do dress in a unique fashion.”

After taking another bite and putting the computer back in one of his many pockets he notices of the young girl who just walked in who looked like she sleeps walking. She was looking over at them and smiling.

Now why would she be doing that, I know I am a superb specimen of handsomeness, but there must be more than that. Dr. Weird thought to himself.

Turning his attention back to the gentleman he just met. “Anyway Mr. Smooth what can I do for you?”
Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Dormitory Room 419 - Epoch's Room
8:32 PM

Epoch sits on the edge of his bed, he was anxious over the experience that he would be having within the next twenty-four hours. Professor Quantum had asked a lot of him all in one day and he just couldn't believe the situations he had been put in. Man, I got my ass kicked today, he thought to himself, however I am getting really good at teleporting.

As the word crossed his mind he got a smirk on his face, perhaps I could pull off just one more before I decide to relax for the evening. Epoch closes his eyes and focuses his breathing and his mind. I need to get from here to my closet, I need to get out of this spandex and find dinner. Epoch attempts and fails to teleport to his closet.

Jeez, it's just not my night tonight, Epoch thinks as he gets off the edge of his bed and walks to his closet. He slowly shifts out of his spandex and leans over to a small metal handle attached to a metal square on the wall. Opening the tilting door, he places the suit in the laundry pickup bin, also open-able from the outside with a staff key. He then proceeds to toss on the clothing that he had strewn across the floor. I guess not having to do my own laundry is a plus, Epoch starts as he heads toward his door, John's diner should do, I suppose.

"Wish I could have kicked that ice guy's ass," Epoch mutters as he locks his door.


Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Dormitory Room 431
8:35 PM

The door creaks open, a young man of relatively small stature enters the room and flicks on the light switch.

The lights blast Changeling from his slumber, "Oh what the fuck man! Get outta here!!"

"Uh... this is my room... why are you here?"

Huh? Changeling looked at his surroundings, a large TV complete with that new Nintendo playbox thing. A desk with blue LEDs in the corner. Yep, he was right. This was not my room.

"Oh... my mistake. Sorry." Changeling stood up and walked towards the door.

"Hey wait, aren't you The Changeling?"

"Uh...yeah. Why?"

"You were the one on that mission, to capture that ice guy right?"

"Don't remind me..." he said reaching up to feel the wound in his chest.

"Yeah... well. I think you did good, sure you didn't capture him but it was your first mission. Don't be so hard on yourself. At least you have a cool power..." the young mans voice trailed off with that last sentence.

"It can't be that bad... c'mon, what's yours?"

"Well it is. I can uh... double jump. Like, I can jump even when I am in the air."

"Oh.... well listen I gotta get going..." looking for any excuse to get away, "Stomach needs food. Cya kid."

Changeling headed towards his room, "I gotta change... these clothes are blood soaked..."

He threw the clothes to the floor and reached in his closet for a t-shirt and jeans. He grabbed his old jacket and headed out the door.

Hmm... cafeteria is closed. John's diner it is... Cheeseburger...
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:10 am

Vermillion, SD

Ike finished chewing a bite and swallowed. "Well......Its hard to explain.", Ike replied looking hard upon his sandwich. "I'm looking for people......from my past." He looks up from the sandwich and gazes hard into the reflective surface of the stranger's shades; glaring back was himself with hidden rage. "I want revenge against them.....for what they did to me. Don't get me wrong I'm not that misunderstood guy thats actually good on the inside. .........Those people behind the counter, the customers that come and go, and the people that are affected by it, they are all pawns.......pawns of government. I don't hate "supers".......I hate their purpose......being used and governed by higher ups as they see fit to make sure everyone does as they say."

Feeling a strange twinge....Ike turns his head to see a young woman, looking like she just woke up but didn't get enough sleep, ordering from the counter.
"But some people..........aren't pawns." Ike turns back to the stranger. "Some of us are rogues, broken free from this systematic hierarchy. I want to change the status quo and to put it simply,..............maybe even world domination."

Adrenaline flowing, Ike looks down at his hands now balled into fists clenching the squished last half of his sandwich. "Heh, smooth." Drops his sandwich, wraps it up, and cleans his hands with napkins. "But before the big plan, I want my revenge......for trying to make me more than just a pawn. Before I can do that though, I need information about my past.........mainly locations, but more than anything...........their names. I'm going to make them regret what they did..........."


Ike relaxes and smiles, "soooo yea, been on the move and loner most of my life. I got bored of it and figured I needed to join a group, not just any group of course but capable one. So I was hoping we might join forces, I know I can greatly assist you on some of your plans as well. So......why don't you tell me about yourself? No big details of course."

“Revenge huh, now that’s something we have in common now.” Said Dr. Weird focusing more of his attention on hid new acquaintance in front of him, “I too am after the government. I use to be a research, the best and brightest, working on several... secret projects. BUT THEY FUCKING FIRED ME FOR SOME BULLSHIT ABOUT MY EXPERIMENTS BEING “NONETHICAL” BUT IN REALITY THEY FEARED ME AND WHAT I WAS DOING, THEY WERE JEALOUS OF MY GENIUS.” Pausing a moment to cool down from his rant. “Aside from that I really don’t like to talk about myself.”

"You worked for a government funded research facility?" Ike asks before he folds his hands together and leans forward with his elbows on the table. "Tell me, err......Doctor, since I’m sure you have a high standing Ph. D, did you ever hear of a..............Project "Ultimas"?
Oklahoma City
John's Diner
8:45 PM

Epoch enters the diner, the lighting is soft and the sound of passing cars permeates the air as the door swings closed.

"Hi, welcome to John's!" Announces the perky, young, hostess, "Just one?"

"Yeah," Epoch begins, "can I maybe get that table back there?"

"Sure," she says, leading the way, "let's head back there." John's was the sort of place that was like a Denny's but run like a smaller diner, with the atmosphere of a cafe. "Here we are, sir, can I bring you anything to drink, right away?"

Epoch seats himself and glances at her, "Uh, yeah, bring me and espresso, black, with a glass of water, please."

"Coming right up," she says as she places the menu on the table and heads off to the kitchen.

Epoch rubs his eyes and leans his head over the table. So much to go over, he thinks. Today was definitely the longest day he has lived since the day he was separated from his family. That ice guy got away, I can't believe I failed so badly, I should just go back in time and fix it, to hell with the code. He started to get angry with himself, until an image hit his mind. Once again those goggles and that twisted smile, and that ridiculous flying teacup. Who the hell was that guy?
Vermillion, SD
8:37:14 PM

“Hmmm... Project Ultimas.” Looks of inquisitive nature came across Dr. Weird’s face. “I am not sure... Wait, now I remember, that was the name of one of the projects folders I came across a long time ago shortly after my employment began. When I read that file it intrigued me so much I started my own little "side project". Those who knew what I could do and of my genius call me a few times for consultant purposes and I agreed to help for the purpose of my own."
Dr. Weird took a slight pause as he picked his head up to stare into space. "About four years later they were found out and Project Ultimas was shut down and the individuals involved were fired, a few even served some jail time I believe. The government was not to pleased to find out some were trying to control those with special abilities.”

Oklahoma City
John's Diner
8:46 PM

"Here's your espresso and your tall, cool, glass of ice water," The hostess said, "We're having a slow night, so I can take your order if you like."

"Uh, yeah," Epoch said slightly disgruntled, "I'll have the chicken sandwich with a soup for my side," He eyes the menu, "Chicken Noodle, chicken all across the board."

The hostess smiled and chuckled a little and left with th order.

Epoch drew into himself and stared into that tiny shot of espresso. At least I'm not a chicken, next time I run into those guys, I'll show them. He threw back the drink and took in half of it in a gulp. Probably don't need one of these so late in the day, but oh well. Wonder if I still have to write that Leonardo paper...

The door to John's creaked open, a bright faced waitress stood at the front, "Welcome to john's, you can just have a seat anywhere and I'll be with you in a moment."

Eying the diner Changeling glanced towards the back, seeing Epoch sitting alone, deep in thought.

He hesitated, He looks like he's got a lot on his mind... maybe he needs someone to talk to. Changeling walked to Epoch's table.

"Fancy seeing you here." as he pulled out a chair and sat down, a sharp pain pulsing through his chest, turning a smile into a grimace.


Vermillion, SD
8:42:03 PM

Ike's eyes narrowed a little still leaning forward.

"Doctor.............How much did you or do you know about the project? How much did you work on the project and was there anyone else working on it at the time? ..........This information is valuable........not just for me, but maybe for you as well......"

Seeing Ike’s sudden interest over the topic of the Ultimas Project, “You,” said Dr. Weird now actually facing Ike, “Were in this project, weren’t you?” A grin came across his face.

“Let’s be friends, and since friends help each other. In other words you scratch my back I’ll hand you a sharpened the knife that goes into the back of whoever want.”

Taking another bite if his sandwich “Right now of the top of my head the only thing that I can recall from the file was the name of the man in charge of it or at least I think he was.” Dr. Weird said swallowing his sandwich and taking a swig of Root Beer to clear his throat. “A professor Matt Bennett I believe, if you want to know more I am sure I can dig it up.”

Dr. Weird extends his gloved hand outward to Ike “The choice is your Mentok.”

A bit of a devious smile creeps across Ike's face, "Sounds like plan, Doc Brown."
Ike grasps the Doctor's hand and shakes, "Friends."

Ike lets go and watches a horsefly swoop around their heads and then lands on the table to feast on a crumb of food. "Oh and one more thing", Ike smoothly pulls out of his pocket a navy blue handled butterfly knife, flicks it open and then stabs it into the table through the fly. "I've already got one......but," Ike flicks it again to close and puts it away, "I'm open to any other little toys or gadgets you have."

"Toys huh, well how about this one." Dr. Weird once more reached into his coat pulling out a wooded handle about 4 in handle and by clicking a small switch on the side extending a 12 in blade.

"NOW THIS IS A KNIFE." said the good doctor slamming the blade through the table. "A fully collapsible blade which I sharped with lasers to the edge no thicker than a molecule. This will cut through any thing." Pulling the knife out and stowing it back with in his coat.

"I left the stuff that goes boom back in the chopper. Plus I have "toys" you could only dream about or seen in movies back at my lab, enough to last three world wars." Dr. Weird smiled

"That blade would definitely come in handy for "precise" cuts. Plus I'm sure you've seen my bonfire, so I do look forward to your "BOOM" categorized weapons. I mean........my charms can only do so much.........," Ike said, excited over the thought of improved methods.


Mara finally approaches those strange looking old men, knowing that at least one of them was certainly one of those wanted criminals. They look up from their discussion as she looms over them, rocking on her heels, slightly hesitant.

"I know who you are," She begins, looking directly into Dr. Weird's goggles, he tries to talk, but she hold up her hand sternly, hoping this was the right decision, "I don't have time to exchange pleasantries, but I want to let you know that I admire you. I've been looking for something more exciting in my life then the drab college life, but alas, I am stranded here for the time being. However, I want in."

She took a breath while the two stared at her. "I swear, I am talented, and capable of a lot of things, so I need a phone number from you, Goggles." She addressed Dr. Weird. He calmly stared at her while he reached into his lab coat, he pulled out a crudely homemade business card that read only, "Destructive Done Right, Dr. Weird Laboratories, Conveniently Located in a Secret Place," followed by a phone number.

"Thanks, I'll call you when the time is right," she said, smiling. Then she turned tail and proceeded out of the store with her sandwich. Before she passed the threshold she turn her head and gave the two men a wink with a smile, and promptly walked out.


Oklahoma City
John's Diner
8:51 PM

Changeling sat down across from Epoch. The waitress noticed a new customer, and walks over holding a small notepad.

"And what can I get for you?" staring intently at Changeling.

"Water and a cheeseburger, mayo, no pickle, fries."

She scribbled down a few notes and walked towards the kitchen handing the ticket off to a cook in the back.

Changeling looked back to Epoch, deep in thought.

"I know you've got a lot on your mind, and I understand that it isn't easy some times. But if you want my help, if you want me to be your partner, you've got to talk to me."

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:10 am

Vermillion, SD
8:50:26 pm

Dr. Weird actually turned his head to watch the young lady leave. Then turning back to man across from him with his grin growing even wider.

“Well, well, today is turning out to be an interesting day. I am making so many new friends now.” Finishing up his sandwich and pulled out a small hand held computer and checked the local news and air traffic.

“If your finished here we should go, and please no flashy exists we wouldn’t want any heroes to track our flight pattern.”


Oklahoma City
John's Diner
8:51 PM

Epoch rubbed his eyes, "Well, today just sucked, big time. We got our asses handed to us, and yet the NSS still thought we were prepared to handle these sort of things," he sighed, "What are we supposed to say tomorrow when they drill us on our mission? That we're just a couple of guys with no talent and a dramatic lack of balance?"

Epoch searched the table with his eyes, "On top of that, they want me to do something solo tomorrow."

Vermillion, SD
8:50:26 pm

"You insult me, Doctor! Hasn't the lack of a criminal record and a face for explosions and other incidents said anything about me? I'll choose to make myself known at the right time but until then.........inexplicable explosions of annoyance to the higher ups shall continue. Here and now, of course not," Ike said getting up from his seat and throwing the trash away.

"That girl just now..........she did seem to have an aura. I wonder what her capabilities are..........any who I'm sure we'll find out when the time is right or when we decide the time is to find out hehe. So then any more stops here or shall we be off?" Ike asked Dr. Weird with a smile.

Dr. Weird thought for a moment, “None here just a few things I need to pick up back at the Hospital when we get back there. Now if you would follow me… I just realized that we have yet to properly introduce ourselves. I am Dr. Weird former lab tech and the most brilliant mind on the planet.”

"Its a pleasure. Name is Ike, no real background except for being a thorn in the sides of certain people. Hobbies are big booms and sabotage. My life goals are revenge and then new world order."

"Oh by the way, we should really get out of here. The law enforcement has by now taken notice to flight pattern and most likely your arrival, and.........as much as I like leaving with a bang, escaping to a secret place under radar would be best. But I'm sure a cloaking device is hidden in that coat of yours. Lets hope everything goes according to plan." Walking out the door beside Dr. Weird, Ike eyed a patrol car going down the street away from them.
Oklahoma City
John's Diner
8:55 PM

The waitress returned with Changeling's drink setting it down on the table, the ice clinking slightly.

"Thanks" Changeling said flatly.

"Your food will be up shortly" and with a smile she went back to the counter refilling an elderly man's coffee.

"If Quantum thought we were ready, then we were. But he had no idea how powerful this guy could have been. It was a risk, every encounter is a risk. I know I could have done a lot better, but it doesn't matter now."

Changeling slammed his hand down on the table.

"Next time we'll be ready, next time I'm going to crush his fucking hands."

"Heh," Epoch scoffed under his breath, "There's a lot of things I would like to do to those guys, things that aren't very nice. However, that's against the Code of Conduct." Epoch sipped his drink and the two sat quietly for a moment or two.

The food arrived and Epoch agreed that everything looked all right, and took a hungry bite off his sandwich. The food tasted relieving and slipped through his mouth quickly. He took a breath and started again, "So, what are you doing tomorrow? I have a tour of a mutant containment facility, woo wee."

"Uh... well... I haven't really thought about that yet." Taking the top bun off of his burger, they never put enough ketchup...whatever I'm starving.

Taking a large bite of his burger, "Did quantum tell you about this facility? Did he say you had to go alone?" he said with pieces of food flying onto the table.

Epoch slurped some of his salty soup, "Well, I'm not sure if I am supposed to share too much of the information about the trip, but they are sending one Full-Time student to the facility as... well, as a diplomat, of sorts."

He ate silently for a few more bites, "I guess I'm just nervous, I probably shouldn't say, but they are sending me solely because I was in one for so long. I guess I'll just suck it up and deal with it."

Downing some water, Epoch realizes, "Weren't you supposed to still be asleep, nursing wounds?"
Vermillion, SD
8:56:33 pm

"Cloaking device? Wait." Dr. Weird reaches back into his coat and pulls out another device and after hitting a few buttons causing it to light up. "I completely forgot I had this thing." After a few more buttons he puts it back into his coat.

"Well they are still alive, so we should get going. OH I ALMOST FORGOT." He paused for a moment in his walk back to the stolen car. "I have some other "NEW" friends waiting at the hospital who I picked up earlier, I can't wait to introduce you."

"Sounds like the beginning of a private club," Ike laughed. "Benefits are cheap travel, good company, and "do it yourself" methods of gaining your desired needs. Goals range from revenge to free experimentations to world domination!" Ike impersonating a commercial spokesperson.

"So....your car or mine?"

"Yes, and wait till you see our health benefits, HEHAHA." Walking up to the car he stole near the hospital Dr. Weird wrapping his knuckles on the trunk. "Lets take mine there is somebody I need to leave at the hospital."
Oklahoma City
John's Diner
8:58 PM

"That what Quantum told ya? Eh, well he's right. But don't tell him I said that" Changeling said with a slight smirk.

"As far as plans, I've got none really. Though sleep does sound good..." Taking a handful of fries and swirling them in ketchup.

"Maybe after I've rested more I'll do some training. After all, those guy's skulls won't crack themselves."

Epoch let a smile crawl across is face, it felt good to think about getting back at those guys, maybe this is what it was like having nemeses? "You got that right, skull don't tend to crack themselves."

The two remained there, eating and commenting under their breath about things that they might do to each of the villains. Words like, melt, maim, break, and even dissect were thrown around. As the meal reached a close, the waitress returned with two checks and Epoch thought, could this be how the older heroes recuperated after similar losses?

The checks came, and the two paid for their meals and left meager tips. Epoch and Changeling left the diner and strolled together.

Changeling sighed, slightly patting his stomach, "A full belly sure is nice, especially after those festivities."

The cool night air blows through the streets, sending newspapers rustling about.

The glow of streetlights illuminates the city.

"Ahhh... So. What's it like to travel through time...like... does it hurt? Or it more like blinking and just being there?"

Epoch thought for a moment as the two walked toward Station 7, "Well, first of all I get this tingling feeling all over my body, like every inch of me is asleep. Also I get this feeling that I can't breathe at all, like there's no air around me to be had. Teleporting on the other hand, only has the suffocating, breathless, affect. Even though it sounds extreme or scary, I only have those feelings for that split second that I am having the experience, so I got used to it after a few tries. However, Quantum noticed that my aging may be affected by it, so he has arranged that, every now and then, I report to the med-lab, upon request, for testing."

He went silent for a moment, "how about those pretty impressive masks?"

"To tell ya the truth, I'm not exactly sure how they work. It's kinda weird really, I just feel a connection to them. They call out to me and I hear them like voices in my head. They beg to be discovered, and when I do they make this... like bond with me and when I wear them I gain abilities."

Changeling's gaze begins to drift off, deep in thought. Painful memories flash through his mind slicing like a razor. Changeling withdraws into himself and only the thud of each step grounds him to reality.
Vermillion, SD
Hospital Roof
9:10:15 pm

Up on the roof Dr. Weird was loading the medical equipment and medicine that he got from the hospital into the chopper. “And that is why when you wear a lab coat and carry government ID you can get anything you want without explaining anything.”

As he loaded up the last box steroids, “There we go, now to introduce you to other two strays I picked up today.” Stepping over the comatose bodies in the back and hooking up an IV drip from the recently liberated supplies and adding in just a hint of his own special blend. “I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MEET THE MINNESOTA ICEMAN,” motioning towards Akvo “AND WALTER CHANG.” Pointing towards Hazata Takeshi.

Moving back up to the cockpit and summoning down his pod to follow and starting the engines on the helicopter. “NOW IT YOU WOULD PLEASE STRAP IN PUPPET MASTER, WE CAN SET OFF.”

"These are the guys that fought with you?" Looking over the two unconscious and plausibly near death, battered bodies. "I understand the "Iceman" has power over ice elements, but what about........what's his name?" Ike asked after hopping into the chopper and working his way to passenger seat.

"Oh and since I'm taking requests at the moment, your speakers please?" Dr. Weird quickly scoops up the mini-amps from his coat and hands them to Ike. Ike hooks them up to his portable radio and plays searches for a song letting it blare out. "Hope they don't mind if this music wakes them up, hahahah!" It was Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Oklahoma City
Entryway to NSS Station 7
9:10:15 PM

Epoch and Changeling walked through the entrance of the Station, the two night guards in their little glass cube watch rooms sat comfortably and briefly and gave small, welcoming, gestures to the two. Both new heroes were very frequently seen passing through this portal, and the guards had become accustom to their faces and footsteps.

The two walked together, the brisk air that lacked conversation swept between them. It was a decently cool night in the city, and both young men had their minds busy with other things. Epoch was slightly shaky in his breaths as his nerves hit him about what would be happening the next morning. He was far from prepared to go back into one of those God-forsaken holding tanks. Living in the Mutant Containment Facility was a decade-long nightmare that he did not want to relive. Sure, he did manage to break free a few years back, and yeah, he was even reunited with his family (though now it was mostly a holiday affair), but things weren't all just peaches and gravy; he had no urge to ever set foot in one of those places ever again. If there were anything in this great universe that could influence his political views it would be this horrible white tanks.

Huffing out a big sigh, Epoch reached his dorm room and set his hand on the doorknob, "Have a good night, Changeling, we'll bust some skulls next time."

Epoch closed the door behind himself, not knowing that he would never see Changeling again. He sighed deeply, knowing that the was finally going to wrap up what had seemed to be the longest day he had ever lived. Before he could convince himself to sleep, however, he had one more task at hand. While preparing for bed, Epoch thought to himself, I'm going to do it, I'm going to teleport one last time.

After having changed out of his usual clothes, he stood by his laundry drop, and stared intently at his bed. This time, he thought, it just had to work. He was going to send himself to the bed, and then he would call it a night.

He failed to teleport

"Damn it!" Epoch declared, unable to teleport, "I was getting so much better at it! I just want to do it one last time." He shakes his hands a bit and closes his eyes, "Once more, just one more try, and if it doesn't work, bed time."

He failed again.

"Well, shit," Epoch grumbled. It was time to rest, and he thought that maybe he could get it in the morning before shipping out. He crawled into bed, and the lights shut off as they always did when the bed was crawled into. Before long, he slipped into sleep.

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:11 am

Somewhere over South Dakota
9:20:48 P.M.

“DAM IT, THIS GAME CHEATS TOO. HOW THE HELL DO THE GHOSTS KNOW WHERE THE FUCK I AM GOING. I need some new games, SCREW PACMAN.” Dr. Weird was having another fit over another classic game. Switching it off to browse through the list of pirated games he got from the Internet.

"Hey Doc, how soon til we arrive at our destination?" Ike asked looking over the roads streaming with lights from moving vehicles.

“CHRISTOPHER LLOYD, THAT’S THE GUY I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO THINK OF FOR THE PAST THREE DAYS I FUCKING LOVE THAT GUY.” Shouts Dr. Weird in response this was going to be a while before he got back to Ike’s question.


Coming back down from the rant, Dr. Weird pulled out his hand held again. “You might want to sit back and take a nap or something we still have about 40 minutes till we get there. I think I might watch The Adams Family.”


Akvo’s Dream
9:15 PM

The bus rattled and came to a stop.

Akvo roused from his sleep.

“Huh, what’s going on?” he asks straightening his coat.

“I don’t know, the Texas Highway Patrol is trying to get me to pull over. I was going five under what could they possibly want? Who are you? You ain’t a murderer or something?” the bus attendant looked scared as he pulled over.

"Huh, where am I?" Akvo asked.

"You trying to be funny, kid? You're on a greyhound heading for Lawton." says the suddenly angered attendant.

"What? No... this isn't right." Akvo shakes his head.

"What ain't right? Here they come, don't try any funny business."

Akvo's feet carry him to the nearest window, he rears his arm back and launches it towards the window.

Just before impact his fist becomes encased in ice. The window shatters.

"What in blazes?" remarks the attendant.

"Now you know how I feel..." Akvo

Three abnormally large men enter the vehicle. Their skin is as black as pitch and they had a mouth full of teeth that were large, stuck out at odd ends and looked sharper than knives.

