4) Arc 2: State of Emergency (PVP)

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Post  Yilana on Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:25 pm

Black Hills, Military Containment Van
9:14:02 PM GMT

Yilana held her breath as her nostrils flared out, surprised at someone's voice in the same room with her. She whipped her head toward, whom she almost forgot about, Dr. Takeshi. "What?" For a second, she didn't understand what he asked, then decided to ignore the question fully. Why would he care? Why would anyone care? For most of her life, she had to fend for herself, and because of that, she was blinded by others' kindness who cared for her most and lost those friendships and relationships very quickly.

She shook her head and apologized for having him wait on her to untie him. "Fuck.. Sorry," she mumbled as she walked quickly toward him. She raised her leg in the air while triggering a blade on her left heel, thanks to Dr. Weird. "Sit still, unless you want to get hurt." And within seconds, the blade swiftly moved down between Dr. Takeshi's hands and broke the handcuffs clean off of its chain. "There now you can do the rest... And after you're done, help me with my hands as well."

Yilana turned away from Dr. Takeshi and walked over to the back wall of the truck. She rested her head on the wall while looking up at the rough metallic ceiling hovering over their heads as some tools around them clanked against it as well as the walls. "So what's the plan anyway?" Her breath escaped between her lips as she took small breaths. She was worried about what would happen. She didn't want to lose her chance of vengeance and die at the hands of some lame ass soldiers with guns with no real power or purpose. "We have to be cautious of what we do from now on. I almost lost control of myself". She closed her eyes and hung her head in disappointment. She took a deep breath, speaking softly of a Korean proverb she must follow. "파리를 죽이기 위해 칼을 그려하지 마십시오" (Do not draw your sword to kill a fly).

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4) Arc 2: State of Emergency (PVP) - Page 13 Empty Re: 4) Arc 2: State of Emergency (PVP)

Post  Tang Le on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:36 pm

Radisson Hotel in Rapid City

Le flopped down on the queen sized bed of the honeymoon suit. Gregory and Daniel had both come to her room and were awaiting her instructions. Daniel looked like he wanted to say something, but one look at Gregory told him to keep quiet. Le smiled inwardly. Her driver knew better than to make the first move. "So you found each other simply enough?"

"Well about that," Daniel started however Gregory cut him off.

"Oh yes, smooth as you father always was with business dealings."

"That's unexciting. Tomorrow should be quite the opposite though."

"Wait, why?" Daniel blurted out before Gregory could try to control the situation again. Le let them see her smile this time.

"Do you need to see a doctor, Daniel?"

"What? No, what for? I'm not sick."

"Too bad. Doctors are on our agenda for tomorrow." She waited for a moment before raising her head to glare at them. "I'm exhausted. Get out."

Gregory shushed the very confused pilot out of the room, muttering something about invisible spiders if they weren't careful, and Le relaxed back onto the bed. I'll play your game, Dr. Weird.

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4) Arc 2: State of Emergency (PVP) - Page 13 Empty Re: 4) Arc 2: State of Emergency (PVP)

Post  Dr. Weird on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:59 pm

Outside Ellsworth Air Force Base SD
9:20:00 P.M. MT

The vein in Dr. Weird’s forehead started to throb at an accelerated rate as his anger grew from a simmer to a low boil. “Shit,” he said as a low growl. “I don’t have time for this crap. I have too much to do in preparation for tomorrow. If what I saw was real, we are all in for a giant cluster fuck.” Dr. Weird was referring to the events he saw in President Obama’s office. He knew the man that came in late very well. They use to work together so Dr. Weird had an idea of what that proposal was. He only had time to tell Steve to fire up the assembly line and begin production of counter measures.

Before he could dwell on that subject matter he saw an armored truck with an escort arriving. The whole base started to come to life to make ready to receive and ship off the supers coming in. He checked the radio frequencies he hijacked earlier.

“Two supers comin’ in, they’re the ones we caught at the diner.”

“To end up getting caught like that they must not be that tough.”

“It wasn’t that bad, I thought it was going to be a lot worse. One of these two here was reported as being an associate Dr. Weird, but it’s just some old Asian guy not much of a threat really. And the other one is some sort of Asian assassin, she had all these knifes and shit on her.”