Akvo blinked and the highway patrolmen came into focus. They weren't the large creatures he thought he had seen.

"Easy kid," one of the patrolmen said as Akvo backed towards the other side of the bus.

But all Akvo heard was a low guttural noise. He blinked again and the misshapen humanoids became clear.

"Get away!" he shouted as he raised his hands at the creatures.

Two of the patrolmen fall to the ground, icicles clean through their skulls.

Akvo watches as two of the great beasts collapse, the third raising it's hand.

The third patrolman raises his gun and shouts for Akvo to get down on the ground

The lumbering mass of darkness roars deafeningly and Akvo attempts to make a sphere of ice for protection.

Akvo forms an ice sphere and emboldens it with a second layer.

"That should keep it out." he said.

The giant beast shoots a black viscous substance at the sphere and it begins melting the ice. It then punches a massive fist through the ball and grabs Akvo further shattering the ice ball.

It launches Akvo out of the bus and he falls into Lake Helen. It takes an impressive leap into the water after him.

Just before the horror lays into him he attempts to assault it.

The beast is frozen solid with one of Akvo's beams.

Suddenly a lithe agile shadow streaks into vision followed by a dense swirling blackness the size of a baby whale.

The streak darts around doing little to damage Akvo but plenty to confuse and distract him. Forcing him into the water.

The elephantine void trudges forward extending appendages comparable to a sedan. Akvo attempts to take the offensive by firing freeze beams at the new foes.

Two of the freeze beams fail and the third misses.

The shambling abysm begins pawing at Akvo's face each swipe causing him tremendous pain. The slender one stood by mockingly as Akvo screamed in agony.

The colossus then began pounding down on his chest. His lungs felt as though they were tearing apart.

I can't let this thing kill me. I've gone through too much.

Akvo closes his mouth and concentrates, attempting to fire ice from every part of his body.

The pain is just too much... I can't do it.

The giant knocks the wind out of Akvo and he is on the brink of passing out.

I have to try again...

A beam two feet in diameter shoots out of Akvo's chest engulfing the shadow giant.

"My second wind is here, and it's a cold one." Said Akvo as he turned towards the slender adumbration.

He lifted his hand towards it.
The willowy shadow creature vibrates slightly almost as if a dark chortle were emanating from it.

Akvo looks at his hand in disbelief.

Why am I failing? No I can't show weakness

He looks up and the sylphlike monstrosity is missing. He looks around to no avail.

"Awh what the hell now..." He says incredulously.

The shadow creature forms in front of Akvo and vibrates again before launching a barrage of punches.

Akvo easily dodges all of them, grabs his shadow assailant and then tosses him to the ground.

"Your time is up." Akvo says before raising his hand again towards the beast.

All of the attempts fail and the shadow vibrates again before kicking Akvo's legs out from under him. Akvo falls to the ground hard and the dark beast drops its knee onto Akvo's chest.

I refuse to be defeated by this black plague.

Akvo grabs the foot of the shadow and pulls himself up while offsetting the shadow's balance. The shadow adjusts quickly but Akvo has already twisted its arm behind its back. He puts his hand up the head of the creature.

"No amount of dodging will help you escape this cold." Akvo said.

The shadow falls to the ground and Akvo breathes deeply, closing his eyes.

Akvo opens his eyes and finds himself in a helicopter with an IV stuck in his arm.

Akvo blinks.

Akvo pulls the IV out of arm. He trembles as the needle leaves his arm. His shudders have nothing to do with the cold. He was always cold.

"Always." He thought.

He stepped down from his bed and stumbled making a loud noise.

“WELL WELL WELL, LOOKS WHO IS FINALLY AWAKE.” Said Dr. Weird as Akvo stumbles awake.



"Stay where you are. You might have saved me from that mess but you still owe me some answers." Akvo said as he braced himself and began taking in the surroundings.

"Who are you? Why did you save me? Where are we? You better answer; I've killed over a dozen people in less than twenty-four hours. You've done me a great service and killing you would be an unfortunate denouement." Akvo said firmly though he was still trembling, his eyes still darting around the helicopter.

“Easy now, you kill me and everyone here dies unless you know how to pilot a Bell CH-146 Griffon helicopter which by your appearance you can’t, and you say you killed a dozen people big deal, I’ve killed hundreds. I stare death in the face every day.” Dr. Weird was just standing there, all calm with a grin on his face. Not threatened by the fact that he just said he was going to attempt to kill him.

“Normally I don’t answer rapid fire questions, but just this once I think I will make an acceptation.” Dr. Weird was still staring down the deranged injured man who looked like he was going to fall over any second.

“I am Dr. Weird, and I saved you because we can help each other and I can improve your powers. And as for where we are,” Dr. Weird pulled out his computer and checked the readers before putting it back, “we are roughly 20 minutes from my base in the Bad Lands. NOW SIT DOWN BEFORE YOU MAKE YOU INJURES WORSE.”

Akvo drops his hands and takes a seat.

"Thanks for answering my questions maybe I shouldn't have been so rash. I just woke up from a hell of a dream. You wouldn't believe the things I had to go through." Akvo said.

He looks down. He's in a hospital night gown.

"Where are my real clothes?" Akvo said.

“Your clothes?” Dr. Weird thought for a moment, “OH YOUR CLOTHES, YEAH THOSE I PUT THOSE IN THE BAG UNDER THE COT OVER THERE.” Pointing to the duffle bag where place Akvo’s cloths.

“NOW SIT DOWN AND STICK OUT YOUR ARM.” He pulled out another syringe, and fresh bandages.

Akvo grabs for the bag.

He notices the scientist reaching for his arm.

"Now wait just a minute.... What are you filling me with? I don't think I need any drugs. I feel fine." He said shakily.


“NOW, JUST CHILL THE FUCK OUT ICE CUBE, I am not going to kill you. As I said we can help each other out. The services we can provide to each other will be of great value and importance in the near future.”

Akvo considers. "I'm going to put my clothes on and then I'll let you do your stuff. I just can't process all this so quickly."

He puts everything but his coat on putting his arm out.

"Give me the shot fast. I fucking hate needles. Give me some space to think when you're done. This is a lot to process.” Akvo said.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!” Shouted Dr. Weird to distract Akvo then plunging the needle in his arm and injecting the serum into his arm.

“There you go,” looking over the other cot where Twisted Fate was lying. “I should give Chow Yun Fat another dose as well.”
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:12 am

Somewhere over South Dakota
9:50:19 P.M.

"Heh, I'm actually glad I didn't go through whatever happened to you guys," Ike said making an uncomfortable look at the unique syringe that jabbed Akvo walking up beside Dr. Weird. "You're lucky, I had to wait it out before I could actually get a name out of the doctor here. But I guess that can happen when lives are threatened and possible loss of an ally. So, I'll ask you not to shoot or freeze me please." Ike waves with a friendly smile at Akvo.

The needle plunges into Akvo’s arm.

It's longer than I thought.

The pain goes away nearly as quickly as it comes.

Everything became a little more clear.

It was like a vignette was suddenly removed from the world.

It was like all of his body parts were asleep and then suddenly passed the tingling sensation and jumped straight to normal.

His mind turned back on. Soon he was thinking twenty thoughts at a time instead of just one.

Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.

He even felt stronger than before.

Like he had just done three months of weight training.

"Thanks. I should have let you do that sooner. I feel whole." Akvo said to the scientist, "I don't like killing people, and I don't like threatening people. I just had a lot to take in."

It was like he just had eight shots of espresso

"Forgive my jittery-ness, please continue what you were doing. I need to think" Akvo said.

I need to think clearly. Focus. One thought at a time. Stop this mile a minute bullshit.

Dr. Weird stands up after giving his cocktail to Twisted Fate, and noticing that Ike was coming up behind him, “IKE, IF YOU’RE HERE THEN WHO THE HELL IS PILOTING THE HELICOPTER.”

Dr. Weird jumps back into the pilot seat and correcting the flight course. “And here I was wondering if Bobby Drake would be the one to kill me.”

Akvo takes advantage of the commotion and lack of piloting. Akvo uses his temporary gift of super consciousness to acquire one of the parachutes he noticed while scanning the surroundings.

He puts it on and steps towards the hatch. He jumps out unnoticed.

Ike walks over coolly to the pilot seat next to Dr. Weird. "Umm......Doc......," Ike points at a red lit bulb on the control board. "Its......uh........on autopilot, I assumed you already had us on course so I was curious on what was going on back there. ............Who the hell is Bobby Drake?"

“AUTOPILOT, HELICOPTERS DON’T HAVE AUTOPILOT, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.” Shouted Dr. Weird, and then noticing the blink red light that Ike was taking about. This was three inches away from where earlier he had ripped out the GPS tracking unit.

“THAT LIGHT IS BROKEN; I RIPPED OUT THE GPS UNIT RIGHT AFTER I STOLE THIS THING.” Raising his fist he sends it into the console where the blinking light is and pulled out another fist full of wires and circuits.

Calming back down, Ike’s last question finally caught up with him. “What do you mean I was just talking to him?”

Somewhere over South Dakota
9:52:00 P.M

Akvo had never done anything like this before. At any other point in his life he would have been terrified, but the cocktail of steroids and painkillers made him feel ten feet tall and bullet proof. He glances over his shoulder before jumping out of the helicopter.

The ground is rapidly approaching him before he pulls his chute and starts gliding toward the ground.

I hope it takes them a minute or two to notice. Akvo thinks to himself for landing softly near a small street. ______________________________________________________________________________
Somewhere over South Dakota
9:52:58 P.M.

“The guy who just jumped out while we were talking,” says a mildly disappointed Dr. Weird.

“Oh well not like I won’t be able to find again.” Picking up the old bandages soaked in blood and pocketing them. ______________________________________________________________________________
Highway 240
9:55:00 PM

It was dark Akvo landed gently near a road.

That was fortunate…

He took the chute off and piled it under some nearby foliage.

Best to not leave a trail…

He looked up for the North star and headed up the road.

Not the most worthless skill in the world…

The road was clear. A car couldn't be heard at all.

Better move quickly while I can even move at all…

He began to jog north on 240.

After a while Akvo slows down his jogging. The steroids still strong but one can only run so much. He walks steadily, still heading north. ______________________________________________________________________________
Somewhere over South Dakota
9:55:00 PM

"I suppose our "iceman" isn't needed enough to pursue?" Ike asked looking down for an opened parachute.

"Sorry about the mishap, thought it would've been upgraded for cruise control with your handy work Doc," Ike looking to Dr. Weird, happy that he calmed down then back to the dark landscape out the window. "Did you happen to get his name?"

“I AM A MAD SCIENTIST NOT A MIRACLE WORKER,” as Dr. Weird’s head popped up form examining his pocket which held the rags and pulling them back out.

His thoughts racing all over and multiple places at once, “DAM, HE LEFT WITH OUT SAYING GOOD BYE….AND TELLING US HIS NAME.” Holding tightly on the blood soaked rags which were previously used to cover Akvo’s wounds thinking about the lost possibilities for research and a powerful accomplish. Not many people in the world have elemental powers.

Suddenly Dr. Weird’s vision blurred briefly and when it came back into focus he was looking at Akvo running north on 240. And just as fast as it came it was gone; he was back in the helicopter with Ike sitting beside him starring out the window. An insidious smile grew across his face. “HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA, NOW NOTHING IS BEYOND MY SIGHT.”

Somewhere in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Dark Coyote crawls quietly through the trees. Not really caring much where he was going. Nothing exciting had happened to him in a long time and he didn't much care if anything did.

He climbs a tree to look around and get a feel for the layout of the land. He spies the lights of a city far below to his east but doesn't much care. If he needs he will go through it, if not, no use caring. He sits down on the branch and leans back against the trunk. This will make a good spot to rest. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory in the Bad Lands
10:14:43 P.M.

Dr. Weird lands the helicopter in front of a giant old rusted warehouse, and two rather large doors opened and his pod went flying in. Dr. Weird stepped out from the chopper and pulled out his universal remote. A small unmanned truck came out and hooked itself up to the helicopter as another small vehicle came out and Twisted Fate was moved on to it and taken inside and the chopper was taken to his chop shop.

“Come alone now Carrionite,” walking through the set of monstrous closing doors. “I’ll give you the dime tour after I deal with Sweet and Sour Chicken here.”

The Medical Wing

After walking down several long corridors with Twisted Fate on an auto-gurney right behind, eventually walking into the medical wing of the structure. Now back in his usual attire Dr. Weird stood over T.F. and began to treat his wounds. After several minutes he walked over to a drawer and brought out a hypodermic syringe, proceeding back over to the operating table Dr. Weird began to inject it into Twisted’s arm.


Takeshi’s eyes burst wide open as he felt a massive spike of renewed energy surging through his body. His vision was severely blurred from being out cold, his face was drenched with sweat. Takeshi craned his neck at the blurred visage that was, indeed, his “compatriot” Dr.Weird. Takeshi sat up in the gurney, there was a sharp sudden pain where he had been struck by the masked man’s energy spike. Takeshi wiped the cold sweat from his face, then queried to Dr.Weird,” What the fuck happened?! Where are we, and where’s that dammed ice man that I saved from those worthless pest’s?!” ______________________________________________________________________________
Science Labs in Bryant, SD
10:45:30 PM


A huge explosion erupts in the basement of the building causing pieces of brick, wood, and flesh to scatter around the vicinity; while the earth begins to pulse erupting a minor earthquake to nearby locations. The building is up in flames and Yilana walks out of it without any burns except for a couple minor scratches.

"Damn that felt good," Yilana says after putting the flamethrower around her shoulders. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory in the Bad Lands
10:48:23 P.M.

“Well good morning to you too there Rising Sun.” says Dr. Weird greeting the newly risen Twisted Fate.

"Well, Iceman 86'd us, the pests were taken care of thanks to the doctor, you were knocked unconscious for the longest time, picked me up in Vermillion while getting supplies, that may not be in chronological order but meh." Ike standing somewhat next to Dr. Weird looking over the reawakened and angry asian.

Somewhere outside Bryant, SD
10:58:34 PM

After about 10 minutes of wandering around, Yilana stopped in the woods and stretched. "Time for a nap," she mumbles to herself. She throws the flamethrower onto a branch some feet above her and rests on a huge limb of the tree and starts dozing off. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory in the Bad Lands
The time 10:57:10

Takeshi, shifted his legs over the edge of the table, looking around at his surroundings… the incandescent lighting in the room pierced his still cloudy eyes, there were various medical equipment positioned throughout the room immediately catching Takeshi’s interest. Suddenly regaining his focus, Takeshi craned his neck back at the mysterious man on the opposing side of the table.
“Damn, the iceman’s elemental powers greatly interested me…” Takeshi pressed himself from the table and onto his feet, his balance was still off from the various cocktails of med's Weird had been shoving into his body for the last hours…”and who might you be, one of Hirams lackey’s perhaps?” Takeshi insinuated, raising his eyebrow.

"Sorry, I'm no one's lackey. Just another psychopath set on world devastation and destruction. So don't put me lower than anyone you've met, I'm more deadly than you realize." Ike said smiling with some deviance toward the asian man.

Takeshi walked up to Ike, firmly patting him on the back, grinning cynically,” Psychopath?.... world devastation? My friend, I believe our motives are similar, attitudes…alike, I believe, you and I will get along just fine, now….” glancing across the operating table at Dr. Weird,” I assume this is your lab… now tell me, where can I get started on my….research?”

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS, I’LL SHOW YOU TWO DOORSTOP DROP OFFS WHERE YOU REST FOR THE NIGHT. FOLLOW ME.” Dr. Weird says before leaving the medical room and turning down a few corridors to the lower level Dr. Weird stopping at a storage closet and grabbed two bags out of it and threw one at each of the two standing behind him. “Pick whatever nearly empty storage unit you want we can continue in the morning. There is a cot and blankets inside those bags, well I will see in the morning.”

He starts walking down the hall towards his lab. “Oh and one more thing,” looking over his shoulder with a massive grin across his face. “Don’t go wondering around paced this area, my automated defense system will kill anything that does not make my genetic signature. Well then good night gentlemen.”

Ike, taking the bag given to him walks up to a door and opens it. “I guess this place will do for tonight.” Looking into a room half filled with crates. He picked a spot and set up his temporary bed for the night. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory in the Bad Lands
The time 11:06:27 PM

Takeshi stalked down the long corridor of storage units until he found one large enough to suit him. As Takeshi set up his cot he thought he muttered to himself, “Hrmph, this storage unit is smaller than my old apartment in Kyoto… great..”

Takeshi fell backwards onto his cot, extraordinarily exhausted from the day that had ensued, thoughts of the events of the day cascaded through his mind…

The “Blue Streak”… “He put up quite a fight… for someone so young and likely inexperienced. And his teleportation powers…extraordinary.” Takeshi thought to himself.

The masked man, “Bastard, if it wasn’t for him maybe I would know what the hell was going on, first chance I get, I will kill him..” Takeshi then pondered.

Finally… Dr. Weird, “A hard man to read, perhaps he will be a valuable ally, a fellow doctor could be nice in my research, but what a bizarre and scrambled psyche he has…” Takeshi lastly contemplated as he slowly drifted into unconsciousness. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory in the Bad Lands
11:03:14 P.M.

Walking into his computer lab Dr. Weird stepped up to a console and after a few key strokes brought up the blue prints for his pod. “STEVE FIRE UP THE FACOTORY, WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SOME CHANGES. TODAYS EVENTS SHOWED ME THAT WE NEED TO STEP UP MY “PROJECTS” AND FIGHTING CAPABILITIES.”

“Right away sir.” Rang out Steve

“I WANT EVERYTHING READY TO GO IN THE MORNING; WE WILL START WITH THE MARK – 7 ORBITAL OBSERVATIONAL PLATFORM.” Stepping away from the computer and heading for the door. “Wake me at 7 we have a long day ahead of us.”

Heading down another darkened hallway in the direction of his room, Dr. Weird pulled the rags out of his pocket. “I should try to do that again,” while focusing on the rags and trying to picture an image of Akvo in his mind.

Again his vision blurred out of focus and when he regained it there stood Akvo clear as day. A twisted smile happened upon his face as his sight returned to that of his room. “I could definitely get use to this. I am going to need to research my powers; it seems that my sight is growing.”


“Of course sir, good night then Doctor, everything will be ready for you in the morning.”

The lights fade out on Dr. Weird as he sat there on his bed silently grinning to himself. ______________________________________________________________________________
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:13 am

Highway 240

A car rapidly approaches Akvo. He decides to flag it down rather than killing the owner. The car slows.

Wow, good old South Dakota, glad I didn't kill this guy…

The man looked to be in his late eighties. He was in a dark blue Cutlass Supreme.

Akvo walks casually but quickly around the front of the car and looks into the passenger side window for further permission.

The old man unlocks the door and Akvo gets in. He nods to him and puts his seatbelt on.

"Yer bleeding. What're yeh doing ou' here. Where do yeh need teh go." The old man said, not questioned.

"I'm hurt, some men are after me. I just want to sleep. I don't have any money." Akvo replied not daring to look at the man for fear of upsetting him.

"I dun't want any moneh. I'll take yeh as far as Wall. Yeh can sleep on my davenport if yeh dun't need anything better." The man said, starting the car.

*Twenty Minutes later*

"Why're the men after yeh." Again the old man said instead of questioned.

Maybe I should tell him...

"I owe them some money, so I borrowed some money from someone else to pay the first group off. The first group took my money and upped the price. They want to kill me and now the second group is looking for to take their money back, out of my hide." Akvo lied.

That sounds about right

"I dunt need to see yer face to know that yer lyin' through yer teeth." The old man said without taking his eyes off the road. He drove around a stopped deer and continued towards the city lights.

Maybe I really should tell him

"I'm some sort of freak. I can shoot ice out of my hands. I accidentally killed a bunch of people in Oklahoma. I got scared and I killed a bunch more. Some other freaks came to stop me. They would have been able to except another group of crazy people came to stop them. Somehow I drew a whole lot of attention to myself by these hero types. I got beat up pretty bad. This crazy man with goggles pulled me out of there and I wasn't sure I was into the things he had to say. He was nice and all but I just don't know. I never wanted any of this attention. He fixed me up but I got out of there as soon as I could. Now here I am." Akvo breathed out.

They pulled into a driveway.

"There's food in tha fridge. I'll get yeh a blanket." the old man said.

What the hell. He either doesn't believe me or he's crazy. Or something...

They entered the dwelling Akvo didn't ask any questions and stood by the couch awaiting his blanket.

He seems like a normal old man.

He picked up a frame on the nearby coffee table. There was a slightly younger version of the old man in it, a old woman who was presumably his wife, and a young man presumably his son.

The young man seems oddly familiar...

Akvo puts the frame down just a moment before the man returns with a pillow and thick blanket.

"I said yeh could eat ma food and sleep on my davenport. I didunt seh yeh could touch meh belongin's." The man said.

Akvo looked down at the frame. It was on the wrong side of the table.


"It's fine. If yeh need anything help yehself, no need to wake meh up."

Akvo put the pillow on the couch and laid down. He was hungry. The hyper sensory enhancement had worn off though and he was exhausted.

Fuck I'd kill for even a slice of toast.... No, no I wouldn't. I wouldn't kill someone for a piece of toast.... I'm overthinking. I need to just.... sleep...

11:45:30 PM
Badlands outside of Rapid City

Dark awoke from his quick nap to the sound of a large truck. He quick jumped from tree to tree until he was soon near a road. He looked to the west and saw a large semi heading his way. He crotched down near the side of the road, trying to keep himself unseen, and when the truck got close he leapt on top of the trailer, his claws dug into the top and he braced himself from the sudden acceleration. Once he was accustomed to the movement he crawled up to the front of the trailer. The air pressure gave him a rather nice gust he took down his hood to let it all over his cleanly shaved face. He sat down at the front of the trailer. It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy the wind in his face. He lost track of time just enjoying the wind, but after a while the truck suddenly slowed down and jerked the the side of the road then skidded back as the driver tried to keep control. Dark quickly dug his claws into the trailer but he was still thrown over the side. He flipped a few times in the air then landed heavily on all fours on a slope, the momentum made him slide down the rock face but he soon came to a stop. He looked up at the truck to see if the driver was okay but the truck was still rolling down the road as if nothing had happened. Dark growled angrily at loosing his ride. He quickly made his way back to the road in order to find out exactly where he was. He crawled back up to the road and began walking down beside it. He soon found a sign saying he was at a tourist stop in the Badlands of South Dakota. He growled angrily. He quickly decided not to try to go anywhere tonight, he was tired and his right arm was twisted almost to breaking point in the crash. He looked out over the geography. He saw several likely caves and he quickly made his way to the nearest one. He found in uninhabited but he knew that most likely something called this home so he made double sure that is was secure. Sure enough a large dog came to the cave but a loud growl sent it away. He sat down in a corner of the cave and made himself as comfortable as possible. He would spend the night here, and then find his way out tomorrow. ______________________________________________________________________________
12:01:00 AM

Yilana woke up with itchy and irritated skin, moving around and forgetting she was on a limb of a tree, falling on her back a few feet below. "Umph!.. ugh.. this is so damn disgusting and annoying," Yilana felt her skin peel from possible heat. "Damn my skin feels really hot.. and there's damn snow on the ground. What in blazes?"


Yilana kneels and scratches at her skin underneath her camosuit. "What the FUUUUCK?!" She itches up from her arm to her face, "UGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!" Yilana starts to continously rub her face. The friction made her face even hotter, creating flames to appear all over her body.

Yilana looks at her hands and the rest of her body and almost screams yet laughs in disbelief. "AH..AHHH..AHAHAHHAAAA!!!!" Yilana begins to run in a frenzy, happy to find herself engulfed in flames.

Parts of the trees catch on fire, slowly becoming enflamed. ______________________________________________________________________________
Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Dormitory Room 419
7:00 AM

Epoch's alarm rang out. He burst upward, waking from some dream he couldn't remember. The night had been long and cool. The world somehow seemed at peace, though.