“Why so many Asians?”

“No idea must be all that nuclear fallout, you know the kind that made Godzilla.”

“Cut the fucking chatter or I will bust you two down to scrubbing latrines. We need to focus these are supers we are talking about. We already have one here ready to go and the sooner we get these freaks out of here the better.”

“Yes sir!”

Dr. Weird had heard enough, “Freaks huh,” he switched off the radio. “I guess I should show you what we freaks can do.” While keeping his focus on the incoming truck he eyed his droids and began issuing out orders for them.

“You six go around to the other side off the base and create a diversion. The rest of you are with me, we will be entering behind the truck. When it all starts the base should focus its attention on you, leaving us to come in unnoticed.” The six on his left began to make their way around the base, “Oh and one more thing,” they paused for a moment, “FULL lethal force has been approved and I don’t want to see any of you limping away from this either.” With that they all split into two groups.

There was a C-17 cargo jet being fueled and readied for takeoff on the runway. A small medical truck could be seen making its way to the jet. Dr. Weird assumed that this must be the third mystery prize that he had heard about.

They had just arrived at the gate undetected by the guards. The convoy containing Yilana and Twisted Fate had already made it inside and were heading to the jet.

“Are you in place? Good, have fun.” Dr. Weird radioed the six droids he sent off to the other end of the base. When he finished, the other side of the runway exploded. It has begun. “All righty then boys, its show time.” The rest of the nineteen droids began to make their way into the base. With all the attention elsewhere it was easy for Dr. Weird and his death squad to move in and start picking off those in the back.

The bases alarm went off; it had sprung to life, much like an ant hill under attack from a predator. Soldiers were running everywhere to greet the intruders; this was the day they were training for.

“Sir unknown enemies are attacking from the West along the runway,” Reported the Lieutenant.

“DAM IT, I knew something like this was going to happen. It must be more of those freaks come to rescue the others. Send everyone over there to intercept; we need to clear the runway so the jet can take off.” No sooner had he finished his sentence two missiles flew in and took out the C-17 in a huge explosion. “Shit they just took out the jet, somebody call in some backup. We are going to need more men; do we even know who is attacking us?”

“Sir, the enemy appears to be six drones of some sort matching the description as those belonging to Dr. Weird.”

“FUCK YOU MEAN HE’S HERE SOMEWHERE, then these two really must be with him then. Where the hell is my support?”

“We are trying sir, but for some reason all we are getting is a busy signal.”

Suddenly there were explosions coming from behind them now. The Mad Doctor had finally opened up to a full out attack. Search lights were turned around in an attempt to find them but were disabled by Dr. Weird. One by one he had been taking out the soldiers, going completely undetected until one of them turned around to ask if anyone knew what was going on. As he did, he saw Dr. Weird and his droids coming closer, he had been armed with and RGP and tried to aim it at Dr. Weird but he was shot as he pulled the trigger and ended up hitting a nearby jeep instead.

“Well I guess we were found out boys, so tell you what, this is now a free-for-all. So go out and have some fun. But you four stay with me, I need my entourage after all.” They all spread out, moving to a full auto blast targeting anything that moved. Dr. Weird then spotted the General leading the defenses. “He looks important.” The twisted smile returned to his face, he was having fun.

The general could only hear the screams of terror as his men were dying all around him. He needed to do something. He turned to his lieutenant to issue an order, “If the radios are down try the phone lines, hell we’re close enough to some residential area they might even call it in.” By the time he turned around all he saw was the headless body of his lieutenant falling forward.

“I’m sorry but it seems like this young man just lost his head here.” Said Dr. Weird moving closer to the general still perched in his pod, “I seem to be a little lost here, I am looking for a large transport truck holding so members of my social club. You wouldn’t happen to know where it is would you?”

“Holy shit,” the general had come face to face with quite possible the most dangerous man in the world. All around him, his men were dead two large explosions were heard coming from the airstrip. The soldiers there managed to take down two of the droids. Rage was building up inside him, “I am General Driggs, General of Ellsworth Air Force Base,” he bellowed as he drew his gun. “And in the name of the United States Government, you are under arrest!”

“Ha! I would love to see you try,” Retorted Dr. Weird focusing his weapons on the general, but before either of them could pull the trigger, another one of Dr. Weird’s droids went down sending shrapnel in there general direction. General Driggs was hit in the back of his head but Dr. Weird maneuvered around it all.

“Well shit, I wanted to have myself a Mexican standoff here.” Off to his right was the truck he sought, “Found it, it’s over there.” Dr. Weird’s pod started off towards the truck, which within its belly held Yilana and Twisted Fate.

“Are you ready Yilana?” Dr. Takeshi asked, she nodded her head, “Soon we will make our move.”
For a while now the both of them could hear the sounds of war outside their mechanical womb. It didn’t take much time for them to figure out that Dr. Weird had shown up to retrieve them.

Their shackles were broken, though the metal cuffs remained bound to their wrists. The guards that were assigned to them did not know what to do. They we suppose to stand guard over the prisoners but they also felt a strong sense of duty to help defend against the invaders. Takeshi, free from his bonds, walked up to the front and waited, Yilana was by the back door. The soldiers opened the screen to check on the two of them but Takeshi was waiting.

“Hello there,” Takeshi said in a low, murderous, tone. He locked eyes with the soldier, “Kind hard to breath in all this water isn’t it.” The soldier then started gasping for air like he was in a tank of water, he struggled to open the door to get out but couldn’t.

His friend tried to help, “Mike calm down man, you’re OK.” He then pulled his side arm and pointed at Takeshi through the screen, “What the hell did you do to Mike?”

“The same thing I plan on doing to you.” Once more his gaze collided with the other soldier. “There’s no one back here, you better come around back to see what happened.”

“What the hell, they’re gone.” Yilana and Takeshi vanished from his sighted. He hopped out the door, forgetting all about his companion who had just stopped moving. But no sooner had he one step towards the rear of the vehicle he was taken out in the crossfire.

“Damn it,” Takeshi sneered. That was his only plan at the moment of getting out of the truck.

Meanwhile, back at Dr. Weird’s lab, Ike was enjoying the fruits of his play with Kyle. Who, by now, was a twisted mass of agony and body fluids.

“There is nothing quite like the silent screams to help sober you back up, what do you think Steve?” Asked Ike as he stood over Kyle admiring his work.

“If you say so, I must ask you be finished with him. Dr. Weird hates to lose clean test subjects before anything happens to them.”

“Yeah, I’m done with him. But it’s not like I can’t go out and get him some more though. All he would have to do is ask.” Ike finished with a smirk on his face.


Not too thrilled with Steve for company Ike asked, “So where is the good doctor anyway?”

“In the middle of a sortie at Ellsworth Air Force Base.”

“What is he doing there, never mind, call him up for me, Steve.”

“Of course.”

After finding the truck his compadre’s were confined in, Dr. Weird’s phone started ringing. “What the hell I thought I turned this thing off.” He picked up it up and looked at the caller I.D. it was Steve. “What is it Steve?”

The voice on the other end of the line was not Steve but Ike instead. “Yo Doc, what’s going on? I got up and everyone was gone. Now Steve is telling me you’re at Ellsworth.” Ike could hear gunfire and explosions on the other end of the line. Another jeep was taken out and went soaring over Dr. Weird’s head. “Man that sounds like a blast; I wish you would have got me up for this.”

“My apologies Agent Smith, but this was a last minute incursion. Some of our friends were caught as I was out dealing with some new business. So I only had time to mount this small assault on the base here. Next time I promise you will come along and we will make a proper siege.”

“Well I guess, due to the circumstances, it couldn’t be helped.” Ike looked over as two medic droids were taking Kyle back to his confinement. “I guess I will see you guys when you get back then. Steve, hang up.” Ike made his way back to his trailer; he picked up another bottle of booze and started drinking. He wasn’t to upset he missed out. “This is only the beginning; I know that there will be more to come. And the way Dr. Weird operates, I am sure that there will be much more.” Ike sat down on the couch of his trailer; it seems that while he was out Dr. Weird’s machines have hooked him up with all he needs. He saw the TV, “Hey Steve this TV hooked up?”