Sitting up, Epoch put his feet on the floor. Suddenly, like a tidal wave, it washed over him, that sicken feeling of being put in the center of the universe for even just a moment. Today he was visiting one of the holding facilities that would be closing soon. Today, Epoch would be a tool for the NSS to try to change the world for mutationally enhanced humans everywhere.

Shaking his head to tousle his hair, he almost stood. Then with a quick jolt of courage he thought, I can do it now I know it! Epoch wanted desperately to teleport just once more, it would give him the feeling that he could just probably make it through this day.

To the closet, just make it to the closet. If Epoch could teleport there, he knew he could do anything.
With that old feeling that there was absolutely no air around him, Epoch opened his yes, now standing next to his closet, "Yes, I totally did it!" He felt such greatness he threw on his blue spandex suit quicker than he had ever had. All the while he kept feeling this odd tingling. It grew from his core, like a static and sort of clung to his spandex. There was no time to think about it, he had to report to Professor Quantum by 8 AM.

Epoch had made a hasty run through the cafeteria for breakfast and ate as quickly as he could. Excitement was filling him like adrenaline, keeping his mind off the nerves he got over the thought of todays tour.

While he was finishing his last few bites and slurping his last gulp, Professor Quantum approached him, "Darren," he said, "If you wouldn't mind, we ought to get you in for a physical this morning, before we ship you out." ______________________________________________________________________________
Somewhere outside of Bryant, SD
7:05:38 AM

Yilana wakes up after collapsing from her newfound skill. "Holy.." She sits up and looks around and finds all the trees that once surrounded her, destroyed to a crisp. Standing up slowly, Yilana looks at her hands and body. "I wonder.."

Yilana concentrates with all her might, hoping that she would be able to go into flame form again.

Yilana opens one eye and notices nothing. "Ugggghh.. Ok. I will try ONE more time. If it doesn't work then screw it. I will try again later this afternoon."

Yilana kicks at the dirt in frustration. "DAMN IT! I swear it happened!" Yilana sighs deeply and sits down on the ash-covered ground. "Maybe I was dreaming..." She takes a fistful of ashes and squeezes it as hard as she can.

After cooling down, she gets up and takes her flamethrower from the ground and swings it over her shoulders. "Time to move on."

Yilana walks through the wooded area and grumbles from hunger. She needs food for energy. "Maybe after I eat, I'll get some more energy to try that fire form again.. I've got to. Her determination grew, which her walk into a run.
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Dr. Weird's Room
7:00:00 A.M.

“Sir, Dr. Weird it’s time to get up.” The computer Steve rang out. “I hate having to do this.” Suddenly a load piercing scream echoed through the room.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP STEVE, I AM UP.” He bolted up right in his bed. Ready for the new day of work to begin; jumping to the floor Dr. Weird walked to his bathroom to prepare for the day. After several minutes he emerged feeling refreshed he walked back over to the desk where the bandages lay.

“I should get these to the BIO LAB but first let’s try that again.” Taking the bandages out of the container he placed them in last night, he attempted to activate his Scrying again. ______________________________________________________________________________
Somewhere in De Smet, SD
8:05:23 AM

Yilana finally entered a town. "Ugh. I need to look casual," she thought to herself after looking down at her camosuit. She walks back into the woods and came upon a backyard of a tan colored house with brown trimming. She notices a man in the bathroom shaving his face, while the woman, who could be his wife, in the dining room getting ready to leave the house.

Yilana activates her camosuit and walks stealthily across the lawn and opens the door very quietly, after the woman leaves the house. The man suddenly walks downstairs and Yilana stands very still, breathing gently. He walked over to the kitchen, grabbed an apple then paused, sniffing the air, probably smelling the burnt smell from the woods she destroyed back near Bryant. He put the apple in his mouth and walked over to the front door, putting his coat on. He looked back at the kitchen and then left the door while humming a happy tune. Yilana sighed after seeing his car leave the driveway and walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed anything that looked good to eat.


After a good meal and a couple satisfying burps, she walks upstairs to what looked like the Master bedroom. She walks into the walk-in closet and smiles to all the huge amounts of women's clothing. "Choices choices," she said with a grin. She picked out a nice blue long-sleeved blouse and black dress pants and put them on. "Not bad," she thought to herself. "Now where are the shoes.." She looked around at the floor hoping to see some tucked underneath the hanging clothes but saw none. She went downstairs near the front door and saw a nice pair of flats. She put them on and walked around. "What are the odds she has the same shoe size as me," she said softly aloud to herself.

After putting on her flamethrower back around her shoulders, Yilana walks back out to the backyard and walks through the woods and onto the street.

"HEY! Where the hell do you think you are going with that thing?" a voice said to the right of her.

Yilana looks at a policeman, getting out of his car. She ignores him and walks onto the sidewalk with her back to him. The policeman pokes his head back in his car and leaves a dispatch message to the department in town: "There is a woman on Veld Avenue with a flamethrower.... What? Yes I am SURE it is a flamethrower!... Fine. I will double check, but I better see backup in the next two... Ten-four." The policeman walks over with his hand over his gun, jogging towards Yilana. "Ma'am. Do you have a license for that," he asked with a strong yet shaky voice.

Yilana turns around and glares at the policeman. "What's it to you?"

"For one thing, you shouldn't be carrying around a flamethrower. And for another thing, I will have you arrested if you do not.."

Yilana wields the flamethrower and points it at the policeman's face. "What, afraid of a little friendly fire?" she said with a smirk.

"I WILL HAVE YOUR ASS SENT TO STATE PRISON!" he yelled with a crack in his voice.

"Bring it." Yilana pulls the trigger but nothing comes out of it. She tries again then repeatedly pulls the trigger. She looks at the policeman who is now smiling and pulls out a gun to her face.

"Now put the weapon down. Now," he demanded.

"How about.. NO!" Yilana responded, then smashed the flamethrower across the policeman's face. He collapses on the floor unconsciously with blood coming out of his nose, mouth, and a gash across his face. Yilana turns around to her finding of five police cars with lights and eight policemen and women with guns aimed at her. "Oh-ho! Now this.. is going to be fun!" she said loudly.

"Let's hope this shit works again.." she thought to herself.

The policemen look at each other with puzzled looks while watching Yilana close her eyes in concentration. She looks down and clenches her jaw and fists. "This pisses me off.." she mumbled angrily. She whips out a couple daggers and swings them around while smiling, seeing that most of the policemen are getting nervous.

One of them shoots their gun and Yilana tries to block it with her daggers.
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Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:13 am

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Dr. Weird’s Room
7:10:08 A.M.

Nothing happened

“WHAT THE HELL, IT WORKED LAST NIGHT; I guess I need more practice.” Putting the rags back into the container but keeping a small portion and tucking inside his pocket to practice with later, “STEVE BRING ME A SERVICE DRIOD WITH A TOASER STRUDDLE AND A GLASS OF ORAGNE JUICE.”

Moments later a small droid scurried into the room carrying his breakfast. Grabbing up food he then gave the robot to container to the droid, “Take this to the BIO LAB now and start a DNA analysis.”

“Steve are we ready to begin upgrades?”

“Yes sir, preparations are complete. What would you like to start with?”

Takeshi rose from his cot, rubbing his cloudy eyes and shifting his legs over the edge of the cot, slipping his feet into his shoes. Takeshi ascended from the cot and shifted towards the sliding door of the quint storage unit. There was an audible *shwoooosh* as Takeshi moved within close proximity of the door.

As Takeshi walked down the long well lit corridor, he noticed many smaller corridors branching off from the main, each with stamps on the floor correlating with where they led…. “Maintenance, Advanced Weapons Research, Medical Ward A….. Throwback Storage..”
Takeshi thought to himself, “This Complex must be massive, surely Weird could have given me a better living corridor than that tight storage unit… what a son of a….” Suddenly, Takeshi heard a buzzing sound coming down the corridor, growing stronger in audacity as it grew closer


Then, unexpectedly, an oddly shaped robotic holding an average sized canister whizzed rapidly past Takeshi, nearly slamming into him and into the adjacent bulkhead. “What the hell!?” Takeshi muttered, performing a double take in an attempt to get another glimpse of the robot. Takeshi pondered it for a minute as he continued down the corridor, “Of course, one of Dr. Weird’s creations.”

Finally, Takeshi reached the end of the corridor and into a large main room, he could hear a computerized voice in the far side of the room, and some terribly off key singing from what sounded like his compatriot Dr. Weird. He moved closer to get a glimpse of Weird beating on his pod with a hammer.

“Hiram…..” no response, “ HIRAM!!!!” Takeshi then shouted struggling to be heard over the clamorous hammering. ______________________________________________________________________________
Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
5:00:00 AM

Akvo roused. Painfully.

The painkillers have worn off...

Akvo sat up. He heard TV in the room. It sounded like the morning news. The old man was obviously awake.

Should I go talk to him or just leave?

Akvo stands up and makes his way to the bedroom walking loudly enough to be heard easily. He knocks on the door of the room where the sound is coming from.

"Did yeh need somethin'." The old man said without looking up from the TV

"Just wanted to say thanks for the space to sleep." Akvo said.

"S'fine. Y'leaving now aren't yeh." He commented.

"I don't really have anywhere to go. But I don't really want to bring trouble your way." Akvo said.

"Yeh can stay anothah night if yeh want. It will be cold tehnight and yeh shed have a warm place teh sleep." Said the old man.

"Well I was thinking about doing an errand or two if that's okay?" Akvo asked.

"Ahm not yer dad. Bring tha car back in one piece." The old man said, handing Akvo the keys.

Wow, what's with this guy? How the hell can he be so open?

"Well, thanks. I don't think I'll be gone more than a few hours." Akvo said, standing there, waiting for more.

When it didn't come he turned around and left the room heading for the dark blue Cutlass Supreme. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Factory Floor
7:13:11 A.M.

In the sub-factory maintenance floor the O.O.P.S. was being taken apart for the modifications. While Dr. Weird stood by at a small console controlling the mechanical arms as they whirled about the pod pulling off the armor siding.

Another service droid came up to Dr. Weird handing over a digital clip board and relayed some news to him in a Microsoft Sam voice. “At 10:45 P.M. last night a warehouse exploded and went up in flames, which was revealed to be an unknown testing lab.”

“Really, things keep getting better and better.” Noticing that Takeshi was standing in the door way he gave him a little wave. “Go get the V-22 ready just in case, I want to be ready just in case.”

Looking at the digital clipboard, scrolling through the list of what appeared to be words of some kind as if to be looking for something. Suddenly stopping on one, “STEVE, OPEN PLANS FOR PROJECT 206-EX-7 AND PREP THE MANUFACTIONING ROOM 3…. AND BRING ME MORE ORAGNE JUICE.”

Sticking his hand into his pocket to retrieve the bandage, “The only way to get better is to practice.”
Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
5:10:00 AM

Akvo made it nearly to the door.

"Hey wait jest a mehnut." The old man shouted down the hallway.

Shit… Knew this was too good to be true.

"Yuh'll need teh fillerup." The old man said handing him a twenty dollar bill.

"Do you need a receipt?" Akvo asked

"Do yeh plan on stealin' from meh." The old man responded.

"No, I just thought…." Akvo trailed off.

"Here's anotha twenteh in case then." Said the old man giving him another crisp bill from his checkbook.

"I really appreciate it."Akvo thanked him.

"S'no problem." Said the old man walking away.


Akvo turned the keys in the ignition. Pulling out of the driveway.

He drives around town until he finds himself on Glenn street and the Route 66 Station.

He enters the station with his hood up, grabbing a map of South Dakota and a ski mask. He drops the forty dollars on the counter.

"Thirty dollars in gas. Keep the change." Akvo says trying not to reveal his face.

He puts thirty dollars worth of super unleaded gas into the Supreme and makes his way East towards Kadoka, SD.
Cave in the badlands of South Dakota
6:28:00 AM

Dark scratched his head softly then stood up and stretched out. Spending the night here wasn't exactly a holiday inn, but it wasn't as bad as he feared. He looked out of the cave, taking note how high the still morning sun was in the sky, it hadn't even fully left the horizon. He walked back into the cave. He would need to find something to eat soon.

He stepped forth from the cave and his hunger problem was solved. He heard the distinct rattling of a snake just below him. He looked down to see a fully grown rattlesnake at his feet. He chuckled as he lifted his foot off the ground, the snake struck at him, but the fangs only bounced off his thick leather boots. Dark slammed his foot on its head. The body began flailing wildly but Dark just bent over and grabbed it firmly. He ripped through the scales and soon had the meat exposed. It didn't take him long to eat the body, but it would satisfy his hunger for the day. He got down on all fours and sniffed the air while scratching the dirt.

Not smelling anything he slowly crawls from the cave. Dark wasn't positive abbout how he would get out of the badlands, but first he had to find water. He crawled for only a few miles before he found a small pond. A bit of leftover from the last time it rained. He quickly drank as much as he could then began moving east. He was bored with the hills. Time to head east and find something interesting there. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Factory Floor
7:16:06 A.M.

His vision began to blur like it did before, “SUCCESS!!!” he shouted but when it came back into focus it was not Akvo he saw, but an assembly line in a factory producing medical bandages. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, WHERE IS MR. DRAKE, AND WHY AM I LOOKING AT THIS SHIT.” Looking around to see if Akvo was there somewhere but all he saw was machinery and the workers there maintaining the machines.

His vision faded back out and he found himself back at his factory floor. “DAMN IT, how did that happen.” Looking at the bandage in his hand the answer came to him. “YOU GOTTA BE KIDING ME.” He realized that because Akvo’s blood was the rag, he picked up on the place where it had come from.

“This is going to be a pain in my ASS.” ______________________________________________________________________________
Somewhere in the badlands

Dark continued to walk amongst the sand and the rock of the badlands. He had spent a few years here but he knew that it wasn't a place to be lost in. He didn't recognize anything so he just kept walking. He walked up to the top of a large peak and looked around. All he could see was more of the arid rocks. He sighed loudly. He smelled the air again, hoping to find something of use.
Just outside Kadoka, Poplar St. SD
7:25:00 AM

Akvo had driven very slowly so he didn't draw attention to himself.

He found himself at a store called "People's Market". He parked the Cutlass and started walking on foot. He moved West on Poplar St. then moving north on W 1st Ave. He winced and put his map away and took a left on Chestnut St.

This is a whole lot of work. Hopefully I'm not wasting my time, and I hope it doesn't come back to bite him. It's just a couple blocks away now.

Akvo looked around somewhat nervously before donning his ski mask.

He arrived at 601 Chestnut. ______________________________________________________________________________

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Physical Examination Room
7:35 AM

"Please step into the standing bay," inquired a nerdy looking young man in a lab coat, who had previously introduced himself as Patrick Grimly. Pat, he had said would suffice and he had the simple power to understand all machinery.

"Turn it on, Pat," Quantum interjected, "You'll hear a slight whirring sound, Darren, but don't worry the machine doesn't bite."

Epoch made an uneasy smile, "What exactly does this do?" He was standing on a semicircle platform that seemed to be surrounded by blue lights that intensified as the whirring kicked in. The machine was a, floor to ceiling, metallic cylinder, with an external control panel that Pat stood at with confidence.

Quantum smiled widely, "It's an old time machine, if you're willing to believe that," he let out a sly laugh, "I built the first model about thirty years ago, and oddly it didn't work. I did perfect the concept later, but decided it was too much of a risk and never integrated it into the NSS repertoire. This model, however, was designed to travel by tracking and concentrating chronotons. Lucky for you, it does work perfectly to track chrontons and give out readings on their states and energy."

Epoch looked a tad unsure, "Chronotons? So, this is the machine that decides exactly what my power is doing to me?"

"Precisely," Pat and Quantum said in unison.

"Now stand still and we will proceed," Quantum directed Epoch.

As he gained his composure, the whirring of the machine grew higher in pitch. Epoch heard something shift in the machine as the lights on metal arms began to rotate around him and the platform. each arm, it appeared was not covered in lights, but blue glowing nodes of some sort. Looking beyond the rotating arms, Darren spotted Jenna and the head of the NSS, Mr. Jackson enter the room.
8:01:30 AM
Somewhere in the badlands

The smell of fumes filled his nose. His eyes immediately opened and looked in the direction from where the fumes where coming. He got back down on all fours and slowly began making his way toward the smog. He was wary; this was not a smell to be expected in the middle of nowhere. There was no way it was just a passing truck. The smell was to prevalent for that. He slowly made his way, following his nose to the bas of a large hill. The smell was defiantly coming from the top. He slowly climbed the hill carefully scanning the area around him for anything out of the ordinary. He soon was at the top but still saw nothing. He closed his eyes and let the smell guide his hands. He soon felt a large bit of heat. He opened his eyes to find a large, but very well hidden, exhaust port. Obviously for some large facility below. His mind flashed back to the facility he was kept in when he was so much younger. The rage boiled up in him but he knew that anything he did would be limited and would likely bring a swift response. He decided just something like a small prank would have to do. He blocked the exhaust with large rocks and plenty of sand. Once he could no longer smell the smog, or feel the heat he quickly bolted away, knowing that someone would definitely notice the build up inside the facility and would not be happy.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:14 am

Kadoka, SD
601 Chestnut
7:35:00 AM
He entered the hospital with his ski mask on.

A woman behind the desk was smiling as she looked up and saw the masked man. Her mouth was agape but the man had leapt over the counter, grabbed her by the throat, and twisted her arm behind her back all before she could scream.

"I don't want to hurt you. I swear on any children you might have that I don't plan to hurt a hair on your head if you just help me out." He whispered in her ear, "I need medication. I'm not a druggie. I don't need zoloft. I'm injured and I have some outfit guys after me." He lied.

The woman closed her mouth.

"Good, I don't care what it is but it needs to be strong and preferably not addictive. I don't want to have to do this to some other poor woman. You understand?" He asked.

She nodded.

"Take me to the drugs or whoever can get me the drugs. The more afraid you act the more likely I'll get what I need. Remember the family you don't want to let down."

"Take me to the back," She said, almost calmly.

He wheeled her around, gently and they went to the back.

"Doctor?" She called out.

"Yes?" A voice came.

"I need you to come out here, it's urgent. Please remain calm." She said.

Akvo leaned towards her ear.

"You do all the talking I don't need to be recognized for anything." he whispered.

A doctor came out of the office and he looked shocked.

"What the hell's going on?" He asked shakily.

"There isn't much time to explain." The secretary said acting frightened, "This man is being followed by the mob and he can't afford to be seen. He needs Codine, not Morphine. Get it so he can leave us in peace…. Please…" She pleaded with him.

"We don't cater to criminals…" He replied

"We've never had one before." She said "He's going to k-"

Akvo cut her off and grabbed her more forcefully, choking her slightly.

"He's going to kill me." She began crying, "Please just get him the Codine."

The doctor looked defeated and went to the back room fumbling with his keys.

"Thank you," Akvo whispered, "I'll find some way to repay you. Tell him to put it in a bag."

"Put it in a bag he says!" She calls out to him

The doctor returns with what looks to be like five or six bottles of pills each containing twenty-five pills apiece. He stuffs them into a bag.

"Here." The doctor says incredulously.

Akvo jerked the girl slightly and she reached for the bag then he backed up with her. Taking her outside.

"Come with me." Akvo said to her, "I'll drive you just a little outside of town then he won't call the cops. You can lie about where I drop you off."

She nodded and he took off his ski mask.

"Call him on your cell phone, tell him you're taking me hostage so he won't call the cops." Akvo told her.

She nodded again and made the call. They calmly got into the car.

He drove west on ninety and dropped her off about two miles in. He got out of the car and hugged her.

"Thank you," He said genuinely, "Please don't call him to pick you up. Just go back to the hospital. Then tell him I was heading East."

"Okay." was all she said.

"I'm sorry to inconvenience you. I'm not that bad of a guy, I've just been rolling badly." He apologized.

"I hope your luck turns around." She replied.

"I think it already has." He smiled.

Waving he got back into the car and made his long drive back to Wall.
Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Physical Examination Room
7:37 AM

The whirring continued on for a moment or two until the machine let out a microwave oven-like beep. Slowing gracefully, the metal arms returned to their native positions and the blue light dimmed.

"That's very interesting..." Pat said trailing off.

"What's interesting?" Epoch asked, trying to remain perfectly still.

Quantum glanced from the display on the side of the machine and back to Epoch, "Come on out, Darren."

Mr. Jackson stepped forward slightly, "So, Professor, what does this particular student's reading say, exactly?"

"Is it as we thought?" Jenna added.

Epoch looked at the three older adults with slight excitement but also a dose of worry.

"It is indeed," Professor Quantum replied, "It seems that Darren really is becoming an energy well." He paused, now addressing Epoch and Mr. Jackson, "Throughout Darren's life, chronotons have been rapidly attracted to him. Since his first time travel, he had opened his body, at a cellular level, to the chronotons as a decaying point."

Mr. Jackson looked slightly confused but also greatly intrigued. He spoke for Epoch and himself, "What exactly does this mean?"

Jenna had decided this was her turn to speak and pulled the discovery away from Quantum, "As Darren time travels, or teleports, chronotons from all over the universe, in all of history are rapidly drawn to him. These chronotons then fill dramatically with energy and die as they pass through him. The energy that these molecules give off is then trapped and stored in more than half of Darren's mitochondria."

As she took a break to breathe Quantum continued for her, "While being stored, this energy does allow the cells to stay powered, but much of it does not get used because very little goes a very long way. This is a dangerous thing, at least for Darren. If he does not expel this energy in some way, he is bound to have his cells begin self-destruct. Of course, we all have some cells burst and die, however, this type of explosion can set off a chain reaction that could cause him to self destruct entirely."

"The Super Nova effect." Mr. Jackson said, in closing.

The three experienced seniors stood quietly for a moment.

Epoch spoke up, "The Super Nova effect?"

Mr. Jackson looked to Darren, "We had a friend, a close colleague, who used a type of energy that his mitochondria produced, he called himself Super Nova. After a fairly large accident where many innocent people had died, he decided to never use power again."

"What happened?" Epoch said with worry in his wavering voice.

"He blew up." Mr. Jackson said coldly.
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Factory Floor
7:16:25 A.M.

Takeshi let out a disgruntled sigh as Weird continued to ignore his shouting… “HIRAM!!....” Takeshi shouted as he glanced down at his tattered clothes that he still wore from the chaotic day before, “All I need to know is where my car is located in this place…. All my supplies… my clothes, my research documents… my WEAPON, are in it….also where can I find a shower in this place?”

Takeshi felt a sudden strain in his stomach, “ Also…perhaps some food.”

Putting the bloody rag back in his pocket after his semi successful slash failure at using his new power, “RIGHT, ON TO THE REST.”

Dr. Weird then walked over to where the weathered Asian stood. “Now I believe we have some details to iron out now don’t we. First I bet you are hungry right, it’s just me here so I don’t have too much but I am sure Steve could work something out.”

Still holding onto the digital clipboard he begins to walk down another corridor. “Follow me.” Dr. weird says over his shoulder.

As Takeshi walked down yet another long corridor side by side with his compatriot, he could hear the humming of many various machines working…gears clanging together, the buzzing of electricity, various beeping sounds from computer terminals.

Takeshi didn’t let the sound keep his focus for long as he looked over at Dr. Weird…his face was grinning macabre, his large black goggles almost seemed like black holes boring into his cranium.
Takeshi cleared his throat and finally spoke, “Tell me Hiram, what the hell happened yesterday, there was the fight with the Blue Streak, but then the next moment I was out, and then suddenly in your lab, with another man that wasn’t with us before…explain to me, what happened when I was out.”

“Ah that is a long story Linear Destiny, almost like it would take three months’ worth to tell,” Dwelled the doctor.

Pausing at a set of doors, which opened instantly as Dr. Weird went in. The room they had entered had a lot of stainless steel appliances in it. A lot of heat was also being produced from one corner of the room and in the center was a table and some chairs, one of which Dr. Weird took a seat on. Motioning to Takashi to have a seat as well.

“BRING US SOME MORE TOASTER STRUDELS WITH COFFEE AND ORANGE JUICE.” Then a smaller looking droid came out of the freezer and rolled up to the table popping out four strudels out from its head and poured a glass of OJ and a mug of coffee.