“Yes it is, Dr. Weird has hijacked all the TV broadcasting signals so you have access to over 900 channels.”

Taking another swig Ike smiled, “Well then let’s see what’s on then.”

Dr. Weird had just finished talking to Ike as he approached the mobile prison Yilana and Takeshi were in. He saw one of the driver’s dead alongside and the other sitting motionless inside the cab. “This looks like Asians work, which means that they are still inside then. Well then let’s open up this sardine can and get them out.” He stopped at the back of the truck facing the doors. He waved over his droids to open the doors but when they got there they paused as they looked at the door then Dr. Weird. “What are you waiting for just rip the doors off?”

Inside the truck, Yilana and Takeshi could hear a muffled voice from outside moving to the back doors. “This is it Yilana, get ready.” Takeshi motioned towards the door, both of them stood ready to attack whoever was going to be opening that door. Seconds later something started tearing through the doors like they were made of tissue. Within moments, the door was ripped off and the lights from the compound and fires flooded in temporally blinding them until their eyes adjusted. They were then greeted by a familiar voice, one they both were glad to see.

“Well what do we have here, looks like two lost children a long way from home. Would you like to come home with me?” Dr. Weird’s outline slowly came into focus, thanks to the remaining lights on base and the fires.

“Ha ha, very funny Hiram,” Takeshi forced a laugh as he jumped down from the back of the truck. “Mind answering me what took you so long to get here.”

“Well I would have been here sooner, but I was away on some business that I couldn’t pass up. I didn’t have much time here to mount a proper offensive strike here.” Dr. Weird joked.

While Twisted Fate and Dr. Weird were talking Yilana noticed a soldier come up behind Dr. Weird wielding a combat knife. Instantly she went into her fire form and leaped from the back of her former prison straight to the approaching assailant. Knocking the knife out of his hand and setting it on fire, then with the blade in her heal she slit the soldier’s throat, setting the gash on fire in the process. As he fell to the ground Yilana recognized the face, it belonged to the same one that had doused her earlier and kick her in the stomach. “For a soldier you aren’t very smart are you, you’re lucky you’re dying here or else later there would have been an opportunity that I would not have missed.”

Yilana turned around to see that Dr. Weird and Takeshi were staring at her, “Do you feel better now?” Takeshi asked after remembering what happened earlier in their confinement. Yilana feeling somewhat embarrassed for her verbal outburst nodded.

“I knew he was there, I saw him coming.” Commented before turning his attention the over turned ambulance near the burning wreckage of the jet. The worst, it looked banged up and the tires were burning.

“Just where the hell are you going?” Asked Takeshi as he ran to catch up to Dr. Weird, Yilana was not far behind.

“I am just looking for my prize in the Cracker Jack box.” Answered Dr. Weird, and upon seeing the confused look on Takeshi’s face he added. “On my way here, I heard about another one of us that they managed to catch. I figure this one was worth a look into, I am always looking for more help.”

When they got there Weird motioned to his SR3-88’s to pull out who ever was in there strapped to the gurney, and whoever it was seemed to be ok. It was Dark Coyote and upon seeing the face he couldn’t believe it, “I never thought I would see you again so soon. Flip that truck back up right; we’re taking this one with us. We have much to discuss with him now don’t we, Sushi?”

Takeshi ignored the fact that Dr. Weird didn’t use his actual name; he was use to it. “Yes we do Hiram,” he said looking at Coyote’s unconscious body. “We have much to talk about with him.” When the ambulance was back upright Takeshi climbed into the front seat knowing what was coming next. “Come along Yilana I believe we are about to leave.” Not having to be told twice she hopped into the remaining seat next to Takeshi.

When D. Coyote was secured in the back Dr. Weird called out to his droids. “You six pickup the ambulance we’re leaving the rest of you as suppressive fire.” His remaining droids started to move out following the new orders. After six of them latched onto the exterior of the ambulance the rest took up defensive positions around and started firing on the remaining soldiers.

“Good bye everybody, it’s been a real blast.” On that the remaining SR3-88’s fired their remaining missiles at the soldiers. As what was left of the remaining soldiers fled for cover, Dr. Weird made his escape and as he did all the soldiers could hear was the sound of a mad man laughing into the night fading away.

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