After taking a swig of juice Dr. Weird pulled a cigar out from his pocket, “LIGHT ME STEVE.” Just then a laser beam from the ceiling hit the end of the cigar lighting it.

“Let’s see, right after you got your ass handed to you and you passed out the Blue Lantern passed out as well. I managed to steel a military helicopter and blew up the other news copter. From there we flew north to Vermilion SD, where we meet up with Agent Smith. We shot the shit over a couple of hoagies, I also was introduced to lovely young lady too but I guess the time for her was not.” Dr. Weird paused a moment to take a puff of his cigar. “After that we went back to the hospital and got, well I guess it would be more accurate to say that we just plain out rob them of some medical supplies. Which I used to begin you patch work. With Agent Smith now on board we proceeded back here. Along the way the Ice Cube woke up, I gave him some more first aid but due to some events I was distracted and he managed to jumped out into the night. When we landed here at my lab I brought you inside and well the rest you know, anything else?” Taking another drag Dr. Weird seemed to stare off into space.

Staring at the glass, “MORE JUICE.”
Interstate 90
Outside Kadoka
7:52:00 AM

Akvo turns the radio on. The news is already playing. He leans back and settles in for the long ride.

Should have bought cigarettes. Really dying.

He hears very little on the radio.

I suppose that could change

He reached into the bag filled with pills. It reads:

Codeine can be habit-forming. Do not take a larger dose, take it more often, or take it for a longer period of time than prescribed by your doctor.

Ugh… I didn't want addictive stuff. I guess it's hard to get strong stuff that doesn't make me want more.

He continues reading the label:
Take one tablet orally every four to six hours. Do not drive a car or operate machinery until you know how this medication affects you.

Guess I should wait to get back. Wouldn't want to ruin his car. It is rather nice

He thought observing the F-85 symbol on the dash. He accelerates, not wanting to be out in the open any longer. ______________________________________________________________________________
Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Physical Examination Room
7:41 AM

Everyone in the room had gone silent. Pat, at this point, had excused himself from the room. Clearing his throat, Quantum tried to break the din, "No worries, Darren," He patted Darren on the back, "You can avoid this by monitoring the way your body feels and expelling energy as best as you can. As far as it looks you have a few days before it becomes a problem so just play around with it."

"Like what?" Epoch asked.

"Try making an Energy Blast, sometime," Jenna added.

Epoch nodded, then Mr. Jackson began, "Let's move it to the briefing room where we will send you on your way, Darren, we've got some angry mother fuckers waiting to give you a tour."

The four walked silently together as they passed the doorway for the clinic, Jenna had parted with them there, giving a warm farewell the group.

"So what does this mean, exactly?" Epoch whispered to Quantum.

Quantum replied, "It means you're evolving, which is brilliant."

Mr. Jackson interjected, "Each human that has a prominent mutation has the potential to evolve. Now these evolutions differ from person to person, and it can be a very personal thing. Most who do evolve, tend to only do so twice, giving them three arrays of powers, like myself. Now straighten up as we enter the meeting room, there are government officials here an I don't need my guests acting like two immature niggas."

Quantum shook his head and considered a retort before Jackson swung the door open. Inside there stood two men in formal suits, as well as an NSS pilot. Jackson greeted the men in the suits and the meeting began.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:15 am

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory
A Kitchen, Maybe
7:24:11 A.M.

Dr. Weird reached into his pocket for the rag, not withdrawing but leaving it in his pock. Thinking to himself to try using his new skill again. “I better not see that damn factory again.” He mumbles to himself so that his company won’t hear.
He begins to concentrate. Nothing happens.

“DAMN IT, ANOTHER FIALED ATTEMPT.” Screaming in his head at the failure, “Well, maybe just one more try…”

His vision began to blur and go out of focus and refocused in on…. “THE FUCKING FACTORY AGAIN, DAMN IT.” Once again screaming in his mind, echoing of the walls of his inner thoughts; he blinked and was back at the table with Takashi. “Oh well,” he thought, “at least it worked this time.”

Just then Steve’s voice rang out from above, “Sir, I just picked something up on the police scanners. It seems that someone is causing trouble in De Smet.”


“It seems to be a lone women with a flamethrower fighting the police with an unusual fighting style, and she matches a description of someone leaving the warehouse in Bryant before it went up and was seen walking into the local forest before it burned down.”


“But sir, she is also on fire.”

“WHAT THE STEVE TELL, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT FIRST,” grumbled Dr. Weird as he stuffed another strudel in his mouth. After draining his glass of juice he bolted up right from his chair. “RIGHT THEN TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER TRIP, ASIAN CHRIS ANGEL YOU WAIT HERE I THINK YOU SHOULD REST A DAY BEFORE YOU TRY TO MUCH ACTIVITY.” Running through the door he shouted back, “REMEMBER NOT TOO WANDER TO FAR OR MY DEFENCES WILL KILL YOU.”

Making his way to the hanger he jumped into the V-22 Osprey as Steve shouted some last bits of information. “The time is currently 7:29 Mountain, 8:29 Central you should arrive at De Smet in approximately 25 minutes so you should arrive there at 7:50 Mountain, 8:50 Central.”


Somewhere Over Oklahoma
8:15 AM CT

The 8 AM meeting had started about fifteen minutes early and there had been some talk about an investigation that should be launched in a small South Dakotan town. Epoch was relieved that he would be off the fighting grid today, but was still no more excited to see the facility.

He sat in a slightly uncomfortable helicopter seat, flying by himself - aside from the pilot - to Springfield, Missouri. The holding tank he was visiting today was closing down within fifteen days, and this was his only chance to persuade the government to redesign how they operate as they consolidate the number of facilities in the nation.

It had been said, in the meeting, that the President of the United States had actually given some room for the NSS to finally speak up, and this was finally their chance to put a foot forward to stopping the abuse that the government had shown mutants.

As he thought, he recalled what he had been informed, in secret at the meeting, intelligence given to him through NSS President Jackson. Epoch would now be referred to as "Shock" and his superpower was now simple Energy Emission. This was a ruse devised to conceal his identity, since he was still registered as an escapee of one of these exact facilities.

This was going to be a long flight. ______________________________________________________________________________
Somewhere in De Smet, SD
8:06:02 AM CT

Yilana's dagger misses the bullet by a hair, causing it to move direction slightly into her left rib. "UGH... shit.."

The policeman who shot it did a victory salute and told everyone else to fire. "On my count..."

Yilana achieves Fire Form before they shoot again.

Yilana yells out in fury while flames cover her body, melting away the clothing and shoes she worn before, leaving behind her camosuit.

The policemen look at each other in shock, and one of them yells, "FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!" Each of the eight policeman fire one bullet towards Yilana.

Yilana gets ready with daggers at hand, hoping to defend herself this time.

Yilana moved very fast to try to catch each bullet, while walking towards the policemen. She grunts when four bullets she missed bruises her skin. She runs towards the police, blocking and missing bullets from their pistols. Shot after shot, she can feel her skin bruise underneath her camosuit.

Suddenly a SWAT team appears behind her with MP5s and Remington 870s. "ON MY COMMAND... FIRE!!!!!" One of the SWAT officers yells out.

Yilana turns around, facing bursts of fast bullets coming towards her. She screams, while trying to defend herself, only blocking so many at a time with two daggers in each hand.

Her anger is rising and she feels this tingling flowing throughout her body. "THIS IS ENOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screams and lets out a pulse of flames burst in a 20 foot radius around her, burning any living thing and exploding any vehicles and buildings in the way.

Still in Fire Form, Yilana falls on all fours, gasping for breath. "Shit.. what was that.." She knew from then on to only use that power in times of emergency. "Damn it, my body is so weak.."

Yilana crawls to the side of the road and lays on her back, glaring at the sky, feeling her body get weaker and very exhausted, and finally falling into a deep sleep.
The V-22 Osprey Over South Dakota
7:35 A.M. MT / 8:35 A.M. C


He reaches into his pocket again and grabbed the sample he retrieved form Akvo. “Ha HA, now let’s try this again.” ______________________________________________________________________________
Somewhere in De Smet, SD
8:47:52 AM CT

Yilana opens her eyes and adjusts them to the sunlight above. "Ugh.." She gets up very slowly and almost falls back down again. "Shit.." Yilana stands up and stretches with little energy she has left and looks around. "Holy hell.." The police and SWAT cars and the men and women near them were all ashes and fire, even the buildings nearby; everything on the east-side of De Smet was destroyed.

She looked at her hands and legs and noticed she was still in Fire Form. "I can't believe I did that!" Yilana begins laughing to herself and walks forward a bit, almost tripping over her own feet. "Ok.. I guess I should stand still for a while".

Yilana sits down on the sidewalk with her stomach grumbling. "Once I get some grub, I will surely have the energy I need to move on." ______________________________________________________________________________
The V-22 Osprey Over South Dakota
8:36 A.M. C

“WWHHYYYYYY?” Dr. Weird screams at another failed attempt.

“This is frustrating like I am rolling for luck, AND MY LUCK FUCKING SU… HOLY CRAP!!!” Just then he flew through a flock of birds, hitting about four of them. “SHIT, I JUST PAINTED THIS THING. AHHHHHHHH, hmmm, I suddenly have a craving for Chicken Stir Fry.”

Looking back at his hand he remembered the rag and what he was doing. “One more try.” ______________________________________________________________________________
7:30:00 AM MT

Dark growls when the blocking of the exhaust port doesn't draw any attention. He roars out in anger then begins to crawl away. He is sick of being alone in the wilderness. It was where he was most at home, but it got very lonely. He crawls in the sun trying to think of what to do. He was lost in the badlands and that was not a great place to be. He needed to be able to find water and food, both of which where not of an over abundance. He decided that even though going to the facility would be dangerous, his best bet was to find how it was supplied. He sniffs the air hoping to find something of use.

Smelling more fumes Dark sprints out toward the smell. He quickly comes to a another vent. It too is hard to find but the he quickly finds it's opening. He tries to see if he could crawl down it, but decides against it as the lack of oxygen would kill him. He quickly plugs this port up as well. Making sure no little cracks are left. Once it is completely covered he sprints over to a nearby cave to hide, and hopefully draw someone out of the facility.
The V-22 Osprey Over South Dakota
8:37 A.M. C

Concentrating really hard this time his vision blurs and went out of focus and refocuses in… ON Akvo, “FINALLY, IT WORKED THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSE TO.”

He was watching Akvo holding a girl hostage and making negotiations with a doctor. This made Dr. Weird smile seeing him act this way. “THATA BOY CHILLY WILLY.”

He left Akvo and returned to the cockpit of the V-22, “GOD I LOVE THIS JOB.”

Looking out the window Dr. Weird he noticed that he was approaching a glowing figure in the approaching distance. When he got closer he slowed his speed at switched over to hover mode and began his decent.

He set the craft down in the charged street in front of her. Dr. Weird walked to the back of the plane and opened the bay doors. When they fully opened he saw what all the fuss was about. She was on fire; literally on fire as if someone had set her ablaze but she was perfectly fine.

“Well now what do we have here?” Dr. Weird was surveying the surroundings. “You did all this, I am impressed. I think it would be in your best interest to come with me, now I know that I may look crazy and probably am; but I assure you that will not hurt you. I want to help you, I am Dr. Weird just your average former scientist gone mad after wrongful termination for some quote unquote radical experiments.” Looking the uncertain look in her face at least what he thought was a look of uncertainty. Her face was hard to read through all the fire.

“At least come with me and see what I have to offer and if you don’t like it you leave no string attached, I promise.” Dr. Weird said with an alligator smile. He turned back around and headed to the cock pit. “Oh and if you please would please douse you flames, we would want to infect this vehicle with fire.” ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory
7:26:30 A.M. MT

Takeshi watched as Hiram abruptly darted out of the room…

“Perhaps sitting this one out would be in my best interest….I’m getting to old for this stuff…” Suddenly, Takeshi realized he still wasn’t told where his car and belongings where.

Takeshi burst up from his chair screaming down the corridor, “Dammit Hiram!!! Get your ass back here and tell me where my…..” returning to chair, “you know what, never mind” a frustrated tone in Takeshi’s voice.

Suddenly, a voice rang out throughout the room echoing off the walls.

“Do you require assistance Dr. Takeshi?”

Takeshi scanned the room for a brief moment looking for the origin of the disembodied voice, until finally realizing that it was Dr. Weird’s computer AI...

“Steve…I presume?”

“You are correct, I am Steve, Dr.Weird’s personal artificial intelligence, and I presume you would like to know where your car is located… unfortunately for you, your car has been scrapped, but your personal belongs have been transported to Storage Room S1, down Corridor S, Five doors in…. is there anything else you would like Dr. Takeshi?”

“Wait… WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CA…. you know what, not important..” Takeshi sighed, now motioning for the hallway marked Corridor S, “I will, however.. have a coffee, black…please.”

Takeshi finally finished slipping on a clean black button up dress shirt and pants.

“ Ahh, much better, now to find the rest of my stuff among these lockers..”

Takeshi continued to dig through the units marked with his name, only taking brief pauses to sip his coffee.

“Dammit!! Where are my research documents?!” Takeshi scornfully uttered under his breath.

“Excuse me Dr. Takeshi, but I believe Dr. Weird has procured your research documents for study.”

“Of course he did, why am I surprised?” Takeshi muttered.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:15 am

The V-22 Osprey in De Smet, SD
8:52:19 AM CT

Yilana double takes and stares up at this big aircraft landing in front of her. She stands up when this oddball walks out and speaks to her. She listens intently to his words and makes a face of disgust, knowing this man would probably do the same thing her previous boss did to her. However, there is this feeling that somehow she will find some answers about her new abilities and maybe even grow. She looks at herself then at this strange looking man, while clenching her fists.

"Since you sound convincing, I will give you this chance. However, I make no promises if you do not follow your words."

Yilana takes a deep breath and slowly converts back from her Fire Form. She walks slowly onto the aircraft with exhaustion and slouches on a seat nearby. Clenching her jaw, she holds the open wound from the bullet in her left rib. She looks towards the cock pit and yells after the strange man: "Did you say you were a doctor?"

Dr. Weird looks over at the new “friend” he just made he saw that she was bleeding; he pulled a syringe out form his coat walker over to Yilana. “This trip was rather sudden so I don’t have that much with me but this should help you out a lot until we get back to my lab. Now if you would please hold out your arm.”

Reluctantly Yilana stuck out here arm for the shot, “This is my own special blend, comprised of steroids, adrenaline, painkillers, some endorphins, proteins and a few others designed to fix you up.”

As he gave here the shot he examined the suit she was wearing. Which appeared to be a form of camouflage to mask the wearer’s location, hers was full of bullet holes. “Fascinating, that suit you are wearing is high class piece of tech I am curious as to where you got it, of course it’s crap with several design and structural flaws other than being full of holes. The one I am working on has a 35% higher output rate and an instant surface phase shift so that activation is just an afterthought.” Putting the needle away back into his pocket and headed back to the front.

“If you want I could possible fix that for you.” Said Dr Weird as began to engage the flight plan back to his base; the bay doors were closed and they began to rise up into the air. Once the appropriate altitude was reached he began to accurate.

“NOW PREPARE FOR MAXIUM SPEED, MWAHAHAHAHA.” Laughed Weird as a sudden burst of speed hit.
Yilana stares at the needle in apprehension. "Ugh, I must not show a weakness.." She decides to ignore the needle and focus on Dr. Weird's face while he talks.

"I got this from a previous job as an Assassin. The lab that was blown to smithereens back in.. Bryant or whatever that town was called. A piece of shit if you ask me."

Yilana looks at Dr. Weird with curiosity after he goes back to the front and responds with a smile after his offer of fixing it. "Sure, but I would like to see this suit you have been working on first."

After all the doors were closed, Yilana fastens up on the seat and gets comfortable. The medicine seems to be working pretty quickly. "I don't feel as much pain as I used to.. Good.." she thought to herself.

**SWOOOOOOOOOSH** The aircraft takes off at high speed, leaving Yilana grip her seat with laughter: "WAAHOOOOOO!!" ______________________________________________________________________________
Cave in the badlands

Dark growled angrily at the lack of attention. He knew he couldn't sit around ere forever waiting, or hoping for someone to come by, so e had to move out. He crawled forth from the cave carefully looking around. He crawled away at a fair pace keeping his eyes out from anything that could be of use. Water would be the best for him. All he had to drink was a few gulps of rain water, he would need more. Food would also be a concern, but the rattlesnake he ate earlier would keep him on his feet for a bit.

He quickly started scrounging on the ground, looking for tracks. Finding something like a dear or wolf was high hoping but even a little snake would be a welcome find. He stopped on a large rock and place his ear to it. He just listened for a second then jumped away. He landed on another rock and bent over near a small crevice to look inside. A small snake hissed at him. Dark didn't hear a rattle on it, butt that didn't meaning grabbing it was safe. He stuck his boot into the dark, the snake bit onto the thick leather but couldn't penetrate it. As soon as the snakes fangs hit the boot, Dark's claws hit the snake, taking it's head off completely. Dark grabbed the body and devoured it quickly. Feeling is hunger for now satisfied he jumped to the lowest levels of the valley, once at the bottom he just dug straight down. The dirt on the surface was bone dry but just a few inches down it was fairly moist. Using a skill he had learned the first time he lived in the badlands he picked up some dirt and wrapped it in his shirt. he put the shirt up to his mouth and wen he squeezed it a small bit of water trickled into his mouth. He repeated this task several times till he felt he thirst was quenched.

He then walked to another cave and settled in. He would move on later that night, but for now he just sat and rest, thinking about his predicament. His right arm still was sore from his crash but it was still usable and still deadly. He practiced a slice on the thick rock wall of the cave. The rock was hard but the claws made fine slices through it. Dark growled happily, knowing his claws where still razor sharp. He looked at the level of the sun and decided against waiting for dark. It would take to long. He would move now, keeping to the shadows as best he could. Maybe be lucky to pick up another snake along the way. He crawled forth, keeping an ear out for anything. ______________________________________________________________________________
The V-22 Osprey De Smet SD
9:14:33 A.M. C 8:11:33 P.M. MT


One more time he reached into his pocket and grabbed the rag and began to concentrate on the blood. The more he did this the more he enjoyed it.

Wall, SD
8:25:00 AM GMT
283 Creighton Rd

Akvo pulled into the driveway. He cut the ignition and stepped into the house, not bothering to knock.

"'bou' time. Prolly burned up all tha fuel yeh put in tha tank." Called a voice.

"Sorry," Akvo apologized as the old man hobbled into the room.

"S'fine," said the old man "What didja get." The old man said taking note of Akvo's slightly bulging coat with his cane.

"Uhm, painkillers." He decided not to lie.

"I didn't give ya ahnough money to buy all tha'." Said the old man.

"A friend gave it to me." Akvo replied somewhat truthfully.

"Mm, prescribshun or death." said the old man astutely, "I'll get yeh a glass a watch."

They made their way into the kitchen and the old man pointed him to a seat before filling a glass of water and saying, "I'll make yeh some eggs. Yeh haveunt eaten in a while."

"Over easy if you don't mind,” said Akvo.

"Is rye toast fine?" The old man asked.

This was the first question the old man had actually asked since he met Akvo.

Best to not make anything out of it. Akvo thought with the slightest pause before saying "Yeah, rye's great." He grabbed a bottle of pills from his inner coat pocket, read the directions, and shook a single pill out the bottle.

The old man looked up from the eggs after hearing the pill bottle shake.

"Yeh know codeine is habit forming." Said the old man, this time without a trace of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, it's fine. I'll follow the rules." Akvo replied popping the pill "I don't know how much I need it anyhow. I feel pretty fine."

Akvo paused then asked, "How did you know it was codeine?"

The old man plopped the eggs down on the plate and said, "I spentuh small fortune acquirin' Ph.D.s in bio chemistry and fractal geometry, I oughtuh be able tuh tell you when somethin' is codeine or not."

Akvo practically inhaled the food. The old man might have smiled while looking at the young man eating. The old man pulled out a bag of tobacco and box of rolling papers. This caused Akvo to jolt, he set down his piece of toast and looked to the old man.

"Can I get one of those?" Akvo asked almost hungrily.

"Smokin' is bad for yeh. Roll your own." The old man said passing the bag and papers over.

Thank fucking God. I need this more than the codeine.

Akvo moves his plate away, the old man takes it up, and Akvo begins his attempt at rolling a cigarette. The old man washed the dish and turned around to check on Akvo's progress. Three failed cigarettes sat on the table.

"Yeh aiming' teh waste alluv mah tobacco." the old man said, "Gimme that." He took the bag and rolled Akvo a perfect cigarette.

Akvo checked his pockets for his lighter.

That crackpot must have taken it from me.

The old man takes out a lighter and tosses it to Akvo. "I've got a baker's dozen. Yer welcome."

Akvo lit the cigarette, puffing it lightly before coughing.

"Heh, not used to unfiltuhd are yeh." The old man said.

"Guess not" Akvo replied taking another drag, this time not having as much trouble this time. ______________________________________________________________________________
Springfield, Missouri
United States Human Mutation Research Facility
9:30 AM CT

The flight had been relatively smooth, and Epoch was now ready to do whatever it was the NSS was about to make him do. It was in this moment, that he really felt like he was now some pawn in a great game of chess, a war that was no longer being fought with fists and blood, but now wits and negotiation. Reflecting on his rapid agreement to the mission, it crossed him that this was something he really didn't support morally. Not that he didn't support working against these holding tanks, but lying and assuming a false identity to do so felt somehow perverse.

The sound of engines drew closer as Epoch surveyed his surroundings. He was in a fenced in area, that was much like a modified courtyard that had become, not only a helicopter landing, but a parking lot. Behind him was the NSS helicopter, and next to him stood his pilot. The HMRF (Human Mutation Research Facility) government officials had flown in their own unmarked escort and had landed somewhere else. Now their engines were definable as three black, unmarked, sedans pulled into the drive.

The sedans parked together, neatly spaced between two white armored vans. The men in the two outer sedans stepped out first, they were the classic secret service type. Each with dark, well fitting, suits and obvious weapons poking out from their jackets. A few even wore sunglasses, to make the cliché worse. There were six of them, three from each of the two vehicles. Suddenly a seventh stepped from the drivers seat of the center sedan and he opened the rear passenger door on the driver's side. In near unison, another suit on the other side opened the adjacent, rear door.

The two HMRF officials came out of the backseat, holding desperately onto their dignity. Epoch waited with nerves binding inside him, as if he were about to be sick. Should he move first and join them? Would it be more appropriate to wait?

"Mr. Shock," the official in the left began, with gusto, walking toward Epoch, holding out his hand. "We haven't formally been introduced, my name is Mr. Derrenberg, I am the White House Representative, appointed by Congress to overlook procedures." He gave acknowledgement to the man stepping up next to him as he left Epoch's hand go. "This is Mr. Hyre, he is the president of the Springfield, Missouri HMRF."

Epoch shook Mr. Hyre's hand, he felt nervous as he tried to respond, "I am Shock, newly appointed field hero at NSS Station Seven, I use electric-like energy."

The two men seemed to scoff gently, like his power was a joke, or maybe that they thought the whole thing was some sort of game. Did they catch the ruse in Epoch's speech?

Either way, the two men led Epoch away from the pilot, who stood like a statue after telling Epoch he'd be waiting. Epoch followed as the secret service-like men flanked them. A set of double doors were approached and Mr. Hyre spoke into a box and entered a number into a keypad. Voice recognition and a password? These places seemed like concentration camps.

Inside the door was a small, dark room and yet another set of doors. This door required an eye scan of Mr. Hyre.

Beyond these doors, the light was bright, and sterile, just like they had always been. Epoch squinted while his gut churned with the memory, his eyes trying to adjust.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:16 am

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory
8:02:43 A.M. MT

Takeshi sat at the kitchen table, sipping at his third cup of coffee, reading the National Insiders newspaper that Steve had very graciously printed for him…. Takeshi read through the front page head line with a smirk.

Chaos in Lawton Oklahoma!

Chaos struck in the fine city of Lawton Oklahoma yesterday as a mysterious ice flinging man was responsible for the murder of multiple city officials! When the mysterious iceman was pursued he then fled to Lake Helen where things really got icy. The NSS or National Superhero Society, a government organization composed of many gifted individuals was quick to respond to the matter at hand. Two of the NSS’s most elite where sent to take care of the icy figure who then, in the way of danger encased himself in a shield of ice………………

…………….Things got really dicey when a small jet liner crash landed nearby the scene of the fight. From the plane crash two more men showed up to join the battle, although these two seemed to be the ice man’s companions. One of the men was described as a maniacal looking figure wearing large black goggles and a lab coat, the other was described to be Dr. Hezata Takeshi, who is currently on the run from the government authorities for horrendous crimes committed in Witchita, Kansas………

Suddenly, Takeshi was rudely interrupted by a clamorous ringing sound.

“Steve! What the hell is going on?!”

“Dr. Takeshi, it seems as though Exhaust port 34 and Exhaust port 77 have been plugged, sealing off Sectors C17, B3, and R15 to cut off further spread of the toxic fumes….. an auto clear of the exhaust ports is recommended…. Shall I initiate and auto clear.”

“Err…Yes, I suppose….” Takeshi put his hand to his forehead, “ Why do I get the feeling things like this are going to be a common theme around here?”

“Dr. Takeshi, it also seems as though there is an unidentified intruder in the proximity of the lab, would you like me to initiate a reconnaissance drone to identify the intruder?”

“An intruder hmm? Perhaps this won’t be such a bad morning…” I wide cynical grin stretched across Takeshi’s face..

“Yes Steve, send out a drone, and make sure it captures the intruder….alive.”

“Yes Dr. Takeshi, the intruder will be captured and returned to the lab immediately.”
The V-22 Osprey De Smet SD
8:16:03 P.M. MT

Not another failure, this is becoming tiresome. Why can’t I just be good at it right away?

“We will be arriving shortly. I hope I don’t disappoint you.” Dr. Weird was trying to distract himself from another failed scry. ______________________________________________________________________________
Reconnaissance Drone RD 2241C48 Mark VI
Outside Dr. Weird’s Laboratory
8:06:23 A.M. MT

The small Reconnaissance drone drifted outside a small port opening of a rock wall concealing the laboratory. The drone was a small black hovering mechanism with many elongated tendrils branching off from the main body of the drone.

The morning sun was slowly rising casting many shadows off the tall spires and plateau’s of the somewhat arid Badlands, there was a strong breeze unearthing sandstone dust and dirt, thus causing the drones camera’s to be slightly irrelevant.

The drone cautiously surveyed the grounds of the laboratory until it happened upon a dark cool cavern, upon inspection of the cavern the drone located the intruder, at a distance.
As the drone closed in on the intruder there was a buzzing sound followed by an electric discharge from one of its many tendrils as it activated the Weird Industry Anti-Personnel 190 Volt Electrical Probe. ______________________________________________________________________________
8:06:24 Am

The shock knocked Dark off his feet and he clambered to the ground below. He quickly shook it off and slipped behind a rock. He growled angrily. He picked up a rock in one and then leapt out to face the small metal ball. It shocked him again but not before Dark had thrown the rock into it's optical sensors. Dark was quick to grab the ball and smash it to the ground, then slice through it with his claw to make sure nothing remained. He then sprinted away, knowing more would soon come. He was swift, but deliberate, making sure any tracks he did leave where small and hard to notice.

After an untold amount of time, Dark slipped to a small cave and fell the ground exhausted. He breathed heavily the looked himself over for injuries. Aside from the soreness he was all right. He closed his eyes and kept he's ear alert. He knew something like that could probably follow him so he needed to get the jump on it. ______________________________________________________________________________
Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
8:40:00 AM

Akvo finished his cigarette and helped himself to rolling another. He licks the paper and looks at the old man before saying, "Biochemistry and Fractal Geometry? What are you doing in little ol' Wall, SD?

"Well obviousleh ahm retiyahed. I substahtute teach at tha high school sometimes. I needud a place teh settle down. Wantud tuh get away from everyone that knew meh." Said the old man. Not a trace of remorse in his voice.

Akvo took a drag and said "I can identify with that."

"Yeh got ah son that sulleh's yeh name and yeh ashamed tah have?" The old man asked his second question.

"Sorry I shouldn't have presumed anything." Akvo apologized.

"S'fine. Let's go outback, sit on tha patio." The old man said.

They sat down in a couple of wicker chairs in silence for a few moments.

"I'll show yeh how teh roll them cigarettes so tha tobacco is tightah if you show meh them ice powahs of yers." said the old man suddenly.

"Why would I want them tighter?"Akvo asked.

"Fullah flavah" The old man responded, taking a drag of his own cigarette.

"Haha, I don't know how much more flavor I need. Tell you what, you tell me your name and I'll show you the ice stuff." Akvo attempted to barter.

"Mah name's Anthony Spengler, now show meh what yeh've got." The old man said.

Akvo glanced around apprehension before raising his hand and attempting to shoot freeze beam.

He failed.

Looking to the Anthony he said, "I really can generate and manipulate ice. It just doesn't always work."

"Migh 'elp if ya 'ad somethin' tah be shootin' at." Spengler said before walking into the house and coming out with a couple of cans of soda.

"Perhaps if ya imagine these cans of Mountain Dew are tha heads of yer enemies. If yeh make it I'll let ya 'ave a cold one." He said before throwing the cans in the air.

Time froze.

Enemies? I don't have any enemies. Am I supposed to think about the big one and the skinny guy or the scientist and that creepy fellow?

The three soda cans had reached the top of their arc. Akvo gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. One of the cans became a personification of Epoch, while the other two appeared as Dr. Weird.

Akvo attempted to shoot freeze beams at the three cans. He was unable to muster the energy. ______________________________________________________________________________
Springfield, Missouri
HMRF, Hallway
9:34 AM CT

Epoch followed the men through the doorway, immediately there was one of the storage tanks. Why would they have them so close to an exit? He looked through the glass viewing window. Inside there was a girl, who seemed about the same age as Epoch. She sat on the floor with her knees pulled up to her chin. Epoch couldn't look away as her deep eyes looked into him. She bore the sadness that so many of these poor souls had.

"Don't mind her," Mr. Hyre said, reassuringly, "She's a special case." He concluded as the group walked beyond the cell.

Epoch strained to see the nameplate, it read only "Meltdown". Something about that stare bore through him. ______________________________________________________________________________
The V-22 Osprey near Dr. Weird's HQ
8:20:44 AM MT

Yilana nods to Dr Weird's outburst on going back in time. "If you want to call it that." She stretches and yawns in her seat, hoping they would arrive sooner than later.

After a short silence, Dr. Weird shouts back to her that they would arrive to their destination shortly. "About damn time.. and you better not disappoint me."

She could feel the Osprey land gently on the ground with a short thump. Yilana quickly unbuckles and waits for Dr. Weird to open the bay doors.

After landing outside the hangers doors Dr. Weird killed the engine of the V-22. He stepped back to the doors and exited the craft, “Please forgive the outward appearance but the inside is something to behold I promise.”

The warehouse doors opened and Dr. Weird headed inside. As an unmanned truck came out and hooked itself up to the V-22 and began towing it back inside.

“If you would please come with me to the medical department I can treat your wounds.” He said as we walked through the gaping doors disappearing into darkness.

Med Lad
8:39:39 P.M. MT

After making their way into the Med Lab, Dr. Weird cleaned and dressed Yilana’s wounds, “That should do for the time being, now I think it’s time to introduce you to the other arrival’s here.”

Wall, SD
8:50:00 AM GMT
283 Creighton Rd

Thud. Thud. Thunk. The three unfrozen cans fell to the ground.

He failed again.

Anthony looked apologetic as he said, "Well yeh know-"

But he didn't get to finish his statement. Akvo shouted and threw his hand out in anger. He shot an icicle at the can that represented Epoch and another at the can that represented Dr. Weird.
Springfield, Missouri
HMRF, Hallway
9:40 AM CT

"... So here on our left is the room in which we actually study the chemical composition of the DNA of each of our patients. We search through the strands individual, looking for anomalies that could be responsible for what has been classified as superpowers," Dictated Mr. Hyre.

Epoch's mind drifted back to that poor girl. It reminded him of those long years, playing with boring toys and being prodded and probed by so many strange people, people like the man behind the goggles. She looked so sad, and what a terrible name, Meltdown.

There was something more odd. She wore something different than these inmates usually wore. Typically, most of the so-called "patients" wore white gowns with simple white pants and undergarments. This girl was wearing something like tinfoil. It appeared to be a type of metal, coating her not just as close, but literally from her chin to her toes. What could be her difference? ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory
8:40:34 P.M. MT

“Dr. Takeshi, it seems as though all the drones sent to pursue the intruder have been destroyed… Also, Dr. Weird is currently in the Med Lab treating the newcomer’s wounds.”

“Hmm, this intruder seems persistent, perhaps I should just take care of this myself, although I’m sure Hiram would be able to help me out with the intruder as well…”

Takeshi pondered on his decisions for a moment before deciding to make his way to the med lab to speak to Dr. Weird.
8:41:00 AM

Dark was still itching from the shock. It had hurt him far worse than he would have guessed. It had sent all his pain receptors over the edge, his already injured arm now felt shattered. He would have to avoid using it. It was likly meant to knock out a standard person, he was lucky in that he was anything but standard, but that didn't mean he would be fine. If one of those could hurt him so much he would hate to think what more could do. He decided not to risk it, and if he came across more vents to ingore them. The last thing he needed to do was leave a trail.

He quickly looked out of the cave, seeing nothing he sprinted off away. He ran on his back to legs instead of all fours to keep his arm cradled. He slipped from cave to cave, careful to avoid leaving tracks, and any he did leave would be small and hard to spot. ______________________________________________________________________________
Springfield, Missouri
HMRF Patient Cell 145
9:55 AM CT

Epoch walked into the white egg shaped room known as cell 145. Mr. Derenberg assured him that the word "Cell" was used lightly and that the cells were more like hotel rooms. Far from it.

These cells had remained the same throughout the last decade. White, egg shaped rooms, which the floors and the walls were nearly synonymous. Each room contained a bed, a wash, a toilet, and a sink. Those were each the same, sterile, bleach white, and usually made of the same material as the room itself. The mattresses were covered in a cloth of the same fabric that the rooms contained.

This white looking surface that crawled across the interior was actually a metal, Mr. Hyre explained. Each room is composed of a thick coat of a nano-fiber that could be solid, or liquid, or in between. Each of these nanobots that made the fiber were specifically coded to adhere to the DNA of the rooms particular inhabitant. The purpose of this was to react to the inhabitants particular super abilities and negate them. To make them bland and less unique.

Cell 145 was empty, its previous inmate had already been relocated.

Suddenly, a scream permeated the facility. ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory
8:23:05 AM MT

Yilana walks through the bay doors, shocked seeing a rundown looking warehouse. "Ugh.. If you say so" She follows Dr. Weird inside and looks around wide-eyed at the high-tech equipment. "Impressive.. Better than the labs I was at in Bryant."

Med Lad
8:40:01 AM MT

Yilana nods and thanks Dr. Weird for dressing her wounds. "Thanks Dr. Weird, but before I meet with them I want to see that new camosuit you have been working on. And I want to be the one to try it out."
Springfield, Missouri
HMRF Patient Cell 145
9:56 AM CT

Epoch looked astonished to hear the scream while on the tour. Someone, somewhere in this place was being tortured somehow. It sure didn't sound female, so it couldn't be the girl he kept thinking about. Her poor cell facing the door, every now and then getting a glance at sunlight.

"I'm sorry, Shock, sometimes our patients, act out, I assure you we treat them with the utmost hospitality," Mr. Hyre stuttered in reassurance.

Yeah right, Epoch thought, he knew what went on in these places, these people were lower than lab rats, the world hated them. The sudden emotion triggered that tingle. That static-like feeling of the energy welling up inside him. If he could, he'd blast this place into
smithereens, it was the absolute only thing that made him so angry.

"Let's move along," Mr. Derenberg started, "We'll show you a few more things on this floor and then we'll get your opinion so far before lunch, and after lunch, you get to walk around on your own after a brief tour of the lower level. We feel that if you just walk through and observe on your own, you'll see just how friendly these facilities are." ______________________________________________________________________________
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:25 am

Lawton, Oklahoma

A young girl stepped out of a black Lamborghini and surveyed the area. “So this is Lawton, Oklahoma,” she murmured to herself. She took her sunglasses off and went to the front window.
“Did you require something of me, Miss?” the driver asked after rolling the window down.
“Go find a hotel and book a single room for each of us. Then find ways to entertain yourself until I need you.” Then she dismissed the driver from her mind. The main fight started here at the Lake, she mused to herself. But Dr. Takeshi didn’t show up until the bridge. I wonder who the boy was and how he called Dr. Takeshi to him.
“Excuse me miss, but can I help you?” A man in a ticket booth called out to her.
“Ah, right. I was wondering about the combatants from the battle tha—“
“Ah, you mean with those super powered people.”
“That would be correct. Do you have any inkling where they went?”
“Well I think they live somewhere in the big O city.”
“As in… Oklahoma City? Well you’ve been quite a big help. Thank you much.” She walked away from him and pulled out her iPhone. “Gregory, cancel the reservations and come back right away.” ______________________________________________________________________________
Dr. Weird’s Laboratory
8:41:43 A.M. MT

“Ah yes the suit, sure why not,” pausing Dr. Weird began to shout at someone who was not in the room. “STEVE,” after a few seconds a voice rang out from above.

“Welcome back sir, what can I do for you?”


“It’s in Research and Development level 2 East Wing sir.”

“Good, if you would fallow me please,” as Dr. Weird began to walk out the room he suddenly stopped. “OH STEVE, I need you to add Miss Assassin’s bio-readings into the security logs so she will be recognized by the system.”

“As you wish Doctor, but right now I can only give a temporary pass. You will need to perform a full bio-scan later.”


An electronic eye came down from the ceiling and emitted a fluorescent light that briefly enveloped Yilana. “Temporary access gold level has been granted. You are now free to move about the compound.”

As Takeshi entered the med lab he realized that Dr. Weird was no longer present.
“*Sigh* Where did that bastard go now?”

“Dr. Takeshi, Dr. Weird left along with the new female to Research and Development, East Wing, Level 2, would you like me to direct you to him?”

“Yes, that would be great……” a hint of frustration in Takeshi’s voice.

“It’s only a matter of time before that intruder escapes.. I don’t have time for this cat and mouse shit..” Takeshi muttered as he walked down the corridor marked “East Wing”.
Takeshi swiftly moved down the corridor leading to the East Wing of the laboratory. After a minute or so Takeshi came upon a massive, rocky, well lit cavern. There was a large tram way bridging the gap between one wing of the lab from too another.

Takeshi was astounded by the sheer scale of the lab thus far.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this was only but a small section of the complex…” Takeshi spoke, astonished, as he stepped onto the large windowed tram car.

“Actually Dr. Takeshi the lab is divided up into 90 separate wings and sectors spanning miles wide and deep into the ground. The entire surface area of the laboratory is estimated at 5.4357 miles. Also, you will require security clearance to enter the East Wings safely, would you like me to contact Dr. Weird for clearance?”

“Yes, that would be great…. Perhaps now I’ll finally get a chance to speak to the crazy bastard….”

Yilana walks into the East Wing and looks around, noticing the camosuit in the middle of the back wall. "Now that's what I'm talking about.." She puts her hand on the glass encasing it and looks back at Dr. Weird. "So how do you open this thing?"

All of a sudden the glass encasing splits open, exposing the suit to its perfection. "Daaamn," she speaks softly to herself while touching the fabric between her fingers.

"Yilana, please feel free to walk into the corner room to change," said Steve over her head, while a robotic claw hands the suit over to her.

She walks over to the corner room and closes the door to change. "Ok, time to take this piece of crap off."

Yilana comes out in her new camosuit, testing it out in different areas of the room. "This is very nice.. What else does it do?" she asks Dr. Weird, then noticing another man walking into the room.
8:40 Am MT

Dark carefully removed his coat, and then his shirt to examine his arm. He wasn't a doctor by any means but he had learned to fix a wound after his time in the wild. His arm couldn't just be badly twisted, it wouldn't hurt so bad of it was. It was either completely dislocated, or worse, broken. He looked at the skin carefully looking for anything that would indicate a break. He didn't seen anything, so he assumed it was simply dislocated. Having nothing to brace it around in the cave he would have to use somewhat more barbaric methods to realign it.

He looked around to make sure nothing was around. He didn't see anything other than the occasional insect. Feeling somewhat secure, with his left hand he stabbed his claws into his shoulder and manually relocated it. His arm almost instantaneously felt better. He carefully pulled his claws out and quickly wrapped a bit of his shirt around his shoulder. The stab wounds would heal within a few days, and a few stabs where much better than a dislocated arm. He looked with distain at the small bit of blood that fell from his arm. He new even if he covered it with dirt, rocks, or anything it would still come through. If someone where to stumble across this cave they would notice the blood. He got a quick drink using his coat instead of his shirt to filter the water from the dirt. Once he was quenched he donned his coat and ran out of the cave, remember to run from shadow to shadow, and make it as difficult to follow him as possible.

He didn't know how long he would have to run, but he new what he had to find. A road. Pavement would not leave tracks. If he could find one he would be off free. Considering only having a few stab wounds on his shoulder, it wasn't a bad deal.
Wall, SD
8:51:00 AM GMT
283 Creighton Rd

The two outer cans were punctured and began spraying. The middle one remained in tact.

Still a failure….
Akvo thought standing there in silence, the soda leaking to the ground like blood.

Anthony put his hand on Akvo's shoulder and Akvo turned his head away.

"Come on, le's go back inside and have anothuh cigarette." Anthony paused, "And you did good kid."

Wall, SD
9:05:20 AM GMT
283 Creighton Rd

They sat in the living room smoking in silence for a little while. Akvo was pensive.

I don't have any enemies. He couldn't have thrown just one can in the air? I shouldn't complain. It's not his fault I can't figure out my own feelings. I went from being a shitty purse snatcher to a mass murderer in less than twenty-four hours. I didn't want to do it. And now hundreds of people know that I can generate and manipulate ice. His thoughts were interrupted.

"Yeh might 'ave an easier time sortin' yer thoughts if yeh wheren't so God damn angsteh." Anthony said.

"Excuse me?" Akvo said.

"Ah said, if yeh stop wallowin' then maybeh yeh'll get somewhere." Spengler said, not looking at all apologetic.

"Well maybe if I wasn't wrapped up in my own bullshit I could sort it out. I don't exactly see you forwarding any information." Akvo retorted, raising his voice somewhat.

"What do yeh wantuh know? I dun't have aneh problums so what em I supposed tah say. Dun't try tah push this on meh." Anthony said in a level voice.

"You're right. I just want to know what I'm supposed to do. I've got this power and potential but I don't want to use it for good or for evil. But it's too late I've already killed so many people." Akvo said

"Yeh can't talk to meh about moraliteh. Ahm a scientist, I dun't give two shits about' wha' someone's god says about wha's right an' wrong. All I care about' is knowledge. Man's greatest goal in life is achievin' absolute knowledge. If yeh had teh kill a few people tah find out tha' yer a facet of whut people believe is God then it doesun't mattah." Spengler said firmly.

I don't know if I agree with him. But then again I don't really know what I think either. So much angst.

"Well you're right about one thing: I am being a little bitch. Perhaps I need to get off my ass and decide what I want to do with the rest of my days." Akvo said.

"I'd seh so." was all Spengler had to say.

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Med Lab
8:48:13 A.M. MT

Takeshi stepped into the large room, immediately spotting Hiram and the newcomer, a young, slim women wearing a slick suit.

“Hiram! You have no idea what I have gone through to reach you!.. an unknown intruder was spotted outside the lab, I had Steve send a drone out to investigate… which was thoroughly destroyed may I add! I had to ride your tramway from hell! An acceleration of 1-120 in 5 seconds isn’t what I would consider effective efficiency!... I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a blood clot forming in my damn brain!”

Takeshi’s eyes where as wide as a deer in the headlights, his tannish skin a noticeably lighter tone.

“Also, you may want a cleanup outside the tramway…”

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Storage Room
8:51:28 A.M. MT

Ike finally arises from an unknown voice trying to wake him up.
"Ike, will you please wake up...." Steve kept pestering Ike.
"What is it.....ummm......whatever your name is?"
"It is Steve........please get up, there is an intruder...."
"Ok then, doesn't Dr. Weird have drones or other things to take care of it?"
"What about Dr. Weird and his other companion?"
"They are busy at the moment and I would believe it best if you joined them..."
"Fuck....... Fine." Ike rises, gets dressed then works his way to the door. "Show the way Steve, I won't be much help if I run into some unknown defense system."
Steve leads him to the Medical Lab.

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory R & E East Wing
8:50:11 A.M. MT
“I’ll get right on that sir,” rang out Steve with an era of disgust in his robotic voice.

“Ah glad you could join us Agent Yellow, I see Steve granted you the temporary access. I will need to fix it so you have permanent access later,” seeing Takashi eyeing the newest member to join their ranks. Dr. Weird starts “I would like to introduce you to Living Fire, and the garment she is holding my one of my latest works. The Chameleon 3 Phase Shift Suit complete with mind link activation, a higher rate of concealing, and thermally insulated to withstand the hottest to the coldest environments; and holds enough power to hide for a solid week if you wanted to.”

Basking in his own brilliance over what he created and enjoying the moment, unit what Takashi said about the invader suddenly caught up with him. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ABOUT AN INTRUDER WITH IN THE PERMITTER, STEEEVE REPORT.”

“It seems that a few ventilation shafts were covered up, I performed an auto clear and sent out a reconnaissance droid out to investigate upon Dr. Takashi’s order. Shortly after being sent out the droid was destroyed in sector 18.”


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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:26 am

8:53:00 AM

Dark kept running through the endless valleys of the badlands. He kept his tracks light and small. He stayed on his back legs, ignoring his arms almost completely. He was slightly faster on his two legs then four.

He wasn't absolutely certain exactly what he was running from, but he knew better than to egg something on. Of course he could be running from nothing but an old rundown facility that was just doing as programmed, a base like that would likely have many valuable things laying about, or the base could be fully manned and he just pissed off an army of he could only guess what. Uncertainty would lead you to great riches or doom, he decided better to run than risk death.

He soon came upon what he had hoped for. A road, fully paved. He turned to follow it, continuing to sprint as fast as he could. He wouldn't be able to hold this pace for long, but every step was a step farther from whatever he was running from.

Dark seeing the car quickly put his gloves on to hide his claws. He had received many discouraged glances at them before. Once they where on he went out to the middle of the road and waved his arms, drawing the driver to him.

A young girl, only about 19 or 20 pulled up and rolled the window down and asked "What’s up?"

Dark stated calmly "I was out camping here and I got lost. Need to get back to a city. Care to give me a lift?"

The girl ruffled her eyebrows and stated "Why are you dressed in such rags? When was the last time you washed them?" Dark thought how to answer but she just continued "Hop in, I'm just on my way home and we'll find you something decent to wear."

Dark said "Thanks." He looked down at the door, but was unsure exactly how to open it. He quickly grabbed what appeared to be a handle and pulled, the door smacked right into his face, which made the girl laugh. He got into the car and closed the door.

The girl caught her breath from her laughter and asked, "You don't see much for cars do you? You must be like an Amish or something." She started accelerating down the road. Dark just looked blankly out the window, not exactly knowing what to say.

She broke the silence with "You must of been stuck out here awhile. Wearing that out here will kill you if it gets to hot." She looked at him and noticed his hood was still up "... um, you can put your hood down." She observed.

Dark looked at her and said "Oh, sorry." He used one hand to take down his hood. She did a double take looking at him and the road. Dark continued, "Thanks again. I really appreciate this."

The girl shrugged and replied "Hey, don't worry about it. If I am ever that far up shit creek without a paddle, I would hope someone would stop for me. I'm Dana by the way." Dark nodded and she uneasily continued "Um... what’s your name?"

Dark looked over at her, and tried to think of something but could so he simply said "I have no name."

Dana uneasily shifted away from him and asked "What? Everyone has a name."

Dark looked at his hands and explained, "If I tell you the exact truth will you promise not to kick me out?"

Dana opened up the divider between them and pulled out a small gun and said "Well, if it's anything like your a rapist, you'll have a bullet between your eyes."

Dark looked at her with a smile and said "I've never really had much human contact. I've lived in the wilderness my entire life. 'Raised by wolves' I believe would fit nicely. This is the first time I've ever even been in... this kinda thing."

"It's called a car, and wow... I didn't think cave men still existed." Dana exclaimed.

Dark inquired "That answer your question?"

Dana looked at him then back to the road, "Mostly, gonna need something to call you by though." Dark looked back out the window and thought about it for a second then remembering his past in the science facility that was his past the people always referred to him as "Dark Coyote."

He looked back at her and said "You can call me Dark Coyote. If that helps."

Dana chuckled and responded "How about just Dark? Keeps it simple."

"Works for me." He responded. ______________________________________________________________________________

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory R & E East Wing
8:50:49 AM MT

Yilana squints her eyes at Dr. Takeshi after the introductions and walks up to him with a hand over a blade on her belt. "Doctor is it? Ever been to Pusan, Korea?" she said while clenching her jaw.

"I swear if I find out that he worked in those labs in Korea or even those labs back in Bryant, I will get answers" she thought to herself.

Takeshi was taken completely by surprise by the young woman’s inquiry…

“Why yes in fact… I worked at the Chung-Ha Industry of Science as the lead of the Neurology and Psychological Research and Experimentation Team… That was over 30 years ago though…”

Takeshi now making intense eye contact with the women.

“Why do you ask?” Takeshi inquired.

Yilana smirked. "Do you know that there was another laboratory based in Bryant? Any knowledge of mutants that have superhuman strength? How about Instantaneous Adaption? Was that one of the 'big' things studied in Pusan? How about this man who is supposedly the head boss of the Bryant division of Chung-Ha Industry of 'Science', do you know him? Huh?!" she said talking very fast. She was almost yelling and sounding very demanding, while walking towards him, nose-to-nose with fierce eyes, hungry for every answer.

Badlands South Dakota
9:17:34 A.M. MT

Surveying the area where the first recon droids were sent out, “CLEAN THIS SHIT UP AND TAKE THE SCRAP BACK TO THE LAB FOR RECYLING.”

“Dr. Weird we have found a small blood trail heading off in that direction.” One of the RD’s reported.

“Let me see,” Dr. Weird walks over to the small blood pool. He leans over and sticks his finger in it; standing back up to view the blood on his fingers in the light.

Wall, SD
9:30:00 AM GMT
283 Creighton Rd

"Seems like yeh've got trouble freezin' stuff but yeh can shoot stuff pretty well." said Anthony, "And since yeh can' seem ta decide which yeh prefer, yeh should prolly have the option. So, tha' means yeh need ta learn to use yeh freezin' power bettah."

"Practice makes perfect I guess." replied Akvo.

The old man set up a couple more cans of mountain dew around the area.

"Now then, we're not goin' fah speed, we jus' wan' yeh ta hit somethin'" said the old man. "Focus all yeh mind on hitting these cans one at a time. And don't botha thinking about someone there in this case. Jus' think about successfuleh hittin' somethin'"

Akvo focuses on the first can.

I can do this....

Akvo holds his breath.

Nothing happened.

Nothing fucking happened!

He was visibly upset. He all but stomped his foot.

Badlands South Dakota
9:19:55 A.M. MT

Dr. Weird’s vision began to blur and go out of focus and refocused in on the owner of the blood. He was in a car with a young girl.

She must have picked him up. He thought.

Looking around he saw a mile marker and a sign post that read 50 miles to Rapid City. A devious smile came across his face as his vision returned. “YOUR ASS IS MINE NOW, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Running over to his speeder and jumping in. “FOLLOW ME NOW WVERYBODY, THE HUNT IS ON,” as he revs the speeder and heads off in the direction of the target.

His speeder was another one of his prized inventions. Capable of reaching speeds of 200 mph, it glides over all forms of terrain and could even move across large bodies of water. It could only be matched by his Orbital Observational Platform. Which was being upgraded and won’t be ready till this evening.

Wall, SD
9:32:06 AM GMT
283 Creighton Rd

"Now now, no need ta get so God damn uppiteh. It's not gonna get ya anehwhere.
Yeh can' expect ta make any progress if yeh throw a tempah tantrum every time yeh fail
Instead of bein' so upset maybeh yeh should considah why yeh failed. It was obvious
ta meh tha' ya whant breathing before yeh made yeh attempt. So, try breathing in and
steadehin' yehself." Anthony instructed

Akvo put his arm up and started breathing in.

"Now when yeh feel comfortable exhale and attempt before yeh breathe in again."

Akvo continued breathing.

Here we go....

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory R & E East Wing
8:52:23 AM MT

Takeshi stood for a moment thinking about the barrage of questions that he had just been asked, suddenly realizing that Hiram had left the room.

“I don’t think now is the time for this, we should follow Hiram and help him with the intruder, besides, I could really use some action, and it looks like you could too……. After that I can play 20 questions with you all day.”

Takeshi began a stride towards the hallway, motioning at Yilana to follow.

Yilana curses under her breath, feeling heat flow through her cheeks. She decides to follow Dr. Takeshi down the hallway. "Who in the hell would try to break in a crappy ass looking warehouse. Do you think they know what's actually in here?"

But before she could hear an answer, both of them were standing outside, looking at the mess the intruder and the spy-bot made. "Wow.. Hey where is Dr. Weird?" Yilana looks around at the frost-covered grass and rubble, finding a trail of skid marks to the road ahead.

"Great.." She says in disappointment then grunts in pain, feeling a huge pinch from the wound the bullet made earlier today. "I think the serum is wearing off."

Ike follows a small hovering drone beeping almost to the point in which he wanted to rip out every damn wire in this drone and R2-D2, he runs into the familiar Asian doctor that was with Dr. Weird and an unfamiliar black clad woman. Ike walks toward the two and notices some speeders placed readily for them.

Ike runs over trying to catch up, "HEY, WAIT UP DAMN IT TO HELL!" The Asian doctor begins to rev his speeder up loudly. Ike then tries to yell at the black tech suited woman. "OI, CYBORG GIRL OR WHATEVER YOU ARE WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"

Takeshi observed Yilana wandering outside the lab from the garage.

“Weird couldn’t have gotten that far, we are only a couple minutes behind hi….”

Suddenly Steve convened on Takeshi’s remark.

Dr. Takeshi, Dr. Weird left a couple minutes ago on one of his land speeders, would you like me to prepare another two for you and Yilana?

“Land speeder..?”

Suddenly, two moderately sized hovering vehicles lowered from the ceiling of the garage.

The speeders are ready for use Dr. Takeshi…. Dr. Weird’s location has been marked on the integrated GPS.

Takeshi took a second glance back at Yilana.

“Looks like we have a ride, let’s go!” Takeshi shouted, beckoning Yilana.

Takeshi took a seat in one of the speeders, trying his best to figure out the controls. Suddenly, a luminescent blue holo panel popped up basically giving complete instructions of how to pilot the vehicle.

“Perfect….finally, some action.” Takeshi spoke, revving the speeders engine.

Yilana watches Dr. Takeshi get ready to leave, then turn to this young man in a leather jacket and camo cargo pants. "Cyborg? Ha.. I am far from it, Mr. Grease Lightning." she said while looking at his leather jacket, then finally taking a seat on the other speeder.

She looks back at the man and asks loudly after the engine started, "HEY! YOU WANNA COME ALONG?" She pats the extra room on the seat behind her. "I PROMISE I WONT BITE!"

She turns towards Dr. Takeshi before he walks over, "Who is this guy anyways? Another scientist?"

Dr. Weird stops on the road up in front of his targets. Pulling out a plasma bolt action rifle from a storage compartment; taking aim at the oncoming car. This was the same car he scryed earlier.

“FUCK, if only I was a better shot.” He pulled trigger.

Ike sighs then pulls out a Glock 22 and jumps up standing on the siding of the speeder. "Forgive me, I'm not usually this trustworthy of others but I'm assuming that you're an ally none the less. My name is Ike. And I would think it wise to seek personal information from the source wouldn't it? Plus I'm not a doctor or scientist, however I do think I pass with flying colors for a Ph.D. in Chaos."
Yilana almost laughs out loud with the gun tight at his side. "Oh I think I got enough bullets for one day," she said slightly smiling then slowly relaxes into a frown.

"So why don't you put that away. There is no need to be nervous. I am an ally, or at least if you respect me as one, I will do the same. The name is Yilana."

Yilana puts her hand out, for a handshake, which slowly surrounds itself with flames. "Have a seat.. Ike."

Ike grasps Yilana's flaming hand and shakes friendly yet hard. "Interesting power you have there, Miss............Murder? It would be nice to at least know the driver of this contraption. So I know who to blame if it would suddenly combust." Ike winks with a small smirk on his face then lets go and looks at the minor burns of his hand.
"Impressive your power will definitely come in handy if we were to work together."

Yilana smiles widely when he takes the handshake. "Well now you do, so take a seat so we can head out..."

She looks at his burns and nods, "Depends on what your power is.. Now come on, we have to catch up to Dr. Oddball."

"Hey Dr. Takeshi, you ready?" she said loudly, leaning forward to look over at him.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:27 am

Wall, SD
9:35:00 AM GMT
283 Creighton Rd

A beam of energy shot from Akvo's hand on his second of three attempts. When the energy connected with the can of Mountain Dew and it became encased in a sphere of ice roughly the size of a beach ball.

"Yes!" Akvo nearly shouted.

"Good work, sortuv. Yeh obviousleh only successfulleh fired one out of three times. What did yeh do wrong." Anthony said to Akvo.

Akvo didn't say anything. He was too thrilled he had done it right.

"Tha' wasn' a rhetorical question, boy." Said Anthony.

"Oh, right. Uhm. I think I was holding my breath again. The last one I lost my focus. I see what I did wrong." Akvo said getting ready to light a cigarette.

"Nah hold on tar." Anthony said using his cane to knock the lighter away from Akvo and then pointing towards the canned beverages. "Yeh've got more cans ta freeze."

"All right then." Akvo said.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Akvo Fired a beam of frozen energy

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

He failed to fire on his second attempt.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

He failed again.

On the Road between Lawton and Oklahoma City
10:39 AM CT

“Gregory, what is Oklahoma City known for? There’s something on the tip of my mind but I can’t put my finger on it.”

“Why I believe there is a NSS station there.”

“Wait, as in a center for super heroes? DAMN IT! That IMBECILE led me in the wrong direction! My entire morning has been wasted. Damn. Pull the car over. Fuck, what am I going to do now.”

“If I could suggest something, Miss. Why not see if the heroes know where the Doctor is.”

“Don’t think so limitedly, if they knew they would have gone after him again.”

“They might have a better hint than you could find back in Lawton, Miss.”

Hmm, that’s not a bad idea, she thought. She tapped a finger to her lip a few times, pondering. “All right, keep going."

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Garage A
9:29:41 AM MT

Takeshi craned his neck back at Yilana and Ike and nodded.

“Yeah, let’s have some fun…shall we?” Takeshi smirked and patted his Walther P99 strapped firmly to his belt.

There was a sudden roar of the speeder engines as the three shifted out of the garage and out into the arid badlands. The speeder’s moved at amazing speeds as Takeshi watched the GPS intently as Dr. Weird’s marker got closer and closer.
South Dakota Badlands
9:33:56 A.M. MT

Takeshi suddenly saw a bellow of smoke rising in the distance. As he moved he saw Dr. Weird standing only meters away from a wreck car bearing a large glowing gun, blue exhaust running out from the barrel.

Takeshi pulled up to Dr. Weird, Yilana and Ike closely behind.

“Seems like you have the situation under…..control…” Takeshi spoke to Dr. Weird in a slightly disappointed tone as he stepped down from his speeder.

Yilana gets off of the speeder after Ike does and clenches her fists in concentration. "So who's the lucky duck?"

She begins to concentrate hoping to go into Fire Form again just in case an enemy is still in the car or close by.

“Yes, yes I did.” Dr. Weird said pointing at three of the droids he brought with him, “Check the wreckage for survivors.”

The three droids began to move instantly towards the wreckage.

Ike walks around the wreckage to the other side to check if anyone is attempting to escape. He pulls out and unsheathes his butterfly knife, using the arm to hold his other steady prepared for a sudden close combat. "Any idea who they were Doc?"

Yilana begins to tingle with heat bursting out of each nerve in her body, drowning it in flames. Her eyes begin to focus on the car wreck and looks at Dr. Weird.

"With pleasure," she says while walking towards the car slowly, following Ike.

"Oh how I hunger for using these powers again.." she thought to herself.

She flings the driver door open and sees a young girl in the driver seat. "Well well well. Shall we burn the witch?" Yilana asks out loud. ______________________________________________________________________________
Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
9:36:36 AM

"Not quite there." Akvo said. "Let me try breathing for a while." He closed his eyes.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

"Good" Said the old man after a few minutes, "Why dun't yeh 'ave another cigarette before we try again."

They moved back to the wicker chairs.

Akvo drags on his cigarette. "What did your son do to make you so ashamed?"

"He didnut take tha famileh businuss. He coulduve been a scientist or a teacher, but instead he aims to rendah mah name useless." Spengler said.

"What about your wife?" Akvo asked, taking another drag on his cigarette rapt with attention.

"She left meh. While ago. Couldunt stand ta be with meh, a man with too much disdain fah his own son. Or at least tha's what she'll tell yeh. The truth of tha mattah is that she's just as ashamed and didnunt want ta be around meh as ah'm a constunt reminduh of that fact."

Akvo knew better than to apologize by now, "I'll move on to the next can then?"

"I'd seh so." Said Spengler.

Akvo stood and raised his hand towards the next can.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

South Dakota Badlands
9:36:03 A.M. MT


He was keeping his distance from the wreckage, in case anything in there still wanted a fight.

Yilana nods and backs away, while the flames disintegrate, and waiting cautiously until Fire Form is truly needed. "I got your back. See anything Ike? Takeshi?"

Ike continues to aim at the wreck but with no signs of movement or danger yet.
"Nothing yet, Takeshi? Any luck with you?"

Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
9:53:12 AM

"Three more failures." Akvo said.

"Well it wasn't onleh yer fault. I think the talk of mah past distractud yeh." Spengler said

"I think you're right. But I think my recent past is distracting me in addition to that." Akvo replied, staring at his hand.

"Le's go inside. Maybeh get some more food in yeh." Said Anthony.

"No. Let me try one more time." Akvo said

The old man turned around planting his grip firmly on his cane and waited.

Focusing. Focusing. My ear itches. Ugh, not focused. Focusing. Staring at the can. Gonna freeze that can. I could go for a cheeseburger.. Ugh FOCUSING… Don't think about the fact that you killed half of Lawton, just focus on turning that soda can into a block of ice. Focusing. Focusing. Okay, stop focusing and start breathing.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…


Breathe in…

Breathe out…


Breathe in…

Breathe out…


"Le's go inside kid. I want some cereal." Spengler said not addressing Akvo's failure.

"Yeah." Akvo replies not addressing his failure either.

"Tha onleh box tha' isunt stale is Cocoa Krispies." Said Anthony.

"Got any more rye?" Akvo asked pouring himself a bowl.

"Yep." Replied Spengler putting four slices into his toaster. As Akvo shoveled several spoonfuls of cereal into his mouth, "I think yeh need lots a carbs ta generate all tha' ice enuhgy"

Akvo looked up.

"I guess that makes sense." he said wiping milk off his lip.

"But yeh know tha's not why yeh couldun't freeze tha can." The old man said.

"I know. I wasn't calm enough. I kept thinking about other things." Akvo said finishing his first bowl and starting his second.

"Well stop it." The old man said plainly.

"Yeh right, I can stop it just as easily as you can make that bread toast faster." Said Akvo scornfully.

"Tha' toast ovah there yeh mean?" The old man's third question since Akvo arrived rang out loudly as the bread reentered the world freshly browned.

"Bet all the ladies love that trick" Said Akvo

"Actualleh they'eh more concerned with mah epididymis." Said Anthony not missing a beat.

"Har har. Maybe I can calm my brain down a bit." replied Akvo, finishing his second bowl of cereal and buttering his rye bread. "I've been thinking about heading to Rapid City but I don't want to seem unappreciative of your hospitality. You don't have to do any of this."

"Tha's fairy talk. I did yeh a favor. I haveun't asked for anything in return." Said Spengler.

"That's the point. I feel like I owe you so much." Said Akvo

"Yeh dun't owe meh nothing. And iffin your wantin' to go to Rapid Ah've got jest tha thing. Follow meh." He said before hobbling out of the kitchen.
9:39:08 AM MT
Road through Badlands

Dark awoke from his unconsciousness in a rage. He quickly sliced through the roof and exploded toward the three drones destroying all within seconds. He shook the dust off himself. He was about to help Dana when he smelled the presence of someone else. He looked over at the figure who reminded him of the scientist who had worked on him for his entire young life. He takes a quick sniff and notices something odd.

He growls "You don't smell like a human."

“Does that mean I am tomato?” Dr. Weird said taunting the survivor. "And you sir smell like wet dog and motor oil."

“GET THE GIRL, YOU TWO GET HIM.” Dr. Weird ordered the droids; one began to pull the girl out of the wreckage. While the other two began to advance on the second with individual blasters ready to fire.

Dark looks at the two droids then to the third going after Dana, he growled loudly but didn't move.

He lightly growled "Leave her alone, she has nothing to do with me."

Takeshi stepped forward, gun in hand, making direct eye contact with the strange figure sitting atop the car.

“Let’s see what you think of this…” Takeshi spoke, a maniacal look in his eyes.

Takeshi uses Sensory Manipulation Feel to give Dark the sensation of lacerations covering his body.

Dark Coyote glare darts back and forth from the two men and the drone now pulling Dana to the strange scientist. He softly growls as he feels like a thousand knives are cutting him. He takes a long breath and decides to try to make an escape, it could either work, or he'd be screwed, but the way he figured he was screwed if he didn't.

Takeshi takes notice of that rabid being lunging at him, claws drawn.

Suddenly the man’s claws slashed through Takeshi’s shirt leaving four shallow wounds in Takeshi’s abdomen, then only a second later, a second set of claws slashes towards his neck…. Luckily only grazing it.

Ike aims and fires three shots at Dark, two of them missed but the final one hit the target, "Gotcha fucker!" Ike spins the gun around his finger tauntingly.

Takeshi clenched his neck wound as he suddenly heard the scream of three gunshots ringing out.

Suddenly he look towards his attacker to see blood gushing from his hand.

“I think it’s time to euthanize this stray mut…..” Takeshi uttered clenching his gun, aimed right at Dark.

Takeshi pulls the trigger……


“What the?......DAMMIT STEVE, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THE AMMO WAS REMOVED!! I KINDA THOUGHT THIS DAMN THING FELT LIGHTER!!” Takeshi now infuriated, threw his gun to the ground.

Dr. Weird saw that the wild man was coming at him and he tries to dodge.

Dark barks in pain from the bullet wound and takes another long sniff.

"None of you are human." He hisses angrily and finished "What the hell are you?

Dark sees he is pretty much outnumbered and would be lucky to get out of this alive with Dana.

Takeshi stumbled forward as he missed the fleeing man.

“Run puppy run! We’ll find you eventually!” Takeshi shouted at Dark who had now ran a good distance from the fight scene.

He looks at the poor girl and whispers to himself "I'm sorry. I'll find you and free you. I promise." With that he sprints directly towards the badlands and ducks behind rock after rock, leaping from shadow to shadow. He varies he foot pattern to make it harder for someone to track him down.

He quickly comes to a large cave but continues running by it completly ignoring it. Stopping at the first cave was far to obvious. Better to just keep sprinting, and hope to find another ride outside of here. he knew now that there where people out here would love to have him as a study, better not to encounter them until the fight was on his terms.

After passing a fourth cave, he slips into the fifth and goes to the pitch black darkness at the back of it. No way anything could sneak up on him and he would get the jump and anyone entering.

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Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:28 am

9:44:13 AM MT

Yilana snorts after seeing the intruder run off into the distance. "What a waste of time.. What was he anyways? Wolfman? He growled like he was a fucking animal. Seriously, you South Dakotans are just fucking oddballs."

Yilana walks towards Ike and Dr. Takeshi. "Do what you want with the girl. I'm taking a stroll."

She walks away slowly following a trail into the woods, hoping to find a random victim to practice "fire safety".

Takeshi strode towards Weird and the other two, taking an immediate glance at the young unconscious female.

Takeshi knelt down, looking at the women’s face.

“Yes, you will make a fine subject for my…..experiments… indeed.”

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes began to flutter, then opening. Takeshi put his bloodies hand over her mouth just as she tried to scream.

“Now, now, don’t be scared…..I’ll take verrry good care of you….”

Takeshi then placed his other hand on her neck, choking her brain of any trace of oxygen until she fell back into unconsciousness.

As Takeshi stood back up, he suddenly felt light head from his blood loss.

“Well Weird, it seems as though I’m going to need patching up again.” Glancing down at his abdomen wound, his black shirt drenched with blood.

"Dr. Takeshi, I would like to attempt something with my powers.........I'm sure it would help ease the pain at least otherwise I'm going to try something on the girl to see if we can get her back to the lab without much struggle."

Ike turns toward Dr. Takeshi hoping he would allow Ike to help him.

Takeshi looked towards Ike, briefly pondering on his offer..

“It depends, what are your powers?" Takeshi questioned cautiously.


9:45:30 AM MT

Dark continues watching for any sign of a tail, but nothing comes. He thinks about Dana and the hell he likely signed her up to since he ran. He groans mournfully an a tear falls from his eye. He never wanted anyone free of this mess to get hurt. He did however see the depths of which people could sink. He also knew the scent of several of his now adversaries. He would free Dana from whatever they would do to her.

He looked at his hand and saw the bullet wound. He wrapped a piece of his coat tightly around it, then quickly sprinted to another far away cave and hid inside it. He wasn't sure how that mad man had found him, but he knew that if he could do it once, he could do it again. Best to be prepared if he did come knocking again.


NSS Private Jet 617
Somewhere over Missouri
9:41 AM

The intercom clicked softly, "We'll be experiencing some light turbulence for a few minutes. Shouldn't be anything too rough."

Sol's stirred from his rest, sitting up in his seat, which automatically switched to a seated position. Wiping the sleep from his eyes Sol looked through the window to see Beatrice sitting relaxed, reading a magazine.

Sol leaned forward, tapping on the window. Beatrice jumped a little, bringing a smile to Sol's face.

"What are you reading there?"

She mouths something to him, taking a moment he realizes she said "I can't hear you." Looking around the for a button to press, his search took a moment and finds it to the left near the ceiling. He presses the button and the button lights up. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes, Mr... Sol." she said not knowing what to call him.

"Sol is fine. Where are we?"

"We've crossed the Missouri state lines. So we're about 2/3 the way to Oklahoma."

"Great. Uh... listen. I know this is an...interesting situation... but I was wondering if you'd like to go get some coffee sometime...or something else if you don't drink coffee." Sol almost choking on each word as they seemed to fall out of his mouth. Ugh.. what am I DOING!

Beatrice smirked and gave a slight chuckle. Oh god... don't be too rough. >.<

"That won't be happening... I don't date coworkers." she said pulling her hair back behind her ear.

"Uh... coworkers? Please forgive me but, you're a flight attendant... aren't you?" Sol stammered, utterly confused.

"To make a little extra money, yeah. But when I'm not on a plane, I'm fighting crime." She held up her right hand and snapped her fingers creating a small glowing orb in her palm.

"If I didn't know any better, and I do, I'd say that was pure energy... You're an energy manipulator aren't you?" Sol speaking more quickly with excitement.

She placed the magazine down on the seat and turned towards Sol, "Listen, I don't want to make this more complicated than it is going to become. When we land and say goodbye, that is the last time you'll see me. Brutal i know, however true. Unfortunate... for you? Oh yeah." Her appearance taking a more relaxed posture the more she let herself be... well, herself.

Sol wasn't sure if he liked the "new" Beatrice... if that was even her name. Her REAL name. He turned his head to the display in his bay. Time for a little homework...

"Beatrice" slumped back into her chair, seeming somber. But who knew, women were as hard to read as a foreign language. Let alone a heroine. A manipulator...

Tapping quickly emanated in the bay as multitudes of mission reports and personal files flitted along the screen. Being favored among the NSS had perks, like access to passwords and back doors.

He glanced at Beatrice, slapping a small button beneath the window causing a shutter to woosh into place.

So, you don't want talk to tell me... No matter. I'll figure it out. It's more fun that way.

Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
9:54:52 AM
Garage GMT

The old man hobbled over to a tarp covered object. "Nah dun't get excited." he said, pulling off the tarp, "It's nothin' fanceh."

It was a 1974 Triumph Trident. It was dirty, it wasn't grimy, just unused.

"I bought it aftah I had a midlife crises. It works. It hasn't ha' much use." Spengler said. "It's 750 cc and it prolly doesunt have mor'in seven thousund miles onut."

"She's beautiful" Akvo said admiring the the black paint job. "She works, you said?"

"Think so. Grab that gas can ovah there." Anthony said, pointing with his cane towards the corner of the room next to a lawnmower.

Akvo grabs the gas can and unscrews the tank on the Trident. He pours the gas into the tank.

That's a beautiful sound…

The old man was opening garage door by the time Akvo had poured the contents of the gas can into the tank. Then began wheeling it out toward the driveway.

"Givet a go then." said Spengler

Akvo turned the key and pushed the button. It didn't turn over.

It would be a lot sexier if it was a kickstart…] Akvo thought, losing his admiration slightly.

He pushed the button again. Nothing.

Great, now I'll never get to Rapid.

He pushed the button a third time and the bike sprang into being for the first time in years. All of Akvo's doubts left him as he felt the bike vibrate beneath him like a horse ready for a long ride. Akvo kills the bike.

Wheeling the bike back inside, the pair make their way back in the house.

They roll a couple of cigarettes and Spengler straightens up before saying, "It's about a sixty mile drive from here ta Rapid. I s'pose yeh'll be wantin' ta leave pretteh soon."

"I'd say so." said Akvo taking a drag on his cigarette.

"Well yeh'll need more gas, it's only a five gallun tank." he said, pulling out his checkbook and handing Akvo a hundred dollar bill.

"When did the price of gas come up to twenty-five dollars a gallon?" Akvo asked taking the crisp bill.

"Jest dun't get yerself killed and come back ta mow meh lawn every now an' then." Spengler said

"Going to miss me is what you're implying?" Akvo asked holding back a smirk.

"Fah that yeh can shovel meh snow too." Said Spengler not smiling a bit.

"I bet by the time I make it back here I could just cause all your snow to disappear. In fact, I think I would enjoy that more than mowing the lawn."

That caused Anthony to turn his lip up… just slight.

"Lemme give yeh a bag of tobacco an' some rollin' papers too. Dun't need to waste your time on prepackaged stuff anehmore."

"I agree." Akvo said as the old man pulled a bag and a small box out of a nearby drawer. "Thanks" He said accepting the bag.

"Yeh ready ta go?" This was the fourth question the old man had asked since Akvo arrived.

"Not quite yet." Said Akvo, "I think I need to look at my map a bit more before I go."

Spengler turned to close the drawer.

And to hide his smile. ______________________________________________________________________________
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Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:29 am

9:49:00 AM MT

Ike spoke reassuringly to the Asian man, "Let me just say this, unlike methods of mind control..............my power "charms" people and their fates in a way. You have my word that your life is safe from it, I merely wish to see if I can rid you of the pain at least."

Ike stating firmly to Dr. Takeshi.

“Fascinating…. And to think I go by the name Twisted Fate, I’m curious, so go ahead.”

Takeshi moved in closer to Ike.

“Don’t make me regret this though….” Takeshi spoke, alternately prepared with his ability.

Takeshi stood firm, preparing for whatever Ike was about to perform upon him

"Don't worry, the worse that can happen at this time is you just keep feeling the pain."
Ike stands still and focuses......

I really hope this works…Ike thought to himself

He practice his craft on Takeshi.


"I believe it worked how do you feel?"

Ike said happy with himself.

Dr. Weird Pulls a radio out of his lab coat and calls back to his lab, “STEVE, SEND A SWEEPER TEAM TO THIS LOCATION NOW!!! I DON’T WANT ANYBODY TO KNOW WE WERE HERE.” Putting the radio back I his jacket he sizes up the girl.

“Load her into my speeder; we taking this one back with us." He said to the droids. "Then you two stay here and wait for the sweeper team.” He ordered the droids then Dr. Weird hoped back in the speeder and eyed the lot around him. “It would be best if we returned to lab now, everyone. We have some things to work out once we get back.”

Sliding into the seat D. Weird turned the speeder around before speeding off, “Be careful on those speeder bikes, those are the prototypes. The uranium core fuel cells in those are still unstable, HAHAHAHAHAHA.” Before gunning off back into the direction of the lab.

Yilana whips around hearing Dr. Weird's orders to return to the lab and growls under her breath. "Damn it all to hell..." She walks over to the speeder and looks at Ike and Takeshi. "I hope you guys don't mind sharing a speeder. I'm going to head back to the lab and get some more information about my suit with Dr. Weird."

She starts the engine and blasts off onto the street, making her way back to the labs.

Takeshi felt a sudden sensation followed by a strong numbness around his two fresh wounds.
“Impressive, controlling biotic responses, numbing pain… I see you being a very valuable resource in my research…” Takeshi spoke, impressed, as he patted Ike on the back.

Takeshi then heard the sudden….blaring sound of Weird’s voice, dictating everyone’s return to the lab.

Takeshi thought to himself, glancing at Hiram, then Dana…

Good, finally I’ll be able to speak to Weird about research and living quarters….. and the young women…


Dr. Weirds Lab South Dakota Badlands
10:30:32 A.M. MT

Arriving back at the lab, “STEVE, take this girl to the hold cells. I will deal with her later. And check the steering on the Speeder, its pulling to the left.”

Moments later the others show, “Good, come with me we have much to discuss.” Dr. Weird begins to walk down an open hallway.
Springfield, Missouri
HMRF Employee Cafeteria
11:30 AM CT

Epoch sat at a table with no accompaniment aside from Mr. Hyre and Mr. Derenberg. He sat across from the two men and was tired from the tour. This facility was failing from a non-opinionated viewpoint, and the two government officials were doing what they could to make this inhumane research lab into a five star hotel.

"So, Shock," Mr. Derenberg started, "What do you thin thus far?"

Epoch glanced from Derenberg who had questioned him, to Hyre who was prepared to take notes. The might be losing this appeal to keep the consolidating facilities running the same way, but they sure as hell weren't giving up the fight.

"Well, I hate to say it," Epoch started, feeling a little more like Shock, "I think these places are a little terrifying. You're caging up all these people with great potential. You lock them up like they are some kind of disease and you are trying to eradicate them. They don't even get to intermingle, at least prisons let the inmates have leisure time with one another."

"Now that's just not fair," Derenberg interrupted, "Inmates in simple state penitentiary systems do not have phenomenal cosmic powers, like some of our patients. Letting them out of their rooms like that does not tallow us to keep their powers in check."

"They are caged, like wild beasts!" Epoch burst a little.

The two men looked a little surprised, "Our patients eat the best meals possible, and are given plenty of in-room exercise as well as free education and tutors," Barked a shaken Mr. Hyre.

Epoch chocked back a retort that would destroy his ruse. He breathed slightly, "I could see keeping a DNA record, or even taking blood samples. And I am even against that, to be honest. Superpowers are a gift from God. They aren't something that should just be played with and dissected. We should embrace our differences, mutant or not, and do the best we can for everyone. No one should have to live like this."

Mr. Derenberg looked at Epoch as if he had him in check, "Yes, you might say that, Shock, but you, as a member of the NSS utilize these very kind of containment units. Every single time you capture a villain, you stick him or her in one of these very cells and treat it like a jail cell."

"That's different-" Epoch stammered.

"No it isn't." Derenberg cut him off, "These patients are unstable. They have no alignment when we take them in. This method is far more humane than letting super villains kill innocent non-mutants, waiting for someone to capture them! In this instance we save millions of lives and we conduct a great amount research to be utilized not only by the military, but also by medical science and space exploration."

Epoch chocked. The man had him. The NSS did indeed use these tanks. They were no different. Perhaps he really did have things wrong. But inside, he felt that he was true. Everyone did deserve to live, even if their choices were wrong.

Mr. Derenberg almost smiled, "Now settle down and reconsider your feelings, let's eat."

Mr. Hyre added lightly, "It's Salisbury Steak day today."

Dr. Weirds Lab South Dakota Badlands
10:45:54 A.M. MT
“Seeing as how we are now going to be working together of sorts I think it would be best if we got to know each other. But seeing as how we basically all hate humanity we can work on that as we go along.” Says Dr. Weird as he eyes everyone at the table they were sitting at.

“But for starters I think I need to work out the living arrangements I don’t have the means for others to stay. So I will ask that some of you run into Rapid City for a few things”

"Are you suggesting that we stay in Rapid City or are we going to get supplies so we can stay here at base?" Ike asked questioning what Dr. Weird had planned out.

"Which would you prefer?" smirked Dr. Weird. "And don't worry about money, I have plenty." Pulling out a stack of bills and a credit card and laying them out on the table infront of him.

Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
10:00:00 AM GMT

"Got everehthin' yeh need then?" the fifth question from Anthony Spengler since Akvo's arrival.

"I'd say so." said Akvo, strapping a backpack on.

"Like ah said, make sure yeh dunt get yehself killed." Spengler said.

Akvo smiled and pulled out of the driveway on his now beloved Trident motorcycle.


Wall, SD
283 Creighton Road
10:05:00 AM GMT
Route 66 Gas Station

Akvo filled the remainder of the tank and enters the store grabbing a candy bar and a pair of sunglasses that appear to be imitating Rayban 8301's.

"That comes to $16.82." said the cashier.

"Thanks." Replied Akvo, taking his change and putting on his imitation sunglasses.

Starting the Trident he heads South on Glenn. He hops on Hiway 240 and merges onto i90.

After some time Akvo passes a little town called New Underwood. The ride to Rapid city has been rather smooth. The bike didn't have cruise control but he didn't seem to have a problem holding 85 mph.

He passes a Highway Patrol car unknowingly about ten miles down the stretch of road.

The patrol car pulls out and begins speeding after Akvo.


Akvo pulls over.

Dr. Weirds Lab South Dakota Badlands
10:48:34 A.M. MT

“Don’t worry, I have my own means of getting… what I need.” Takeshi humbly spoke, eying Hiram intently.

“I do however…. Need to speak to you about a personal research lab…”

Takeshi felt a sudden stream of warm blood trickling down his neck..

“ And perhaps, some gauze and stitching, the numbness and coagulants are wearing off…”
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Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:29 am

Wall, SD
10:34:00 AM GMT
Interstate 90

The Highway Patrolman slowly approaches Akvo.

"Sir please step off the bike." Said the officer.

Akvo obeyed, turning around to address the officer.

"Sir, do you know how fast you were driving?" the patrolman.

"Approximately eighty-five miles per hour sir. This vehicle does not have cruise control." Akvo replied without a trace of sarcasm in his voice.

"My reading says eighty-seven and your tags are expired by a couple decades. May I see your license and registration?" Said the officer.

"I do not have either my license or registration. The tags are expired because this is a recent gift." Akvo replied cooperatively.

"I'll be back in a moment I'm going to run your plates. Please remain where you are." the officer said apprehensively.

The patrolmen steps away, walking towards his patrol car.

Akvo grits his teeth.

This is going to end poorly but I can't afford to kill him.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Akvo thrusts his left hand at the departing officer and a beam of frozen energy hurdles his way. Akvo waits for the first beam to make contact and thrusts his right hand sending another beam.

Results… Akvo thought with a smile.


Dr. Weirds Lab South Dakota Badlands
10:50:46 A.M. MT

Yilana looks around at the men, feeling the cool air from the vents almost soothing. She takes a deep breath. "I can provide myself supplies and make my own weaponry. And as far as location goes, I wouldn't mind living somewhere near a city, so I can at least find answers about what the FBI and US government has to do with all the research back in Pusan." She pauses for a moment, wondering if she said too much of her own information. She's still not sure if she can trust them, knowing only very little. Dr. Weird did help her and provide her with the suit. She was very thankful; however, there could be something on it that would be hazardous to her. "Ugh, give them a break," she began to lecture herself, daydreaming. "Just give it time and I'm sure you will see that they will only help you."

She catches herself staring into empty space and looks at Dr. Weird and then Dr. Tekashi. "And I would like to speak to one of you later." Yilana stands up for a bit and stretches.

Wall, SD
10:43:00 AM GMT
Interstate 90

Akvo walks towards the officer.

Akvo looks into the officers eyes. "There's no easy way to tell you this but I can't have you running off to get me in trouble. This is two feet of ice. I don't know how long you'll survive in this thing."

The officer was breathing heavily, his eyes wide.

Akvo began pacing around the patrolman while talking, "Don't worry, I could have killed you instantly if I felt like it. But I'm not in the mood for a paper trail, you dig? Now you might go into shock and that's bad. So I'm going to do you a favor and knock you out. This shouldn't melt for several hours. It would be in your best interests to forget you ever saw me. Now then I know better that you probably will tell or someone will put two and two together. But I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt."

The officer was shivering, his breaths were shallow now, and his eyes were barely open.

"Look, I promised to put you out of your misery so just do me a favor and try to forget I ever existed." Said Akvo as the patrolman nodded as vigorously as his body would allow.

Akvo punched him straight across the jawline.
Dr. Weirds Lab South Dakota Badlands
10:55:54 A.M. MT

“Now once again Mind Freak you are fixed back up to go out and terrorize. Oh and take these,” Dr. Weird hands out a set of communicators to everyone. “These are my special high frequency radios; just put them on behind your ear. This way we can stay in touch.”

Turning to Yilana, Dr. Weird handed her another syringe with the same substance he gave her earlier. “You look like you might need it.” He could tell she wanted to know more about the suit he had given here.

“You will like the phase shift on it, with that you can remain in stealth and move around. To put it simple the camo suit will constantly shift with any movement without any flaw in the appearance. I also have added in a sound dampening material to render you completely inaudible, but that is still in the testing so if you would, please tell me how that works out. I did believe I told you about the charge it holds and how long it can last. Plus being well insulated for any claimant the fabric can also stop small caliber bullets and knifes, but be careful that is also in the testing phase, so use caution.” Dr. Weird was full of himself once again.

“Off road trucks are available in the garage.”

Takeshi stood up, clutching the comm device and a thick wad of money in his hand.

“I appreciate you patching me up Hiram, I’ll make sure to keep in contact with you.”

Takeshi glared towards Yilana now…

“I apologize for still leaving your questions unanswered, I know your eager to know more about the facility.”

Now striding towards the exit, Takeshi goes over a list of needs in his head…





“Don’t you two cause too much trouble without me!” Takeshi shouted, smirking and performing a double take back at Yilana and Ike.

"Hehe, no promises. If you see some explosions of a well know business or company............you know who." Ike winks at Yilana and Dr. Weird and puts the device behind his ear. "I'll see you guys in a bit. Mayhem calls, plus it should cause a ruckus for people and authorities alike to ignore a missing woman."

Ike takes $50 dollars and runs toward a vehicle. "OOOOOh a green one! DIBS!"

Yilana thanks Dr. Weird for the information then smirks at Dr. Takeshi and Ike before they leave. "I appreciate everything doctor.. I will keep in touch." She swiftly grabs the credit card and puts on her ear-piece and strolls outside, finding a nice blue truck left alone on the cold pavement.

She straps herself in the truck and thinks to herself. "I suppose I can drive West and see what's there. Nothing to lose."

She puts her list of things she needs on the dash and pulls out onto the road. "Time for this lady to shop for some civilized clothing".

Springfield, Missouri
HMRF, Corridors
1:03 PM CT

Epoch walked again with the two men, now reunited with the secret service men. The tour had gone through an hour of the lower facility, mostly watching lab techs work on tasks that seemed never ending. Maybe those poor souls were trapped here too?

He felt antsy, having been on this tour most of the day. Epoch hoped that everything would be normal after this day and he could clean himself of these dirty feelings after reporting back to President Jackson and Professor Quantum.

"Well, Mr. Shock," Mr. Derenberg started, "you are free to tour the facility again, for another hour. This time it's just you walking through on your own. We are granting you this privacy to collect your thoughts and prepare to report back to us in the cafeteria at 2:30. How does that sound?"

Epoch agreed that an hour was plenty. After parting with the group he found it odd that the secret service-like men didn't even escort him. Somehow Mr. Derenberg and Mr. Hyre trusted him to decide that the HMRF's were a necessity all on his own. It was difficult to build a decent argument against them when he knew that he had been content trapping super villains in the exact same tanks. Was this some sort of government conspiracy to tamper with his reaction? Would this reminder make him feel more wishy-washy?

Trying to clear his mind, Epoch wandered the hallways, he tried to make his thoughts leave the place. Everything was so white and sterile, it was nearly impossible to think of anything else but the bleach white surroundings and the buzzing of scientists at work.

It took him nearly ten minutes, but soon, he had an idea, and he smiled.

Epoch stood before a cell window. He tried not to smile at all, however he couldn't help it. The doctors who used these windows for spying on patients were nowhere to be seen. He was alone before the window of the cell labeled Meltdown.

The girl inside had drawn her curtain and must have been sitting on her bed, or at least sleeping. He just had to find out what her story was, maybe a name. If anything, Epoch could definitely use her name and her story as information for the NSS to work toward shutting these down. She seemed so perfect for the plan.

Hesitantly, Epoch considers tapping on the glass to try to summon her but stops abruptly, afraid it may alert someone else, someone who could stop his nosiness. Naturally, Epoch was never so devious, he had followed so many rules in the past, even abiding by the rules of the tank he was cramped in. But now, it seemed like the appropriate time to do something himself, to do something bigger, for the better.

With a smile, Epoch closes his eyes and attempts to teleport into the cell.

He blinked out of the space he was in and found himself in the cell.

Epoch opened his eyes. "My first try!" He exclaimed to himself, under his breath. Letting some nerves shake out of his limbs, he approached the closed curtain that circled the bed. With a shaky hand he reached forward and pulled the curtain open. The strange fibers were familiar, even through his gloves.

As quickly as the curtain clanged open, the girl shot up in bed pulling up her blanket up to her neck, "What do you want!" she barked, expecting to see a scientist. Seeing that funny looking guy in the jet blue uniform was more than she thought she would see, standing in her cell. "Who are you, how did you get in here?" She inquired, slightly upset, but not nearly as surprised as before.

"My name is Epoch, I am a superhero, and I need your help." He held up his hand cutting her off before she could start, "I was sent here to survey the facility and help the NSS work toward shutting down these places."

"You still haven't answered my other question," she spat bitterly.

"Oh, it was actually sort of easy getting in here, I teleported," Epoch stated, almost egotistically.

The girl eyed him up and down, with a sour look on her face. Her eyes were slightly deep set, brown and accusing. The brown in her eyes complimented her olive complexion and her black, curled hair bounced softly. "How could I help you," she spat submissively, plopping down on her odd pillow.

Epoch tried to smile, wishing this had gone on a little easier. "If you just tell me your story, I'll have someone to build a good example off of, and we can close all these places for good; hell we could even get you out of here."

"My story? Who cares.." She trailed off, breaking eye contact.

"They named you Meltdown, I always hated the names, but mine was Epoch, my real name is Darren Taylor," Epoch struggled to get her to comment on something, "What's your name?"

"My name is Teaghan Grace." She muttered, staring at the floor.

"Teaghan, that's a pretty name," Epoch replied, trying to bring her out, "Why did they name you Meltdown?"

She looked at him now, more accusing than before, "If it really helps you, I'll tell you, but leave me alone, I'm never getting out of here..."

Epoch tried to touch her chin to bring her eyes back to his and she reeled back, he was taken aback, "It will help me, I promise."

Teaghan looked back to him, with water in her eyes, "My name is Meltdown because that's what I do. That's why you can't touch me, that's why no one, nothing, can touch me, aside from this terrible nano fiber."

Epoch's jaw was slightly agape as the story burst forth.

"I melt things." She said coldly, "Not with heat, I just melt them. They said my power is Liqufication. Anything I touch, even my food, melts into a liquid. Not water, just a liquid of all of its parts. Even my parent's. When I was only three years old, I melted both of them, killing them."

Epoch's shock grew.

She took a breath before continuing, "Within hours I was here. I've been stuck here, forever and I am never leaving. There are you happy? I'm forgotten and terrible and no one cares, they hardly study me anymore."

The two made stern eye contact as Epoch realized that this was why she wore such a strange jumpsuit made out of the nano fiber compound. Her eyes were deep and tortured and he struggled to declare, "I care about you."

She looked shocked and tried to hide her face as she shouted, "How can you care about someone you've just met?"

Before Epoch could respond the lights started flashing red and a siren bellowed throughout the compound. Someone had realized what Epoch had just done.
"Oh shit!" Epoch exclaimed in fright.

Teaghan sat up and scoffed with nihilistic tone, "Sounds like your boned, hero-boy. Guess this has all been in vain, looks like I'll be staying here forever."

Epoch's mind raced for moment, trying to think past the alarm, "Not quite!" Epoch shouted, grabbing Teaghan's wrist without caution and pulling her up to her feet. His eyes darted to the viewing window and saw those doors to the outside, "That's it, the helicopter outside."

"What?" She asked as if she had forgotten that he could teleport.

"What the hell are you doing?" Teaghan condescended.

"Trying to teleport!" Epoch shouted hearing loud voices and footsteps nearing.

"You're obviously not very good!" Teaghan spat angrily.

Epoch grumbled and tried again.

Epoch and Teaghan suddenly appeared before the open helicopter. Epoch jumped in and aided her in climbing in, "Careful now," he said hoisting her up.

"What's going on, why is that siren going off?" The pilot demanded.

Epoch burst out with vigor, "Back to station seven! Step on it! Get the propellers spinning!"

"You got it, boss," the pilot replied snarkily.

The helicopter sprang to life and the props started turning slowly. Epoch strapped Teaghan in, careful not to touch her skin with the straps. He then hangs out the open door as the helicopter struggles to rise. The secret service-like men had come running out the doors with Mr. Derenberg and Mr. Hyre. They tried shouting over the noise that the helicopter emitted and the suits raised their guns.

Epoch quickly tried to shut the door, leaving a little space to peek out through at the men below. The helicopter was moving now. He watched as the men grew smaller and some bullets came flying. A hammer of fear struck his heart strings and he fell backward, slamming the door shut as his rear hit the floor. Each bullet pinged off the outer shell of the helicopter.

"Sit still!" The pilot shouted, "About an hour now, we're going to have a lot of explaining to do."
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Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:30 am

Somewhere over Oklahoma
2:03 PM CT

"So I got out and then I joined the NSS as soon as I could," Epoch concluded the story of how he became a super hero.

Teaghan looked at him, trying to feign disinterest, "And you think that I would rather be a superhero instead of rotting in there? I can't really do anything but harm."

"I guess I may have become interested in you as I started the tour this morning." Epoch replied, taking off the mask that covered his eyes.

Teaghan looked into the blue, crystal orbs, "I thought I saw you walk by earlier, sorry for looking so pitiful."

Epoch smirked, "It's not hard to look pitiful in one of those god awful tanks. I'm actually surprised that you aren't upset with me pulling you out of there like this."

Turning her stare to the small window on her left, Teaghan's mood suddenly shifted, "Being here is better than there, by a long shot. In all honesty, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Every time those assholes told me about the move to the new facility, they kept threatening to leave me behind, to let me die. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be hated and left for dead?"

"I guess not," Epoch said, bobbing his head downward. He thought to himself briefly and looked up to her, with a bold stare, his eyes locking with hers, "I don't believe in letting myself dwell on things like that. I have to stay positive and strong. I want to help others, especially those who have gone through anything I did. I plan on using my abilities to make this world a better place and defend the innocent."

Teaghan kept the gaze, "I'm sorry, but the world isn't all peaches and gravy like that, there are no real superheroes, the world isn't a comic book."

Silence fell for a moment and then the pilot interjected, "I just got word from President Jackson, sounds like he wants to have a word with you two."

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
President Jackson's Office
3:00 PM CT

Epoch now sat in a comfortable office chair seated in a room alone with Meltdown. Teaghan kept her posture up, to keep from making direct contact with her chair. President Jackson was supposed to meet them in his office any minute and Epoch's stomach churned. He was more nervous now, than he had ever been.

The door swung open and President Jackson entered with a stern look on his brow. He walked around his large desk and sat down, folding his fingers together in front of his mouth. Burning holes in Epoch's mind, he stared intently at the young man.

"What the fuck were you thinking, Darren?" Mr. Jackson barked.

"I-" Epoch tried to squeak.

The president cut him off, "I don't care how compassionate you are toward others, or how badly you feel for anyone in one of those tanks, but you had a mission. A Goddamn mission, and you failed. Obviously, you were the wrong mutha fucka to send into this situation, and you fucked up. Now we have this lovely young lady on our hands and the United States Government on my ass. You think I like having them biting my ass?"

Epoch shook his head.

"Exactly," Jackson continued, "Usually this sort of offense would result in the strictest sort of punishment. And as I should be, I am not pleased with this particular outcome, but, I am not going to erase your powers, either of yours. That would be too cruel."

Epoch and Teaghan both looked overwhelmed.

"This mistake of yours shows me something new about you." Jackson calmed himself, "You've got some fucking character. I am pleasantly surprised to see you reach out and do something like this. Even though your actions have put us in a corner, it may actually help the NSS. All the scrambled up authorities are struggling to make a retort and that gives us the upper hand."

Epoch's stomach settled.

"For the time being, you two are off the hook. You're lucky too, each NSS station is a mutant sanctuary and due to a previous agreement, the government cannot touch you here. So now I have to find something for you to do until we hear from the president, the big guy. Once again, you're a couple lucky mother fuckers, Professor Quantum is going to hold you two in his office and take care of you until we get word."

"Thank you," Epoch choked.

President Jackson smiled, "You're welcome, you got spunk kid, and I like that. Reminds me of the old days, my old days, fightin' for what's right." He came around the desk and Epoch stood attentively, gesturing Teaghan to do the same. Jackson shook each of their hands and said, "Go now my righteous brothers, Quantum is waiting for you."

Oklahoma City
NSS Station 7
Professor Quantum's Office
4:55 PM CT

"...and to keep yourself from melting everything, you have to wear this suit, that's marvelous," Professor Quantum commented, "I am certain that I, and my students, could duplicate this material and make a nice living space for you here at the station."

Teaghan smiled, "That's really very nice of you, but I am not entirely proud of this power I have. It probably would have been nice to have Mr. Jackson remove my powers all together."

Epoch opened his mouth and stammered before being cut off by Quantum, "Sam doesn't like removing powers, it's only in extreme cases that he even considers the notion. I encourage you to take a few simple courses and I can promise you, that over time, you'll probably be able to control that power of yours."

"If you insist," Teaghan breathed out in a sigh.

"I insist," Epoch interjected, "You have a wonderful gift, I would never give up a gift."

Teaghan looked at Epoch sharply, "I just need some time to settle down, this whole day has been too much. Plus, I never saw this as gift..." She finished that last sentence under her breath letting it trail off.

Suddenly, breaking the din, a young male hero burst into the room, "Professor Quantum! President Obama is about to give his speech addressing the events today, President Jackson requires your attendance immediately."


Heading Back to Dr. Weirds Lab
5:00:00 PM MT

Yilana drives slowly into the garage of Dr. Weird's lab. She gets out of an RV with a small limp from landing on the wrong leg. "Fucking a..."

"Welcome back Yilana. Are you alright?" Steve asked, making Yilana jump in surprise.

"Thanks. I'm fine for now. Just a rough ride coming from Rapid City. I am sick of putting up with people sometimes."

Yilana double takes at Dr. Weird's bots helping out with carrying all the material and clothes she purchased inside. "Oh. Thanks."

"What happened Yilana? I do hope you didn't blow anything up or had anyone follow you," Steve asked with high concern.

"No, it wasn't anything to catch much attention so we're fine. However, there was a close call with an FBI agent. I sneaked in a steel manufacturing plant after getting my clothes and grabbed what I needed for materials. The bags were heavy as fuck and a couple times almost got caught. Luckily with this suit, it's very quick at changing into different environments quickly. However, this.." Yilana shows a tear. "... didn't work very well."

"Hmmm. I suppose it tore from the steel?" Steve asks.

"I don't know. Long story short, I got chased by the security guards with the last bag of materials on my back, which contributed to more scratches on my suit. On top of that, I almost got caught by the police. Luckily, some dumbass left his RV vacant in a nearby campsite and I took that so they didn't know who I was."

"What about the truck...?" Steve asks with apprehension.

"In the lake," Yilana says quietly.

"Dr. Weird will have to hear about this inside. Please follow me. He will have to tend to that suit as well as your wounds." There was a short pause. "I'm surprised you didn't use your Fire Form ability. Must have been very difficult."

"You don't even know the half of it," Yilana said while following Steve inside.

Dr. Weirds Lab South Dakota Badlands


“It is progressing slowly; there have been four failed attempts with the structural combination.” Steve feared that his cpu was about to be ripped out with the bad news he delivered.


“That is processing along steadily, we are 47% along. Completion should be accomplished with in a few days.”



Dr. Weird was in his bio-lab working on another corpse.

“Doctor the lab reports are finished.”


“The base DNA has been isolated and the root strain has been found. We are now proceeding with phase two of the project.”

“EXCELENT, EXCELENT, I LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING.” Picking up the brain he slices it in half to find the cause of death.

“MY MIND.” He shouts, then while holding it in his hands he licks it the organ. “I’ve tasted better.”


Pulling the blood sample out from his pocket that Dr. Weird acquired from the afternoons fight he tries to Srcy him.

“Let’s see if I can find his flea bitten ass.”

“Sir you’re the Orbital Observation Platform Station is finished. The Sensor Pods have been successfully integrated into it.” Steve gave Dr. Weird the good news.

“EXCELENT, have it ready for immediate departure. The way things are going I have a feeling that I will be needing it.” An elated Dr. Weird standing amongst his monitors paying close attention for the news for anything about the recent events. Just then he say that the president has made an appearance on the news. “This might be some BAD NEWS.”
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Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:39 am

11:11:00 AM GMT
Rapid City

Akvo arrives in Rapid City. He drives until he finds a secluded spot to ditch his bike.

No telling if I'll want that later…

He tightens his backpack and begins walking around town.
11:45:00 AM GMT
Rapid City
805 5th Street
Security First Bank

This looks like the perfect place.

Akvo walks into the bank. The security guard smiles and him. Akvo smiles back. The guard looks away.

Akvo shoots a Freeze Beam at the guard.

"Everybody down!" Akvo yelled to the room. Someone screams. "Silence!" Akvo replies as he shoots another Freeze beam covering the door.

Akvo grabs a nearby child pushing the mother down.

"Here's how this is going to work ladies and gentlemen: I'm going to kill this child if you don't do exactly as I tell you. Now then, as you can tell, I do not have any bags, accomplices or guns. That doesn't mean I don't mean business." He shoots an Icicle at a camera "You see. I can kill each and every one of you if you fail to cooperate." He takes out another camera. "If any you have any ideas you might want to eighty-six them now." Boom! Another camera explodes. "First order of business! Clerk number four! Stand your ass up and move forward towards me and the child!" A thin, balding man approaches Akvo and the child apprehensively.

"Now then! What is your name sir?!" Akvo asked, still shouting for all to hear.

"C-Calvin." the clerk said.

"C-Calvin what?!" Akvo shouted.

"Calvin Papadakis…" Said the clerk.

"Well then Mr. Papadakis, may I call you C-Calvin?" not waiting for a response. "Now then I need you to stand next to this island countertop thing with all the lovely pens." Akvo said jerking the child around slightly.

Calvin Papadakis cautiously stands next to the pamphlet island.

"Good! Now then! Chill out!" Akvo shoots a Freeze Beam at him freezing him to the island, only his head exposed. "Okay then! Hostage number one has saved the life of this child!" Akvo takes his imitation sunglasses off and puts them on the five year old child before pushing him in the direction of his mother. "Shall we give Mr. Papadakis a round of applause?"


Akvo raises his hand towards Calvin's head.

"I said clap goddammit!" He uses the other hand to take out a different camera.

Applause breaks out across the room. Akvo keeps his hand firmly planted on Calvin's head. He then Freeze Beams all of the windows. "Everyone into THAT corner of the room! NOW!"

The various people move towards the other side of the room. Around twenty-five of them find their way there aside from the Guard and Calvin.

"Wonderful! Bunch together!" Akvo raised both hands towards the patrons and staff and freezes them to the wall, leaving only their heads showing.

"First order of business Calvin, my Greek friend, tell me where the various exits are on this floor." Akvo says to him holding his hand to his head and firing another Sharp Icicle at another once in tact camera.

"T-t-two in the back, and one in the office. There should only be one person there." Calvin said stuttering slightly, for fear or from cold is hard to tell.

Akvo made his way to the back pulling out an old female out of the back room. He froze all the exits and the stairwells and elevators to the higher floors.

"And what is your name miss," he asked allowing her to walk on her own, though keeping a threatening palm directed at Calvin's temple.

"Prudy Gorski." She said firmly.

"Now then Ms. Gorski," Akvo said gently, "I would like you to do me the favor of alerting the authorities about my presence. Tell them everything you have seen and tell them I require as many news crews as possible. Also inform them, if they do exactly as I tell them no one needs to get hurt."

She nodded and walked away.

"Oh and turn the thermostat down as low as it will go."

Akvo turns to Papadakis while Prudy makes the call.

"How do you feel about Mutant rights Mr. Papadakis?" Akvo sakes

1:38:22 PM GMT
Rapid City
805 5th Street
Security First Bank

The authorities arrive.

"Ice Man! Please relinquish the hostages so that we may comply with your demands!" A megaphone blares.

Akvo unfreezes the group enough to allow the little boy to come out, then he refreezes the group.

"Hey little freedom fighter, go out there and tell them they may refer to me as The Frost Raptor. Tell them I'm not releasing anymore hostages and that can reach me at the banks phone number if they want to negotiate." Akvo says to the child.

Akvo parts the ice of the front doors enough to allow him out. Ten minutes later the phone rings and Akvo picks it up.

"Hello?" Akvo responds.

"Ice Man?" Says a voice on the other end.

"Did the child not tell you my name? Do you want me to kill a hostage?" Akvo says.

"I'm sorry, Frost Raptor, my name is Terrance Wellington. I'm here to get you everything you want." Says Terrance the negotiator.

"Fuck off Terry, I know better, and you should now know that I know better." Akvo replies, "Here's the skinny, you said in a camera and a cameraman, no anchors. You get one hostage for each camera and Cameraman, up to six hostages. Understood?"

"That seems reasonable. They don't usually start reasonable, you usually have to work them down." Says Terrance.

"Seriously Terry, fuck off, I don't give a shit. Send in brave guys. I'll send out two hostages first as a show of good faith." Akvo replies.

Akvo releases two hostages and a cameraman enters the scene. Akvo releases four more hostages. Two more cameramen enter. They set up.

"So gentlemen, are we doing a live broadcast because that's what I want." Akvo asked

They all nod.

"Are you lying to me? Calvin's gray matter will be all over your cargo pants if you're lying to me."

They all shake their heads.

"Hello people of the wherever the fuck this is being broadcasted. My name is Frost Raptor and I've taken over this bank here in good old Rapid City. You fucks at the station, get some information about the situation scrolling across the bottom of the screen. Hey thanks Jim. I assume your names Jim. Anyhow, my friend here, Calvin Papadakis should be awarded the God damn key to this city." Akvo said patting him on the balding head.

"Now then. I will kill this man. And the twenty some odd other hostages. I don't want money. I don't want a plane out of here. I want this broadcasting as long as I keep talking. Or for you to re-air the necessary footage."

"You're probably wondering what I'm capable of. As you can tell people are frozen to walls and other ice related bull shit. Furthermore I can do other cool stuff. You, cameraman number two, toss me your ball cap."

Akvo takes the cap and throws it into the air and fires a sharp icicle at it.

"I hope that wasn't a family heirloom. So, I can send one of those bad boys right into each and every head in this room. But you could make this a lot easier on me and the rest of you if you just keep airing this footage."

"Onto the important stuff. What else do I want? I want to give a shout out to the good doctor. Dr. Weird my close friend and ally! I require your presence. Make your way to this location. But you are not the only one I'm looking for. I also want to see the Blue Streak from Lake Helen. You know who you are. If you are not both here by nine o clock tonight at the latest I will begin slaughtering these people. That is all. Reroll the footage Jim.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:39 am

Rapid City

Takeshi pulled into a small parking lot of a men’s apparel outlet.

Takeshi browsed through the for a good ten minutes until coming across a wool, light brown old fashioned trench coat, similar in appearance to the you would see in old fashioned detective movies.

Takeshi pulled three of the same coat from the shelve, hulling them to the check-out counter…
“That will be $567.65 sir, will this be cash or credit?” A husky, middle aged blonde women inquired to Takeshi, a warm smile across her face.

Takeshi pulled a hefty wad of cash from his billfold, handing it to the friendly clerk.

“Thank you sir… your change will be $32.35.” The women stated, handing Takeshi his change.

“No, I do believe my change is $600……exact.” Takeshi spoke, in an austere tone, grinning and using his hypnotic powers on her.
“Oh my, I am very sorry for this mix up!” The women exclaimed, handing Takeshi all of his money back..

Takeshi strode out of the store towards his truck, slipping on one of his brand new trench coats.

“ It’s almost tooo easy…” Takeshi muttered with a snicker.

Oriental Market

Takeshi strode into the Oriental market , there was a familiar tune…. Cherry Blossom, playing over the speakers.

Takeshi walked up and down the aisles, placing various Asian ingredients into a cart, lastly coming to the rice…

Takeshi halted an employee for assistance.

“Shōnen wa, watashi no koto o Nishiki Chū-tsubu no yon jū pondo-bukuro no tsu o shutoku! Watashi no karada wa watashi no hone tsukarete, furuidesu.”

(Translation- Boy, fetch me five of the forty pound bags of that Nishiki Medium grain! My body is old, my bones tired.)

The young Japanese man bowed to his elder, and promptly hauled the bags into Takeshi’s cart.
“Arigato” Takeshi spoke, bowing his head at the respectful young man.

“Your total be $146.34, cash only!” Barked a wrinkly old Asian women, obviously impatient.
Takeshi handed over the payment… momentarily pondering whether to use his abilities to get out of paying or not.

Takeshi worked his ability once again, “ How about you give me half….off.” Takeshi slyly spoke to the old woman, raising an eyebrow.

“ Oh yes!! only for you though…..handsome.” Shouted the women, a sudden glowing expression across her wrinkly, melanoma stricken face.

As Takeshi pulled out of the parking lot of the market, his goods loaded in the flat bed.

“Strange, I didn’t demand attraction as well……hmm, oh well…” Takeshi pondered, quickly dismissing the thought.


Takeshi pulls up to the check-out counter, a cart full of various toiletries.

“Your total is $54.73 sir.” Spoke a scruffy looking man, in an unenthusiastic tone.

“We’ll see about that….” Takeshi scoffed under his breath, making direct eye contact with the man…

“You’re going to give me this shit for free… thank you very much…” Takeshi spoke, a grin across his face.

“Of course sir, the goods are on the house, thank you for shopping Wal-Mart.” The man spoke, a tranced look plastered across his face.

Takeshi loaded his items into the back seat of the truck, then making an attempt to exit the congested Wal-Mart parking lot.

“Looks like I have what I need… for now, I suppose I’ll make my way back to the lab now….perhaps get my research lab worked out with Hiram.”

Takeshi daydreamt about furthering his research, waiting among a long line of cars exiting Wal-Mart.

Dr. Weird’s Laboratory, Garage A

Takeshi stepped down from the seat of the truck…

“Steve! There any chance you can send some drones to help me with my stuff.”

“Of course Dr. Takeshi, I will send in assist drones immediately.”

“Thank you Steve.” Takeshi spoke…

“Now to find Weird…..” Takeshi spoke, yet again daydreaming of his research lab.

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:40 am

NSS Private Jet 617
Near Oklahoma City
11:37 AM

Sol stops typing for a moment, bringing one hand up to rub his eyes. Ah... well. Two hours and all I've got on "Beatrice" is her first name, Brooke. Her file has been wiped clean otherwise... perhaps she is deeper in with the NSS than I thought.

"I'm tired of this..." pressing a small button the displays return to the wall and power off.

Sitting motionless in his seat Sol pondered his next move. He flicked the window shudders open. Blitz's gaze meeting his own. Her hazel eyes drawing him ever closer, and making him lose focus.

"Wh..where are we?" Once again stammering. Those damn eyes.

"We'll be landing shortly. Unfortunately, you'll have to claim your luggage in the airport. Standard procedure." smirking once again, and staring back at Sol, mouth beaming widely.

"I'm not even going to ask why... I just can't wait to be off this plane."

11:58 AM

The plane makes a routine landing and pulls to a stop near the gates.

Gathering himself, Sol kindly taps on the glass. Brooke stood up, and a few short moments later the door creaks open. A blast of heat emanating from the bay.

"I hope you enjoyed your flight Sol. Good luck in Oklahoma." hands outreached holding his suit.

"Oh, you can count on that. And I will have that coffee with you..." taking the suit and beginning down the steps before turning his head slightly, "...Brooke."

Will Rogers World Airport
Oklahoma City
2:29 PM

The camera focuses in on a lone figure sitting on a secluded bench, chin resting in his hands, elbows placed on either knee. Small amounts of permanent ink tainting his fingers from the nearly one hundred signatures given. Absolutely silent.

The fuss had long since died down however, and the presence of a hero of the NSS, more of a god in truth, had become but another novelty. Someone more than a man, capable of bending one of the most powerful sources of energy, the Sun, to his will. Now nothing more than another grumpy man awaiting his long overdue luggage.

His fiery orbs fixated on the black flaps of the luggage return. Slowly being dragged open before falling back into the place, only to be dragged apart again.

A large sigh escapes his chest. A feeling of uncertainty heavy on his shoulders.

He lets his head fall down, now facing the shiny air port floor. He spots a coin a few inches behind his left heel.

He reaches down and picks up a penny, why not let chance decide?

He flicks the coin upward, spinning wildly through the air... and he calls it.

"Heads I walk out of here right now... tails I wait for my luggage."

The coin lands in his palm, he slaps it down on his wrist and lifts his hand.

Heads... looks like I'm outta here. Throwing the penny to the ground to decide someone elses fate, or to take up space in a jar long forgotten.

The sound of his feet padding softly through the nearly empty halls, and quickly fading as he exits the airport. Calling for the NSS escort and being taken to the facility.

Yet another familiar thought crosses his mind...Why can't I just fly..


NSS Station 7
Room 428

Having arrived in his room, one recently vacated by the very hero he was replacing, room 428. Sol decided it would be a good to get a feel for the new station, and especially the heroes. Perhaps he'd even find his team member, digging deep to remember the heroes name.

E... E something....And I recall a "p" in there... Ep...Episode...Epilogue... ep...EPOCH!

Walking the halls of his new home, looking for his partner, Sol entered the large elevator and hit "1".

Gotta start somewhere...
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:40 am

Oklahoma City
11:41 AM CT

"I shall peruse the town. Call me when you have the hotel information and if I need a ride later I shall let you know."

"Of course, Miss."

4:47 PM CT

After spending most of her day at the mall, she decided no one there could help her. Shortly after leaving sight of the mall, she pulled a jar labeled "Arak" out of her pocket as she walked. She uncorked it and sniffed. A smile spread across her face as a tendril of hair wrapped its way down her arm and dipped its tip into the liquid. She put the jar away but the hair stayed wrapped around her arm. She hadn’t been walking for more than a minute before:

"Hey baby, how you doin," a voice called out from in front of her.

"Perfect timing," she whispered, turning to the speaker. "Can I help you with something?" she asked him sweetly.

"Yeah join me for a night on the town," he replied, grinning widely.

"No, that would not be in the available agenda for tonight. Unless of course you can help me locate the whereabouts of a one Dr. Takeshi."

"Doc who? Sure I know where that guy is. Right here!" He laughing jabbing a thumb at his own chest.

"I thought as much," she sighed walking away.

"Wait there a sec, baby," he laughed again and reached out grabbing her arm. Bad move, she thought, with her own grin.

She forms a Hair Hammer and bashes the head of her assailant, he staggers backwards in pain.

If she succeeds in making him let go of her:

“Next time, think twice before bothering women,” she scoffs at him then continues to her hotel.
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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

Post  Noah the Arc Bearer on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:41 am

Time: Before 5 PM

After multiple weeks of strenuous training Umbral was finally getting where he wanted to with his skills. It was almost scary, the look in Umbral's eyes, it looked like he was on a mission in which he would never give up.

Along with the long weeks of training, one would think Umbral would have made some friends, but for the most part he keeps to himself focusing on his training. Many of the students question Umbral’s sanity, and one student got the balls to actually speak to Umbral.

-During a training session-

A younger looking boy with blonde hair and white eyes entered the small room that Umbral was training in. It was very dark in the room and when the boy flipped the light switch the lights failed to turn on. Umbral instantly noticed this and instinctively sunk into the shadows.

Umbral lie in wait to see what this boy wanted from him. The boy looked very awkward and was holding his hands in front of himself as he swayed back and fourth, he seemed to tremble slightly but spoke out quietly and asked, "hey I uhh...know you have been training for quite a long t-time..I was just wondering if you wanted to join some of us at.. dinner today."

Moments later Umbral moved through the shadows flawlessly towards the boy, after arriving he slowly rose from the shadow in front of the young boy with his hood covering his face, when reaching the boys face he rose his head slightly and uttered the word "boo!"

The boy seemed slightly confused by Umbral, and just stood there. Umbral spoke out, "heh" patting the boys shoulder, "no thanks little dude I have some food, I have to keep training if I wanna make it into the big leagues and protect everyone." Umbral gave the boy a really big and awkward smirk and a thumbs up.

The boy looked up in admiration towards Umbral and began to leave the room skipping, as he was leaving the room he said, "good luck Umbral I’m rooting for you!"

Umbral felt a bit lighter with the little bit of encouragement that he needed. Umbral thought to himself, "I need to test myself...time to visit the...danger room..". As Umbral slowly left the room he took one last look at the training dummy he was using earlier and launched a shadow at it knocking it across the room.

-Outside the danger room-

Umbral approached the danger room with utmost confidence, as he approached he noticed a lever on the side of the room labeled difficulty. His first thought, "lets fucking do this". Umbral walked up to the door flipped the lever down to expert and entered the door without a second thought.

Entering the door everything was in darkness just how he liked it, and his confident attitude faded into a hopeful attitude. Umbral's voice wavering then said, "heh...yeahhh this will be easy..right?" the lights turned on and Umbral looked at what seemed to be about 20 robots.

Reacting quickly before the robots activated, Umbral located the closest shadow on the wall and merged into it.

Looking around Umbral noticed his opening, if he was going to attack, now was the time.
Umbral jumps from the space he was at to the center of the room anyway.

After reaching the center of the room Umbral appears out of the shadow legs first ending up in a hand stand, and attempts to whip the robots that surround him using Shadow Emission. Umbral does not succeed with any of his Shadow Emission attacks, he falls onto the ground and the robots jump on Umbral knocking him unconscious.
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Noah the Arc Bearer

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3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun Empty Re: 3) Bridge 1: It Has Begun

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